WWE Raw TV report from London, England

WWE Monday Night Raw

May 19!
London, UK

Rob McCarron

Noteworthy: Raw is in London. Crowd loved Bad News Barrett, the Wyatt's, and singing Adam Rose's theme. Paige and Sheamus lost non-title matches. RVD vs #BNB was set for the next Pay Per View.

Bray Wyatt Shares A Story
Bray Wyatt began the show in the ring, with Luke and Rowan. He was singing 'The Whole World' before telling a story about his school days. An old teacher lady told him he was evil, which the crowd cheered. Bray said he is evil, and he is the man of 1000 truths. The crowd cheered Bray, and booed when he mentioned John Cena. He promised us that at Payback, this fairy tale will end. Bray will be the last man standing, or else no one will ever stand again. However, tonight, Luke Harper is going to put John Cena down.

That brought on Cena's music, which caused Luke and Rowan to bail out of the ring to try and meet Cena on the ramp. However, Cena, apparently knowing that would happen, rushed to the ring through the crowd and delivered an AA to the abandoned Bray Wyatt. Cena ran off before Luke and Rowan could get back to him.

Tonight: An update on the WWE World Heavyweight Championship situation.

Cesaro vs Sheamus - Non US Title
Before the match, Paul Heyman and Cesaro were in the ring. Heyman heeled on the crowd, telling them to worship the ground Cesaro walks on. He laid on the mat, and asked the crowd who he was. He said he wasn't the dead queen, but rather The Undertaker. You see, Paul's client, Brock Lesnar, conquered the streak.

Cesaro pinned Sheamus with a German Suplex after Sheamus was distracted by Paul Heyman on the apron. Heyman and Cesaro celebrated in the ring afterwards, while Sheamus looked dejected. After a moment, Sheamus started smiling a bit, mock clapping, and said he fell for it. He offered a hand to Cesaro, but Cesaro shrugged it off to applause and left the ring with Paul.

Cole cut to a photo package of Roman Reigns getting stitched up after a house show this weekend. Seth Rollins vs Batista happens tonight, with only official personnel allowed at ringside.

The German announce team was at ringside, and got a moment to speak on camera. Hooray Germany.

Justin Roberts announced a Beat The Clock challenge. The winner gets an Intercontinental Championship match at Payback, which Justin called their "next Pay Per View."

Big E vs The Ryback - IC Title Beat The Clock
Big E finally got a win. He pinned The Ryback at 5:02 after a Big Ending. Barry Horowitz' name made an appearance on commentary. So, that was fun.

Summer Rae Returns
R-Truth, with Cameron & Naomi, came out for a matchup with Fandango. After Fandango & Layla made their entrance, we had a third song hit the arena speakers. It was the entrance music of the returning Summer Rae. Summer Rae angrily walked to the ring, grabbed Fandango, and made out with him. Layla looked on in shock. When Summer was done, she pounced on Layla and the two fought on the mat for a bit before Fandango was able to pull Layla away. No match.

Bo Dallas debuts this Friday on Smackdown.

Stephanie McMahon is the best all time all my life.
Daniel Bryan's music played, and the crowd erupted. But wait a minute! It was Stephanie McMahon, and not Daniel Bryan, coming out to the ring. She did her entrance, complete with skipping and Yes chanting. She began by talking about Bryan's great story. From winning the title, to marrying Brie Bella, to inspiring sports teams with his Yes chants, she said he's been doing it all. She is afraid, however, that she's got some bad news! She said that line in an English accent, which was so great. They also played a quick clip of Wade Barrett saying the line, too, to some cheers. Stephanie is considering stripping Bryan of the title. She could award it to Kane, which got jeers. She could award it to Bad News Barrett, which got cheers. She said of course they like that, because #BNB is from the UK, and this crowd is so predictable. Steph said she would not be stripping Bryan of the title. However, he must appear on Raw next week and do the right thing - surrender the championship.

Rusev beat Heath Slater with The Accolade. Heath, Jinder, and Drew were The Union Jacks tonight.

Backstage, The Shield said they were never going to stay down, and they won't stop hunting Evolution. Tonight, Seth Rollins won't be making any mistakes.

RVD vs Alberto Del Rio - IC Title Beat The Clock
Rob Van Dam pinned Alberto Del Rio with a school boy after Del Rio missed the super kick. RVD won with 47 seconds left on the clock, so the new time to beat is 4:15.

NXT Takeover takes place on Thursday, May 29. It will air live on WWE Network. Main event is Tyson Kidd vs Adrian Neville. That'll put butts in the seats.

Backstage, Renee asked John Cena if he has a game plan for Luke. Cena said he's bringing the Usos out tonight to help him stave off the Wyatts. Cena noted that there will be a ton of Wyatt's followers at Payback, which is true as the show is in Chicago. Tonight, Cena and the Usos will fight against the odds. They then did the heart pounding from Wolf of Wall Street. Crowd booed that.

Backstage, Evolution called the Shield dumb. Hunter said that Roman's eye is just the start. Randy said they should take Shield out one by one. Hunter suggested they finish off Rollins tonight, as he goes one on one with Batista.

Mark Henry vs Cesaro is the main event tomorrow on Main Event.

Seth Rollins vs Batista
Before the match, Justin Roberts announced Triple H as the special ring announcer. Hunter announced Randy Orton was the official time keeper. All to keep the fairness, of course. So, they are official personnel now. Shield banned from ringside. It should be noted, and shall be, that Orton and HHH each came out to their own personal music. However, when Batista entered for his battle, he came out to Evolution's music.

After Batista made his entrance, we had Seth Rollins introducing Ambrose and Reigns as special guest commentators. Because Rollins runs the company, you know. HHH was upset, as you'd understand. He was asking Cole how this could be, which was just silly. All of this was allowed. So, who made Shield commentators? IS VINCE COMING BACK? VINCE IS IN A PANIC ABOUT THE STOCK MELTDOWN! 

After break, JBL said it was Brad Maddox who allowed Shield to do commentary. That doesn't seem like something the cowering Maddox would do against the Authority. Oh well. Vince alert off. Anyway, there was a match after all.

The match ended in a no contest when, of course, a huge brawl broke out after a lengthy, and not so great, battle between Rollins and Batista. Shield stood tall in the ring after the skirmish.

Main event of Raw still to come with John Cena vs Luke Harper.

Paige vs Alicia Fox
This was a match. Halfway through, Alicia kicked out of a less than stellar looking Paige Turner, which JBL and Cole completely missed. Lawler, go figure, had to call it. Alicia is showing a more aggressive side, of course, and the aggression lead her to becoming the first women to defeat Divas Champion Paige. The crowd was quiet when Fox was on offense, and was completely not expecting Fox to win. The move she won with was a weak looking sidekick. She then took 10 seconds to cover Paige, and got the pin anyway. Really, just not good.

After her win, Alicia hugged the ref and stole Jerry Lawler's crown.

Mark Henry vs Dolph Ziggler - IC Title Beat The Clock
Dolph countered a World's Strongest Slam into a Zig Zag with 9 seconds left, but couldn't get to a cover and gain the pinfall before time wound out. Rob Van Dam wins the Intercontinental Championship Beat The Clock challenge, and he'll take on Bad News Barrett at the next PAY PER VIEW, Payback.

RVD came out on the stage to his music to celebrate. However, sneaking behind him was Bad News Barrett, who laid out RVD with a bullhammer elbow. The crowd loved it. #BNB has some bad news! RVD may have set the best time tonight, but it is the English who set the time for the entire world. There's no way in the world that #BNB will lose to a bloody Yank at Payback.

Adam Rose vs Zeb Colter?
Adam Rose danced to the ring. It appears they had some locals with him this week, as Becky Lynch and other regulars were nowhere to be seen. Renee Young was in the ring amidst the frenzy to interview Rose. This crowd was what they needed, as they were into Rose and sang his song during the interview. Rose held the microphone as Renee asked her questions. Rose called Swagger and Zeb, "Jackie Boy and Zebby." The bunny danced to end the interview portion. Jackie Boy and Zebby came out, and the crowd sang their entrance music, too. LOL... Zeb called Renee "Raylene." The crowd loudly sang Rose's song while Zeb spoke. Jack and Rose went face to face, but Zeb told him to stand back as it was "between Zeb and Adam." So is it Adam vs Zeb at Payback? Maybe not... maybe it's tonight! Zeb challenged Rose to a fight tonight. As Rose was contemplating, Swagger attacked him. Rose mad a comeback and the two fought until Rose dumped Swagger out. Rose and the entourage continued dancing in the ring as Swagger and Zeb backtracked.

Life doesn't get easier. You get stronger. BO-LIEVE! It's Bo Time this Friday on Smackdown.

Hulk Hogan returns on Smackdown this Friday.

John Cena vs Luke Harper
John Cena defeated Luke Harper via DQ when the match broke down due to numerous outside interference. The crowd was still singing Adam Rose's music during the main event. The Usos were fighting with Bray and Rowan, but Bray managed to hit them both with Sister Abigails to take them out. Cena AA'd Luke and was about to win when Rowan rushed in and bulled him over for the official bell. Bray hit John Cena with a Sister Abigail as the crowd sang "He's got the whole world in his hands." The Wyatt's pummeled Cena up the entrance ramp, culminating with Bray giving John another Sister Abigail. Bray sang, while Luke counted to ten, to finish the show.

Next week: Will Daniel Bryan forfeit the WWE World Heavyweight Championship?

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