WWE championship tournament results

1) The Miz pinned Alex Riley with the skull crushing finale.
2) R-Truth pinned Jack Swagger with a cradle reversing out of the ankle lock
3) Kofi Kingston pinned Alberto Del Rio with a sunset flip reversing out of an armbar attempt.
 Miz vs. Kingston in one semifinal 
4) Rey Mysterio pinned Dolph Ziggler with a 619 and splash off the top rope
Mysterio vs. Truth is the other semifinal
5) Miz (selling the right knee) pinned Kingston with the skull crushing finale
6) Mysterio pinned R-Truth with a 619 and splash off the top rope

Miz vs. Mysterio was canceled until next week due to time constraints

Who is the next UFC champion to lose the title?


Who do you expect to win this fight?