Response to last night's Sin Limite show

Thanks for the Sin Limite show last night;

Couple interesting points you touched upon.

Daniel Bryan’s Push

Not the Rey Misterio championship push, but the Chris Benoit as champion scenario.  Both got the titles, because their respective wins at WrestleMania were that year’s best stories.

Only difference was Benoit’s chase and culmination was decided ahead of time, Bryan’s story was what they were left with.

Similarities include the big win over HHH, subsequently being overshadowed by HHH’s next angle, and the same weak next contender in Kane. At least Benoit was pushed as this great wrestler whose time had come.

Daniel is pushed as the underdog, always overcoming the odds, etc, because THE OFFICE believes, that is why the fans rally behind him, they see Bryan as one of them.

Truth is they see Daniel Bryan as this great talent that is marginalized because he doesn’t fit the corporate image. But they don’t book him as this great talent who in the end is just better than everyone.

This is how they booked Bret Hart, who was at the time a similar “undersized” guy who didn’t have top tier credibility. Yet Vince made the commitment that Bret was THE Guy.

One thing that sticks out to me from Bret’s early reign, was a Syndicated defense he had against the Bezerker (John Nord) shortly after winning the title.

Now I have been watching W(W)WF/E since the mid seventies. They had only pushed technical wrestling during the Backlund era somewhat, and would do so again later in Bret’s run.

At the time of the Bezerker match, by the standards of the time, this would be a slip on a banana peel win by Bret or an angle to set Nord up for a title program.

No way at that time did a guy the size of the Bezerker lose clean to a wrestler the size of Bret Hart - even if he was champion.

Bret not only won clean, but he won by submission with the sharpshooter. That immediately signaled to me it was a new era. One where a technician with talent could overcome size through wrestling skill.

There is no reason Daniel Bryan couldn’t have gotten the Bret Hart treatment instead of what they’ve done.

NHL vs. Payback

Obviously game 7 in Chicago for a trip to the finals is a very big deal to a historic and rabid fan base. The casuals always come aboard when the championship chase is this close.

The opponent is Los Angeles, not as historic and rabid a fan base, but certainly have become the chic thing to follow in town. These teams have won the last 3 Stanley Cups.

These are the number 2 and 3 markets in the USA. A lot of interest in this game is also in the #1 Market, here in New York City, where the rabid fan base of the NY Rangers will be watching with baited breath.

The Rangers unexpected run to the Cup final has also picked up a lot of mainstream momentum in the region. The star-crossed history of the franchise chasing their first cup in 2 decades after a prior 54 year drought.

Human interest stories involving Martin St. Louis and Dominic Moore – who scored the conference winning goal, as well as the sports drama surrounding superstar goalie Henrik Lundquist and the trading of the Rangers popular captain for St. Louis have also brought in the major local sports coverage who may not normally cover hockey.

Short story is the top 3 markets in the US are probably more interested in the NHL than WWE tonight. Wonder how that would have affected buy rates before the Network?

Has Vince ever provided a reason why major sports events take away so much of his audience when he claims he doesn’t market to a sports audience?

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