WWE NXT Takeover live coverage & results: Adrian Neville vs. Tyson Kidd, Flair vs. Hart, Sami Zayn

Welcome to our live coverage of NXT Takeover from Orlando, FL.  We're looking for your thoughts on tonight's show, so you can leave a thumbs up, thumbs down or thumbs in the middle along with a best and worst match to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Rose won with the party foul which is the cravat DDT.  A basic opener.  Rose really is more a ring entrance than the match itself.  The crowd was into a lot of chants, though.  The audience for this show is going to be really good.

Good taped interview with Sami Zayn talking about his journey and everything he's given up to get to NXT and said it's not about looks, it's about what you can do in the ring.


Pretty much booked like a squash.  They beat down Kalisto for five minutes.  Kalisto didn't even do anything on offense.  Local tagged in and got a minute of offense, some of which didn't look that good with a heavy guy doing Lucha, but very fast paced.  They cut him off and then did the Fall of Man, which is the High-Low and pinned Local.

They did a video building up Tyler Breeze who called Sami Zayn a perpetual loser.  Good video as far as getting over the character and trying to sell him as having looks but he can back it up.


Good match, the great made it seem even better than it was as they were doing this is awesomes.  The purpose of the match seemed to be getting Breeze over as a serious top guy and keep the story of Zayn as the guy who keeps losing while we watch him keep coming back.  Zayn was very good aside from a little rocky spot trying to debut a new type of power bomb, which he got the second time.  The finish saw Zayn go for his running kick but Breeze gave Zayn a low blow and then use a spin kick (the beauty shot) for the clean pin.

Lana introuced Rusev.  Got the Putin pop.  He was waving the Russian flag.


No match, Rawley ran to the ring with an American flag doing a bad Jim Duggan and Rusev just destroyed him and put him in the Accolade in seconds.  He then put it on him again on he ramp.  Surprising they'd geek Mojo to such a degree.  

Great Piece on Natalya and Charlotte talking about Ric Flair and Bret Hart.

They showed Kris Kristofferson in the crowd.  His son is one of the Rose Buds.  That they didn't say.

Paige promo.  She thanked the crowd for their support on her way up.  She noted she was the first NXT women's champion and today we'll be crowning a second champion.  She said the NXT title can lead to the WWE title.


Freaking awesome.  Charlotte used the sharpshooter right in front of Bret.  Nattie reversed out of it but then Charlotte did her finish which is the old Curt Hennig neck snapper and got the pin in 17:00.  In some ways, this was the best women's match in WWE in many many years as far as drama went.  Charlotte seemed nervous and has looked more athletic in other matches.  It was more Natty carrying it but Natty did an incredible job in this match.  In some ways, Natty's match with A.J. was a more professional match as far as executing a classic match, but the layout of the match and the presentation of this match blew that one away.  The two hugged and cried and Charlotte said thank you to Natty for the match while nearly crying.  Ric and and Bret hugged after.  Ric hugged Natty when it was over and Natty endorsed Charlotte as champion while Ric cried.  It was pretty clear this was supposed to be the first chapter in the story of Charlotte who is probably going to be the most athletic woman wrestler they've had.    


Very good match, from a technical moves match it was two very good workers in a long match.  But neither guy came across like a star like the two women did in the prior match.  They did a story early of both being of equal abilty and exchanging great moves.  Kidd played subtle heel.  Some strong unique stuff late, some Dynamite Kid stuff, the Japanese teased double count out spot (which works much better with a 20 count than a 10).  The finish was Neville doing a Frankensteiner off the top rope and the Red Arrow.   Neville thanked Kidd after the match and offered his hand playing off the finish of the previuos match.  Kidd shoudler bumped him and walked out limping. 

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