Total Divas TV report

Season 2, Episode 10

Recap by Ryan Pike (@RyanNPike)

Brie & Bryan Wedding Prep: The wedding looms! Brie frets about every little issue, especially since she'll only get one wedding and wants it to be perfect. She has to fly to New Orleans to shoot the opening video for WrestleMania, but still works on seating charts and all that. She's not able to visit the wedding venue, so she and Bryan drive there to check it out on their day off. Bryan bristles at the price, because he is a pro wrestler and therefore is very frugal, though he admits everything is gorgeous. (The wedding Brie wants costs $120,000.) She admits she got caught up trying to impress everyone and says she'll look at trimming it back a bit.

Sub-plot: Will Brie invite Summer to the wedding? Answer: Literally every cast member tells her to do what she wants. She finds her at the Superdome pre-Mania and tells that she's not invited, as she's not a close friend and she doesn't really trust her. Summer's sad, tearily trying to explain that she talks crap about the other girls because she's insecure as the new girl.

Nikki Still Hasn't Told John Cena: She keeps saying that she's gonna tell John about briefly being married 10 years ago. She keeps putting it off. Brie keeps bugging her to do it before the wedding. She keeps putting it off. She almost tells John, but gets scared by a frog, and then hems and haws and instead says Brie puts her wedding in front of her career. She decides to tell John after WrestleMania. In New Orleans, the family gets together again and the Bellas' brother admits that he over-reacted a bit. Nikki lies and says John took the news well. Uh-oh.

The Road to WrestleMania: Trinity's back at work, wrestling with an eyepatch on. She's hoping she'll get to keep her WrestleMania spot. She shoots a workout DVD with Stephanie McMahon. This all builds to a all-Divas meeting where Mark (from Talent Relations) has two announcements: Summer is going to be in The Marine 4, and they're doing a giant match with all the Divas in it at WrestleMania, rather than a one-on-one match. (They don't show all the girls reacting to Mark's announcement, just Vickie Guerrero announcing the match on RAW.) The girls all tease each other, saying they would be Divas champion. Nattie makes Eva nervous, mentioning that she's “only performing in front of 80,000 people live,” so don't screw up.

MVP: The Bellas' mom is the most understanding, reasonable person on the show. And this is on an episode with a lot of Bryan Danielson being reasonable.

MIA: Cameron appears once, in the division-wide meeting. And absolutely no Vinny, which is a crime.
Next Week
: WrestleMania! And Brie and Bryan (finally) get married!

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