WWE News: more on John Cena, Adam Rose injuries

From reader Erik P

"Just got back from the WWE house show in Madison tonight, read the recap of the evening’s events already posted and thought I’d share a few insights.  John Cena did seem to suffer a painful right eye injury in his match with Bray Wyatt.  I was in the second row near where the injury occurred.  About two minutes into the match, Wyatt had Cena backed into a corner and was hitting him with repeated headbutts.  One of two things happened. Either one of the headbutts hit Cena in the eye, or some of Wyatt’s greasy, stringy hair whipped Cena in the eye.

Cena immediately let the ref know he was hurt and the ref did the “X” symbol, which led to two separate WWE trainers coming out to the ring and checking on him while the ref backed Wyatt into the opposite corner.  They had to protect Cena for the next five minutes or so during the match because his eye was shut.  The trainers also stayed at ringside for a while to monitor the action.

Give Cena credit, he worked the match with pretty much one eye and gave a hell of an effort.  They brawled around ringside in a manner that reminded me of the Benoit-Sullivan Falls Count Anywhere matches they used to do during their feud in WCW. Tables, chairs, and even a ringside barrier were brought into the ring and used. Once the match ended, Cena gave his arm bands to some fans and got back to the locker room ASAP. 

This was not the only time the trainers were brought to the ring.  Adam Rose suffered a pretty good cut above his right eye during his match with Heath Slater.  The ref put the rubber gloves on to tend to Rose while the trainers brought towels out to clean up the blood.  Oddly enough, Slater seemed to get more/louder cheers than Rose before the match."

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