Total Divas TV review

Season 2, Episode 11

Recap by Ryan Pike (@RyanNPike)

The second season of Total Divas ends the way the first one did – with a wedding. Thankfully, there was a lot less wedding-centric melodrama.

WrestleMania XXX: The show got re-ordered, so the women's match gets moved from third slot to the seventh (second-to-last) spot and the girls are all are worried about getting their time cut or cut entirely like last year. And their entrances are already cut. And they're on after Undertaker, whose match went long last year, which resulted in their match getting cut. In a nice touch, they show clips of the matches that the cast members are involved in (The Usos, Bryan Danielson, John Cena). Eva's nervous as heck. Nattie complements how nervous she is, as it means that she cares. It was a nice moment, especially with how fake most of the nice moments are on this show sometimes. The Undertaker loses, and the girls are all aware they're in the death spot of death spots, as the crowd is deflated beyond belief now that The Streak is over. The Divas match goes on and despite none of them winning the title, they're happy with how it went.

Nikki's Web of Lies: Just as Nikki predicted, Nattie tells everyone at dinner about Nikki's previous marriage, presuming Nikki told John Cena. And then she tells this gathering of 15 people to “just keep it between us.” Later on, Nikki's brother mentions it to John, thinking Nikki already told him. Nikki and John hang out, and it's super-awkward. And this is on a show that is renowned for its staged awkwardness. Just before the wedding, Nikki is finally caught in her web of lies, getting mad at her brother for mentioning it to John, after Nikki had told her family that she told John. Nikki is the worst. John's apparently used to this, as he and Nikki talk it out and he forgives her for the web of lies she spun, but wants her to feel like she can tell him things.

Nobody Likes Summer: Best exchange ever in the history of the show, as Summer awkwardly hugs Emma backstage at WrestleMania and declares her her new best friend.

-Summer: None of the other girls like me.

-Emma: Maybe you should stop being a bitch to them.

Summer gets Bryan and Brie a wedding present as an olive branch. She's never seen again.

Brie and Bryan's Wedding: Post-Mania, everyone heads to Brie and Bryan's wedding. Cesaro even shows up. The wedding goes off without a hitch and is very pretty. And then everyone does the “Yes” chant and it's actually pretty funny. The wedding is pretty enough that Ariane to tell Vinny she loves him for the first time.

MVP: Emma, delivering harsh truths with a fun accent.

Total Divas returns for Season 3 in September.

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