WWE Smackdown TV report - Ambrose vs. Orton

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Seth Rollins opened the show in his black suit, as opposed to his wrestling gear. He told Cena he got lucky leaving Monday with his title. He used a fight club line saying on a long enough timeline everyone’s survival rate is zero. And it only took Rollins 24 hours to have Cena lying on his back ready to lose the title.

Ambrose came out and said Rollins was talking crazy, because while Ambrose is around Rollins won’t win the title. They then replayed the Raw main event segment for the second time since this show started. Ambrose told Rollins to watch the footage over and over again because it will be his life for the next year. Seth was unfazed, saying Ambrose can’t do anything for a full year, let alone stop Rollins from using his briefcase. Ambrose said he can and will start now.

Ambrose got in the ring and fought with Rollins until Orton made his way down for the 2 on 1. Reigns then came down to save Ambrose and they quickly cleared the ring. Hunter joined Seth and Orton on the ramp and booked Ambrose against Orton for later. He told Reigns if he gets involved in the match his spot in the four man will be taken away. Then just do that.

They gave a simple but clear little promo for the network.  

Match Number One: Alberto Del Rio Vs. Sheamus (c), United States Championship Match.

So Del Rio continued the current trend of moves on the apron. Except he chose to hit his backstabber, which meant he took a flat back bump on the harder surface and Sheamus never touched it. Other than the fall to the floor for Sheamus, this should have hurt him no more than normal. They traded nearfalls and counters after that spot. They know each other very well and put on a good match, I just can’t imagine anyone being excited by the idea of it.

Sheamus turned the armbar attempt into the cloverleaf, then Del Rio got it on again from a fireman’s carry position which was new and pretty damn good. Sheamus kept up the offence with a superkick and then tried a moonsault from the top rope. Sheamus moved and Del Rio landed on his feet but Sheamus hit the Brogue and pinned him. It took Sheamus a little longer to get to his feet so it wasn’t the explosive bicycle kick out of the corner, but sort of a rushed fall with his leg up.

Winner: Sheamus (c), Pinfall.

They had Stardust debating in the back what’s in a name. Goldust came in and said it much be pretty important because it’s written in the stars. They were in a darkened room and hissed and chomped at each other.

Byron interviewed Reigns backstage. He knows Ambrose and knows he’ll be fine tonight, so Reigns won’t be risking anything. He said he’d win the title at Battleground. This was all monotone (by plan) but there were way too many words for that non-emotional promo to work.

They replayed Bryan’s appearance on the preshow with Bo. Bo then said he’d win the Battle Royal for little Daniel and all the injured superstars.

Match Number Two: Diego w/ El Torito Vs. Bo Dallas.

Fernando wasn’t there due to injury they said. There was a really unsubtle edit between Bo’s speech on the ramp and then everyone (including Diego) was just in the ring.

Typical Bo match. He threw Diego into the steel post through the turnbuckles to set up the Bodog. 12-b0.

Winner: Bo, Pinfall.

Bo talked to Torito after the bell, saying even if he’s a Bo-vine, if he wants to grow he just has to Bo-lieve. He then tried to leave but the bull headbutted his arse. Bo told him off, treating him like a child, then scoop slammed him when the bull swivelled its hips in defiance.

They replayed the Miz and Jericho’s return. Which then moved on into the Wyatts taking out Jericho.

Jericho made his way to the ring. He said the surprise comeback felt good. But along came a spider. A venomous spider with a family. He was being hyper until he turned to the Wyatts and got serious. He said he’d seen the Wyatts grow while he was away. And now he’s back he wants to thank them for reminding him WWE isn’t all about the light up jackets and surprise entrances. It’s about survival. But he can be dangerous too. They’ve never worked with anyone like him. He told them to do whatever they want, sing or sit in a chair, and if they want to get crazy he can get crazy. He can get nuts.

Wyatts then cut him off from the big screen.  Bray said the world doesn’t have a voice of its own, can’t say what it wants or needs. He told Jericho if he values his ability to breathe, don’t get too close. He then mocked Jericho’s “Save us” Codebreaker line and left. Jericho kept talking and said he would like to get close and called them out. But Miz’ music hit instead.

Miz asked Jericho how it felt to have his segment ruined. And Miz could have helped Jericho fight off the Wyatts except Jericho broke the golden rule, he messed with the face. But luckily for Jericho and the world no damage was done. He then got in the ring while talking and Jericho gave him another codebreaker. They gave Miz Tyler Breeze’s gimmick.

Match Number Three: Big E. Vs. Cesaro w/ Heyman – Never started.

Big E. cut an inset promo about the the IC Battle Royal and standing up to Cesaro. They then showed Cesaro’s beat down of Kofi from Raw. Heyman barely had enough time to get Cesaro’s name out. Cesaro was still playing up his aggressive side. They began fighting outside before the bell and while Big E. took over for a second, Cesaro used a chair to take over again. He then threw a big chair onto Big E.’s body. But Big E. stopped Cesaro ramming him into the steel pole, catching the pole and powering back. That’s when Heyman pulled Cesaro away saying he only had one eye and to wait for his time.

Match Number Three: AJ (C) Vs. Eva Marie, Non-Title Match.

Paige was all smiles sitting by commentary. Eva got the better of AJ early. At least Cole said it could just be ring rust. AJ hit a kick as Eva charge her in the corner, jumped for a sleeper, then turned it into the Black Widow for the submission.

Winner: AJ (C), Pinfall.

Paige got in the ring after the match. She offered her hand and they shook. Paige then kept clapping in her direction and left, AJ wasn’t sure to make of it but never let her guard down either. I really expected them to push this through on fast forward. So it was a nice surprise that they just told one part of the story here.

Bruce (Sandow) Springsteen was there for the 4th of July. Rusev came out. Sandow rushed him at the ropes but was superkicked and tossed outside. There were loud USA chants and Lana cut a promo about America’s birthday. She said the only impressive thing people do on July 4th is show the world how much fatter they’ve gotten. They put Putin on the screen. But his face was cut off by Swagger’s entrance.

Zeb said there were two types of people he hates – illegal immigrants which they probably are, and ungrateful illegal immigrants. He then fired off questions about inventions and the only invention he asked about that was by a Russian was vodka. Lana and Zeb have really good chemistry. She yelled at him to shut up so Swagger got in the ring. Zeb wasn’t there to chat, but to challenge. He wanted the fight tonight. Lana led her man away during a “We the people” chant.  

Match Number Four: Randy Orton Vs. Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns barred from ringside.

Seth was on commentary with his briefcase. Ambrose had his shoulder all taped up so that was Orton’s target. Orton took over by capitalising on a failed suplex from the arm and drop kicked the shoulder. Rollins did well in trying to say that Ambrose was good, he’s just better. Ambrose tried the rebound lariat as they went to an ad but Orton kicked at the shoulder as soon as he got near upright again.

After the break Orton threw Ambrose around ringside. Ambrose then started his comeback in the ring after “popping” his shoulder back into place. He hit a tope on Orton who came up selling his knee. Ambrose rolled Orton back into the ring from the hard camera side and looked into the crowd. It was clear that he was hesitating, and then he charged around to the other side, jumping over the announcers’ table onto Rollins. He threw Rollins into the barricade and got back into the ring to get a nearfall with a rollup. He then hit the rebound lariat and set Orton for the headlock driver, but Orton pushed him away and hit the powerslam.

Orton tried for the draping DDT but Ambrose backdropped him to the outside and set for another tope. This time though Seth caught him in mid-air with the briefcase to the shoulder. It was a good idea but I was waiting for the head to be hit, so I missed the contact and they didn’t show a replay. The bell rang immediately for the DQ.

Winner: Dean Ambrose, DQ.

Orton gave Ambrose the RKO in the ring and Seth climbed the top rope. Reigns then ran down the ramp and pushed him off. I guess it was only during the match, not segment that Reigns was banned. He then superman punched Orton and would have speared him but Rollins pulled Orton from the ring. Reigns checked on Ambrose and they stood together to end the show.

This was a very easy show to watch if you missed Raw and wanted to see the highlights, or if you caught Raw and could fast forward through. It definitely feels like they have the clearest idea of their near future that they’ve had for a long time.

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