More notes from Raw in Montreal

Hey Dave,
Here's some random notes from Raw in Montreal.
UFC's and Montreal's own Patrick Cote was in attendance, first row behind the commentators. With him was former NHL player Mathieu Dandeneault who also sub for Cote as commentator on TVA Sports when the latter has a fight.
It's the biggest crowd I've seen in years. The ringside was full, the 100 level too and most of the 200 level as well. Only the upper section and of course behind-the-screen sections were closed.
Roman Reigns got a superstar reaction here. Huge pop, and I mean huge. Still at the end. Montreal treated him as the next one. 
John Cena was booed so hard at the beginning of the show but by the time he got in the ring, there was way more people cheering for him.
During a few commercials, there were some "Jerry" chants.
Some Sami Zayn signs in the crowd
For those not familiar with it, Putin has the same pronunciation than the famous fries with cheese curds and sauce from Quebec that we call poutine. Plus, in French, Putin is spelled differently, the same as the food actually, Poutine. So a lot of signs poutine related during Rusev's match.
They've announced a house show in Montreal on Friday October 17. This is the first time in years that they've announced a future date. That tells me that the crowd tonight and especially the advance was probably better than usual.
The crowd went crazy for Fandango, seemingly more than your usual crowd nowadays
Lawler's pop was humongous and followed by Bret, this was the biggest segment as far as crowd's reaction.
What Cesaro said in French was that Quebecers suck! There was a loud chant when the match started of Tu es pourri, which means You suck! The chant was also there when Rollins had the over on Cena in the first minutes of the match.
After the show went off air, Reigns and Cena continued to see who was getting the biggest pop with Reigns winning every time! The Wyatts came in but Cena and Reigns threw everyone out but Rowan. Reigns speared him. Than Cena and Reigns did a face to face, Cena left first and then Reigns got his pop and left.
Pat Laprade
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