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I watched the Pre-show with Heyman and Christian.  Heyman said he was  looking for another Heyman guy.  He was pretty much full babyface.  Cesaro joined them and he was babyface….The interviews on pre-show were very well done, especially Natayla/Tyson Kidd….Adam Rose Exotic Express arrived right before the show.  NXT crowd loves Adam Rose. Comedy with Rose – am I the only one that has noticed he has stolen a lot of his act from Adrian Street?  Super hot crowd for Rose! Rose over Camacho is solid opener….Ascension vs Kalisto/El Local was pretty much a squash until hot tag.  Crowd was hot!  They really should put El Local in some kind of comedy gimmick with that body. Kalisto is really small…Zayn got a great response from the crowd.  Breeze/Zayn was a hell of a bout. (***3/4).  Slow start and great build for the false finishes and final finish.  Breeze looked to bump his head hard from Zayn dive…Rusev & Lana – CRUSH  the HYPE!! LOL  Although I like Rawley, I loved this.  I am digging Rusev for some reason…Charlotte/Natayla was another damn good bout.  Natayla is such a good wrestler and Charlotte has improved a lot.  Both girls worked real hard. (***1/2)…Neville/Kidd in another good bout.  Both guys worked real hard.  Is it sad that this was a (***3/4) match, but I was expecting more??
Best Match: Zayn/Breeze (crowd was more into in than main)
Brian Tramel

Definite thumbs up
Best match: womens match
Worst match: Ascension vs Local/Calisto
I know Sara Del Rey is the women's trainer, but is she also the women's agent? If so, she probably deserves as much credit as Charlotte and Nattie for the quality of that match.
Lots of crazy highspots. So many, it was almost like watching En Busca De Un Idolo. I hope Tyler  Breeze avoided a concussion after some of those bumps.
And when do they add Nikolai Volkoff to sing the Russian National Anthem to the Rusev flag waving?
Mark Coale
Russian Flag Burial Magazine

NXT Takeover - Thumbs Up
Best Match - Charlotte vs. Natalya
Worst Match - The Ascension vs. Kalisto & El Local
I really enjoyed this show. The women's match was so damn great. Best thing I have seen from the Diva's division in years. Excellent work from Natty and Charlotte. The title match was rock solid. I think Neville has it, and wish they would call him up on the main roster. Zayn and Breeze delivered as well.
Annette Boyer
Online Observer Subscriber

Thumbs Up. I really enjoy this show. The first two matches weren't much but after that it really picked up. I'm not a regular NXT fan but so far the two special has been great. The only weak spot was the ring announcer. Her voice is exactly the opposite of what the position requires.
Best Match: Charlotte vs Natalya. Simply put, the best women wrestling match ever outside of Japan.
Worst Match: Rose vs Camacho.

1. Adam Rose vs Camacho. I just don't get into Rose character. Think it's a waste of time and resources with all those people coming with him. Glad to know that Camacho is still alive though. *

2. Ascension vs Kalisto & El Local. A glorified squash. *1/2

3. Breeze vs Zayn. Breeze really impressed me. Sami was great as usual. ***1/2

4. Charlotte vs Natalya. Charlotte is super athletic. She should be in the main roster ASAP. Natalya put her greatest performance ever. She actually outshined the males in the show, which is something considering that Zayn, Neville and Tyson were on it. ****1/4

5. Neville vs Tyson Kid. Good match but they couldn't follow the girls, which is ironic to say the least. ***3/4

Leonardo II Mendez
San Sebastian, PR

Thumbs Up
Best Match: Natalya vs. Charlotte
Worst Match: The Ascension vs. El Local & Kalisto
This show was outstanding. It got off to a good start, since the Adam Rose entrance plays great in NXT. Basic opener, and all it needed to be. The tag team title match was nothing. The Ascension are not going to get over in wwe. It's as simple as that. They don't have the look or charisma to be the Road Warriors. But they don't have the working ability to be a "good hand" team either. Kalisto will be a major star as a single as long as they don't beg for the audience to accept him as Rey Mysterio, which they're doing right now. Sami Zayn vs. Tyler Breeze was great. Tyler needed to deliver tonight, because Zayn is always great. It had good athleticism, and I liked the story it told. ***1/2. Natalya vs. Charlotte was freaking out of this world. I'm in stunned amazement how good it was. That was the best women's match in wwe since 1988, when The Jumping Bomb Angels vs. The Glamour Girls tore it up. It may be the best women's match in the history of the company. Having Bret and Ric in the corners helped, but they absolutely got it done when the match started. It was incredibly dramatic when they did the submission reversals, particularly when Charlotte had the sharpshooter locked in. It was a very emotional scene afterwards, if I felt it, I can't imagine how much they felt it in the ring. This match proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that women's wrestling is viable in wwe. The catalog models and the golddigger twins are sickening, but between Natalya, Charlotte, Paige, and Emma, there is some awesome female talent in the pipeline. I truly hope that this type of match can be translated to the next level, so the women aren't treated as a bathroom break. It was just unreal. ****1/4. Adrian Neville vs. Tyson Kidd was damn good too. The only bad thing I can think to say about it is it wasn't a match of the year contender, and I thought it would be. I loved it, and the finish was spectacular. With Kidd heeling after the match, and continuing that on the post show, I wonder if they're rethinking putting him under a mask. I would love to see him get a legitimate shot as a babyface on the next level. The talent is there, that's no news flash. ***3/4. This show was even better than NXT Arrival. The best tv show of the year award is a foregone conclusion. As long as they keep nxt on the network, they'll get my money. This reminds me why I love wrestling in the first place. Not sports entertainment. Wrestling. Give me Natalya vs. Charlotte over Santino and his fucking cobra anyday.
Jason Smith
Thumbs up
Best match: Charlotte vs. Natalya
Worst match: Rusev vs. Mojo Rawley (if that counted as a match)
Compared to this show, Payback has a lot to live up to. This show felt so fresh and different than most WWE programming. The atmosphere was great and the action was better than the main roster shows of late.
Natalya once again showed she is the best worker in the company. Charlotte held up her end and deserves credit for her performance. Their match showcased what women's wrestling can be without the handicap of scriptwriters or Total Divas drama.
Nattie is portrayed as a goof at times on Total Divas but this match showed she is main event talent. I cannot say enough how great this match was. With no temper tantrums, no soda baths and no scripted crap, this was just great wrestling.
Other matches on the show were good to great, but Natalya vs. Charlotte stole the show. Hopefully, all the writers on the main roster and all the producers will take note of what women's wrestling can be. This reminded me of All Japan Women at its peak. At the least the match reminded me of the best of Shimmer or Shine, just on a bigger scale. Please take note, WWE. This is wrestling.
Besides that, great effort by all involved.
Chris Aiken


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