TNA Destination X live coverage from Orlando

Welcome to our live coverage of today's Destination X PPV from Orlando.  We're looking for your thoughts on tonight's show, so you can leave a thumbs up, thumbs down or thumbs in the middle along with a best and worst match to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Samoa Joe vs. Kazarian

Very good opener.  Joe had his working shoes on with Kazarian.  Joe had the choke but Kazarian made the ropes.  Joe started arguing with ref Earl Hebner over it, and Kazarian pinned Joe with a front rolling cradle.

They showed clips of the 2005 Unbreakable PPV with Joe vs. Christopher Daniels vs. A.J. Styles.  They are really trying to push Daniels vs. Styles as a true main event to push who is the best X Division wrestler ever.

Eric Young showed up for an autograph show with Curry Man and  Suicide singing autographs.  Suicide is injured.  Sangriento is also signing autographs (Red under a mask).  Curry Man (Daniels) said Suicide was injured, Sangriento doesn't have a working visa and he has to rest up for a match with Cody Deaner in Tokyo tomorrow so he said.  Eric Young needed a partner saying that Danny Partridge no-showed.  That was because a bunch of people from the Danny Bonaduce show are there.  Shark Boy doing Steve Austin said he'd be the partner.

Douglas Williams vs. Mark Haskins of England

Crowd wasn't much into this one as they didn't know Haskins.  Haskins didn't really make a good first impression, particularly with the live crowd.  He worked as the face but was kind of booed.  It was okay for the most part, rough in a spot or two.  Haskins went to the top rope, but slipped and fell off the rope.  Then he went right back to the top rope, since that's the finish, missed the shooting star press, and Williams pinned him with a schoolboy.  They shook hands when it was over.

Austin Aries said he was the most complete, best wrestler on the TNA roster and would show it in the four-way.

Max & Jeremy Buck vs. Eric Young & Shark Boy

Short match, came off like filler with no story and fans didn't really care.  Young pinned Max after Shark Boy used a stunner and Young used a wheelbarrow into a back suplex.  Mostly a showcase for Young, with his two belts, epic beard and doing his gimmick where he takes off his pants and that is like Lawler pulling down the strap.  Well, except it's one-tenth as over.  

They showed Styles and Daneils backstage telling each other they're going to tear it up.

Zema Ion intreivew.  He said this is the biggest night of his career.  Promo skills didn't stand out, but he's got a good look and showed at least promise.  After Aries, obviously he paled.

Ultimate X with Shannon Moore vs. Robbie E vs. Alex Shelley vs. Amazing Red for the No. 1 contendership

Good match, not one of the best Ultimate X maches, though.  The finish saw Moore climb the lighting stand to the top while Red was climbing the cables to the center.  Red was in the center but Moore dropped from the top of the light stand and dropped too the cables and stomped on Red's hand and he fell to the mat.  While this was going ton, Shelley climbed to the center and knocked Moore off, and Shelley took the X down to win.  He dedicated the win to Chris Sabin , who was backstage and came out to congratulate him after the match.

Low Ki interview.  Low Ki said winning gets him a contract to a place where wrestling matters.  He's getting a contract with New Japan? 

Rob Van Dam vs. Jerry Lynn

They both worked hard but it wasn't as dynamic as in the 90s, plus the crowd was tough on them.  Still, by the end they got the crowd.  They laid out a lot of spots crossing up their previous matches, but those were so many years ago and it didn't appear the crowd knew what they were doing.  RVD was bleeding from the mouth as well as over the right eye.  I think this may have been a great match in front of a different crowd and was still good here.  The finish was the Van Daminator and five star frog splash.  It's very impressive how much of this style Lynn was still able to do at his age and with all his injuries.

Jack Evans vs. Austin Aries vs. Zema Ion vs. Low Ki

Best match so far on the show.  A lot of great moves by all four.  Finish saw Evans give Low Ki a huracanrana off the top and Low Ki flew two-thirds of the way across the ring.  Evans teased doing the 630, but Ion threw him off the ropes.  Ion did a 450 on Low Ki.  Evans went for the 630 on Low Ki, but he got his knees up.  But Aries followed with a dropkick and brainbuster on Low Ki for the pin, so Aries gets the TNA contract.  All four should be brought in, as they all looked strong here.

Abyss vs. Brian Kendrick for the X title

Kendrick won the title and they did a confetti celebration.  The crowd didn't care about most of the match, mostly Abyss beating on Kendrick and no selling any Kendrick offense.  Finish saw Abyss accidentally clothesline ref Earl Hebner.  Eric Bischoff came out and Kendrick decked him.  This brought out Gunner, Bully Ray and Scott Steiner and they attacked Kendrick.  Several X guys, like Generation Me, Shark Boy, etc. came in and the three Immoral guys threw them around like rag dolls.  Then a second tier of about ten guys, pretty much everyone on the undercard, had a ten on three on Immortal and at leate held thier own.  Kendrick came off the rope but Abyss caught him and went for a choke slam.  Kendrick reversed it into a front rolling cradle for the pin.  Finish came across well but Kendrick came off like a complete joke as champion based on how this build up and even this match went, but I guess since the X title doesn't mean much, it really doesn't matter.

Christopher Daniels vs. A.J. Styles headline the show billed to determine the best X Division wrestler in TNA history.  They've pushed this strong as a main event through the entire show.

Very good match.  I have to say the crowd hurt this as they were quiet for so much of it, but they built a match of nearly 30:00 going back-and-forth with what was really an old style wrestling match adding in some flying moves including several dives.  They also did crossing up their moves.  What to me really hurt is that the corwd just didn't believe Daniels was going to win, and whenever he had Styles in submission moves there wasn't much heat.  Still, a very good classic style match.  They kicked out of the Styles clash and the Angel's wings, but got knees up on the BME and a springboard 450 try.  The final was Daniels trying Angel's wings off the top rope but Styles reversed by backdropping him into the ring.  Styles then hit the spiral tap for the pin.  Daniels looked like he was going to break down and cry at the end, but eventuallly shook Styles' hand as the show went off the air.  

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