Del Rio and Mystrerio updates

Alberto Del Rio will be appearing on Sunday's TripleMania show in Mexico City as a special guest, which has gotten tremendous media publicity in that country

The circumstances of his firing, which has been talked about in the Mexican media, have obviously put him in a strong babyface position. He has already cut interviews for the show using the Alberto Del Rio name.

Sources in Mexico have said that Del Rio's non-compete clause with WWE does not extend to Mexico which is why he can appear on the show. He is not scheduled for a match.

The situation with Del Rio and WWE is still up in the air and is described as very acrimonious right now. WWE does not want Del Rio appearing either for TNA or for the AAA shows on the El Rey Network and is trying to tie him up with a lengthy non-compete. Sources close to the situation have said they'd like Del Rio to have a non-compete similar to that of Jim Ross, who was not allowed to work for a rival wrestling promotion until just a few weeks ago, even though he was fired in September. To do that, WWE would have to pay Del Rio during that period.

Regarding reports of Rey Mysterio also being at TripleMania are not the case. We're told that he is still under contract to WWE. WWE would not allow him to appear on the show and it is believed WWE was not even asked about it, given it is direct competition, going head-to-head with SummerSlam on pay-per-view in Mexico.

Although Mysterio has not been used in WWE of late, he is still under an exclusive contract with the organization.

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