UFC 126 live coverage from Las Vegas

Welcome to our live coverage of UFC 126 from the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas.  We're looking for your thoughts on the show so you can leave a thumbs up, thumbs down or thumbs in the middle along with a best and worst match to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

A few notes before the show starts.  There is a ton of media here from both Brazil (for the main event) and Japan (for Kid Yamamoto).  Also, internal company projections based on cable reaction is 1 million buys, whch speaks volumes for the idea that a "deep" show means more for PPV in UFC than it does for boxing or WWE.  

Mike Pierce vs. Kenny Robertson 

I am(Tony Leder) taking over the updates due to Bryan and Dave not having any internet access at the show.

Quick prelim notes: Cerrone looked great in his submission win over Paul Kelly. And Kid Yammamoto looked horrible in his decision loss to Demetrious Johnson

Bryan text: Hot Brazilian girls everywhere.

First fight of the PPV: Miguel Angel Torres (136) vs. Antonio Banuelos (136)
Round 1: Torres has a huge reach advantage as usual. About 3 minutes in you can hear booing from the crowd. Banuelos catches a kick and turns it into a take down, but lets him right back up. Torres working heavily off of the jab. Gotta give it to Torres 10-9.

Bryan text: Crowd hated that.

Round 2: The second round is going just the same as teh first with Torres measuring and keeping Banuelos away with the jab. Torres hits him with a low blow that stops the action for a moment. Neither fighter is showing much in the way of offense though Torres is landing more. Banuelos having a hard time with the reach difference, not even close to landing and is starting to eat more and more jabs. A small flurry toward the end of the round where each connects with decent punches. Torres 10-9.

Round 3: Torres continues to use his reach and jab to keep Banuelos away. Torres landing the jab and some decent 1-2 combos. Banuelos is completely unable to get inside. Banuelos goes nuts at the end but lands very little significant. Another 10-9 for Torres. Torres certainly stuck to a gameplan. Official judges scores: All 3 30-27. Unanimous decision for Torres.

Bryan text: Not how you want to start out a show.

Jake Ellenberger (171) vs. Carlos Edouardo Rocha (170)
Round 1: Jake went for a take down and ended up on his own back only to quickly gets back up. After a clinch on the fence Jake gets the take down. After a weird scramble Rocha ends up in side control with Jake on his back. Rocha looking for a kimura but quickly gives it up. Rocha has a very tight side control, transitioning to back and forth to each side. Jake gave up his back and then got mounted, and quickly back to side control. Rocha sitting on Jake's face looking for a leg lock now. Lots of great ground work here. Ellenburger escapes to his feet and a quick guillotine attempt that fails. Rocha almost rolls Jake over and gets great straight armbar. Great round. Rocha 10-9

Round 2: Ellenburger is clearly better on the feet and lands a few knees to start the round. Jake landing more strikes on the feet. Rocha going for a take down and some wild strikes that mostly fail. Jake seems to be looking to land a big punch. For some reason Jake puts Rocha on his back, Rocha worked for a triangle. Not much happens in that round but Ellenburger takes it 10-9.

Round 3: Rocha landing a few decent kicks as Ellenburger leans in. Rocha goes down after a flurry, but Ellenburger lets him back up. Rocha misses a wild spinning back kick. This is a very close round, that I wonder if the judges will recognize Rocha's kicks. A couple right hands landed in the round for Jake. Jake gets a take down with around 30 seconds left in the round. Close but 10-9 Ellenburger. Official judges scores: 30-27 for Rocha, 29-28 Ellenburger, 29-28 Ellenburger... Split decision for Ellenburger BUT 30-27 FOR ROCHA?!?!?!?!??!

Bryan text: Crowd hot for Jones vs. Bader and Jones is super popular. Bones is a star.

Bryan text: Adelaide Byrd strikes again.(HUH?)

Jon Jones (206) vs. Ryan Bader (205)
Round 1: Jones is built so different from most MMA fighters. Bader goes for a guillotine but loses it pretty quickly. Jones ends up on top going for a north.south choke. It looked pretty deep, though that choke is pretty hard to execute. Bader gets back to his feet after Jones gave up the choke. Bader goes for a take down and gets stuffed and ends up underneath Jones. Jones lands a few elbows and a knee to the body in side control. Seems to be looking for a choke a bit lazily. Round is easily 10-9 for Jones.

Round 2: Jones threw a crazy flying elbow that misses and eats a right hand for it. Bader looking for a big bomb. Jones starting to land some leg kicks and a right hand. Bader is not bother with take downs... Right as I typed that Bader pulled guard. Bader looking for a guillotine from side control, Bader taps
They announce that Jones gets the next title shot against Rua. Rua enters the ring, sorry no pull apart wrestling fans, they shook hands. This is all due to the fact Rashad who was getting the shot first blew out his knee last Friday and will be out 6-8 weeks.

Bryan text: Better angle than almost anything you see in wrestling nowadays. Perfect timing too because when Rashad comes back he will probably have to fight Jackson first.

Forrest Griffin (205) vs. Rich Franklin (203)
Rich comes out to AC/DC as usual. This almost always makes me switch my pick to him because For Those About to Rock is an awesome song and I only pick fights based on enterance music.

Round 1: "HOOK EM UP!" Forrest looks huge. It looks more apparent when they are on the ground after Forrest takes him down. Forrest attempting some ground and pound. Franklin is having to work pretty hard to defend. Rich has been on his back for most of the round defending ground and pound of Forrest. Forrest sneaking a few right hands through. Rich is going to be TIRED. Round ends with Frankling on his back. Easy 10-9 for Forrest.

Round 2: Standing up for about 2 minutes, both guys landing decent kicks and punches. Frankling gives up his back in a scramble and takes some punches for it. Franklin escapes to his feet. Franklin lands a decent straight left. Rich eats a left hook that buckles his legs, Forrest unable to follow up. Both guys landing decent shots. Close round. It could go either way but Forrest landed that shot that rocked Franklin. 10-9 for Forrest.

Round 3: Franklin goes for a take down about 1 minute in but fails and almost gives up his back. Frankling throwing some left kicks that aside from one don't land cleanly. Rogan is theorizing that Franklin's left arm is injured again, as he seems to be favoring it a bit. Forrest scores a take down with 1:20 left and in a scramble ends up on his back but quickly scrambles out. 30 seconds to go, the last 2 rounds have been uneventful and who knows what way the judges saw this. I MIGHT lean toward Franklin that round, though I can't honestly say for sure. But I will stick with Franklin 10-9. Official judges scores: 29-28 for Griffin. Franklin and Griffin were going over the fight together as the judges scores were announced.

A PPV I just paid $55 for, just advertised a movie to me. Probably a very bad movie.

Bryan text: Griffin has a broken foot and a strained right bicep.

Anderson Silva (185) vs. Vitor Belfort (185) for the UFC middleweight title
Round 1: Almost a minute in... and nothing. More than a minute and Vitor with a kick. Vitor seems to be the crowd favorite. Vitor lands a left, though it is slipped. Silva lands a front kick to the face and after a couple of punches it is stopped. Vitor's first KO loss.

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