WWE Total Divas episode 9 recap: Trinity's face, Cabo, Eva doesn't drink, more

Submitted by Ryan Pike
Season 2, Episode 9

Trinity's Broken Face: She finishes the match with a broken face. Eva Marie provides a Greek chorus, basically saying what's happening as it happens. On a TV show. With a completely vacant vocal expression. Ariane briefly mentions that she might be affected, but largely focuses on concern for her friend. While everyone's down in Mexico, Trinity's a home with her busted-up face and her loving husband. She's bummed out about missing a potential big WrestleMania opportunity. Her doctor concludes her face is not a full fracture, so she might be out of the woods. Maybe.

Everyone Goes To Cabo: Except Summer, because everyone hates her, and Trinity, who has a broken face. Turns out everybody hating Summer united the group (including Eva, who notes that everyone hated her last season). So if you like gratuitous shots of attractive women hanging out pool-side in bathing suits, this is the episode for you.

Eva Doesn't Drink: Anyway, it's Brie's bachelorette weekend. Everyone gets hammered except Eva, who's sworn off booze (she's a recovering alcoholic) and doesn't want to bum everybody out by talking about it. But the gals keep offering her drinks and she gets a bit stressed out being around booze and partying the entire time. Eventually she cracks and decides to leave before she falls off the wagon. She tells the girls about it and everyone hugs it out. What a great bonding episode for everyone. Except Summer, who everybody hates.

Nikki Used To Be Married: When she was 20. To her high school sweetheart. In Vegas. Then they broke up, dated other people and got an annulment. And John Cena doesn't know. (Actually, the only person other than Nattie that knows is Brie.) The plot thickens. And Eva's honesty about her alcoholism leads to Nikki opening up about her secret marriage with her family. Thank goodness they found out by being on a reality TV show, rather than watching this episode of the reality TV show. The twins' brother does rightly point out that John Cena, most understanding man ever, will be pissed. Duh.

MVP: Eva Marie. All over this episode, but surprisingly likeable.

MIA: John Cena. Spoken of, but never seen – except in a photograph with Brie & Nikki's grandmother.

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