WWE house show report 7-5 London, Ontario

By John Canton of WhatCulture.com

The ring announcer for the night was Brandi Rhodes.

1. Goldust & Stardust d. Ryback & Curtis Axel. We've seen the match many times. Stardust received the hot tag and got the win. They do a great job of playing to the fans.

2. Natalya d. Paige with the Sharpshooter. Paige worked as a face, but Natalya got more cheers. Good technical wrestling match. Post match, Natalya said she will always be a proud Canadian.

Prior to his match, The Miz did a promo about how he's a Hollywood star that should not be hit in the face. Somebody from the back came out to film the promo. Not sure why, but maybe because they will try a similar promo on TV.

3. Dolph Ziggler d. The Miz. They spent the whole match with Miz not getting hit in the face until the finish. It had an old school feel to it. Was funny too. Ziggler won with a Superkick.

4. Rusev d. R-Truth. Lana did a promo pre-match, but it was hard to hear. R-Truth said he was R-Canada. Poor Canada because Rusev won with the Accolade. Highlight of the match was Lana.

5. The Usos d. Luke Harper/Erick Rowan. Very good tag match with The Usos getting the win. They've had a lot of matches together, so the chemistry is definitely there. Harper was great at interacting with the fans that were talking trash to him.

There was a 15 minute intermission. They were pushing merchandise items for Roman Reigns and Paige.

6. The Great Khali d. Fandango w/Layla. Shortest match on the show with Fandango barely getting any offense. Khali won with the chop to the head.

7. Cesaro d. Kofi Kingston. When it was time for the Cesaro Swing spot, he said no and did a DX-like chop instead. Cesaro won with the Neutralizer.

For the match, we voted by applause whether it would be a No Holds Barred or Street Fight match. There's really not much of a difference. Street Fight won.

8. Roman Reigns d. Bray Wyatt in a Street Fight. Reigns entered through the crowd. Wyatt sent Harper & Rowan to the back before the match. They had a brawl where they used weapons like the ring steps, kendo sticks, chairs and tables. Reigns was the first one that went through a table when Wyatt slammed him through it. Harper & Rowan came out, but the Usos made the save for their cousin Reigns by taking them out with dives over the top. Reigns made the big comeback with a Superman Punch followed by a Spear through a table in the corner of the ring. The match went about 20 minutes.

The show went three hours. Normally they are two and a half hours. The crew is in Toronto tomorrow, which is about a two hour drive.

Most Cheers
1. Roman Reigns
2. Dolph Ziggler
3. Natalya

Most Boos
1. The Miz
2. Wyatt Family
3. Cesaro

Great show. WWE house shows are always a good time.

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