WWE news: Note on tonight's Raw regarding SummerSlam main event

Neither John Cena, Paul Heyman or Brock Lesnar are on the show live tonight, but there will be a lot of promotional work  for their match on the show tonight.

A interview was shot with Brock Lesnar that is said to be his candid comments, with the idea of trying to duplicate the reaction of the Lesnar/Mir sitdown promo which led to one of the biggest PPV shows of all-time.

Heyman described on the MMA Hour that no WWE writers were involved and nothing was scripted.  This was taped a few weeks back to use on one of the later weeks before the show.  There is also a taped interview with Cena and I believe Heyman that were taped two weeks ago.

All three will be on Raw next week.  Cena is off doing a movie.  Heyman was off because he will appear on tape, and Lesnar isn't on the show due to his limited contractual dates.  

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