WWE Smackdown spoilers live from Seattle

(Ed. Note: These are in progress raw notes and results from Bryan Alvarez who is live at the show in Seattle right now.)


  • Adam Rose def. Xavier Woods
    • Rose sells, makes comeback, wins, went longer than it had to.


Miz TV segment

  • Miz wants to mentor Roman, won't let him talk, rambles on
  • Roman finally punches in face; that was great...place went nuts.
  • Vows to beat Orton; good limited usage of Roman
  • Punch replay...he clobbered him

Ambrose vs. Cesaro

  • Dude still watching boating videos
  • Very good PPV quality match, lots of 'This is awesome' chants
  • Cesaro took most of the match; Dean hits his finish outta nowhere for pin
  • Seth Rollins on ramp after, says we will find out Sunday who is the better man
  • Says Seth was never his friend or his brother and he never gave a damn about him

- Miz wants Roman banned from Miz TV, Kane has another solution: Roman vs Miz tonight

Dolph Ziggler vs. Titus O'Neil
  • Titus is huge, but moves like his back hurts
  • Dolph wins w zig zag
  • Heath Slater is mad at Titus, nothing happens. Some Slater chants.
Luke Harper vs. Mark Henry
  • Cell phone lights in dark look cool
  • Quick match; Henry goes for slam but Rowan boots him for DQ
  • Looks like tag program w Henry and Show
  • Spoke too soon, Kane out and makes tag match
  • "That's what's best for business"

Henry and Show v Wyatts
  • Heat on Show, biggest guy in the ring
  • Production guy now on Facebook, while nother is playing Tetris
  • Henry hot tag. Babyfaces win clean. Wow. 
  • Their finish is Henry lifts the guy up and Show gives them the KO punch before World's Strongest Slam.

- Steph sit-down with Cole, she's the best.

AJ v Eva Marie: The Rematch!
  • OMG
  • CM Punk chants
  • AJ tears extension out, oops
  • Paige out skipping, AJ tackles her, AJ counted out
  • Eva wins again!
  • Come on, you gotta add her to the title match now
  • Paige with Paige Turner to AJ; the streak of that move looking terrible continues

Bo Dallas vs. Jack Swagger
  • Swagger with ankle lock win in one minute
  • Bo taps
  • Rusev and Lana out, they let her talk this time
  • He will dedicate his flag match win to Putin

- Off TV, Bo explains why he lost, but he forgives this terrible ref. No shame in losing to Swagger, but he BOLIEVES Rusev will crush Swagger.

Roman Reigns vs. The Miz

  • Roman LOLing about punching Miz in face
  • Match was ok.
  • Reigns goes for superman punch, Miz bails, Ziggler stops him in aisle
  • Roman with punch, then spear in ring for pin
  • Bad night for Miz's moneymaker

Kane sends out Seth Rolliins and Wyatts to kill Roman. Dean Ambrose and Sheamus run down to help. Giant brawl, Kane joins in. Sheamus boots both Wyatts, Roman punches Kane and Bray, then spears Kane again. Babyfaces pose and everyone cheers.

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