Ultimate Fighter 14 Episode 2 Recap: Caraway Fights The Darkness

Jason Mayhem MillerThe housekeeping edition of The Ultimate Fighter's 14th season took place Wednesday as coaches Jason "Mayhem" Miller (seen here) and Michael Bisping selected their teams and we got the first fight of the season..and it was a good one.

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The Teams

Bisping won the coin toss and elected to take the first pick instead of the first fight. With two weight classes, he got to take the first bantamweight and then, the first featherweight. Each weight class was picked separately.

Louis Gardinot (Bisping) (aka green hair guy)
John Dodson (Mayhem) (smiley)
TJ Dillashaw (Bisping) (Team Alpha Male dude)
Johnhy Bedford (Mayhem) (coolest name in the house)
John "Prince" Albert (Bisping)
Dustin Pague (Mayhem)
Josh Ferguson (Bisping)
Roland Delorme (Mayhem) (denied us Ferguson vs. Ferguson violence!)

Diego Brandao (Bisping)
Dennis Bermudez (Mayhem)
Akira Corassani (Bisping)
Bryan Caraway (Mayhem)
Marcus Brimage (Bisping) (Lil' Lashley)
Dustin Neace (Mayhem)
Stephen Bass (Bisping)
Steven Siler (Mayhem) (the man that submitted Micah Miller)

Following the picks, Bisping gave the usual "He picked all the guys I didn't want" spiel. After selections, Miller said that some of Bisping's guys didn't look happy and that didn't sit well. There were flashes of conflict throughout the episode, which I assume gets worse as the season progresses.

The First Fight: Caraway vs. Brimage (145)

Miller picked Bryan Caraway to fight Marcus Brimage which was received well from Bisping's team because of his striking abilities. Brimage says that he got into MMA because of Rampage Jackson and Dragonball Z (yes, that's not a typo). Caraway is a bit nervous and admits he saw a sports psychologist before the show. Miller says his toughest opponent is himself and that Caraway is a "headcase".

Brimage is worried about cutting weight (157 a few days before) and Bisping's team drops by to help out with a whole salt bath procedure. There is no discussion about anime, but there is a lot of sweating in towels.

Both men make weight easily but Team Bisping does an Army style chant after weigh-ins to pump up "Darkness", referring to Caraway as a bitch in their song. Team Miller laughs it off but later, Caraway admits he is pissed.

R1: Caraway got an early takedown and spent the majority of the time on Brimage's back with a figure-four body lock. Brimage was hitting some nasty fists from the position, one of which caused swelling under Caraway's eye. The story here was Caraway looked lost in how to apply a rear naked choke despite having a dominant position to do so. 10-9 Caraway but Dana White later made a good point about damage done going to Brimage.

R2: Brimage was aggressive on his feet, but Caraway was able to keep securing takedowns. Brimage managed to escape early and connected on a huge knee but Caraway held on. Caraway was tiring heavily but hit some muay thai knees and got a takedown. He got Brimage's back, flattened him out and got a rear naked choke submission for the tap at 2:05.

Your winner: Bryan Caraway (Mayhem 1-0)!

Best Of The Rest

- During the fight, Miler yelled, "He's having Bisping coaching him on grappling right now!" There was a little bit of interplay during the fight, which is a fun dynamic in the typically quiet environment.

- While making his picks, Bisping said to the camera, "There's no i in team, but there are two i's in Bisping!" Great line. Also, Tiki Ghosn is back for this season as a coach which brings back memories of the Rashad/Rampage season.

- Miller stopped by the house and dropped off compression suits that are designed to get blood flowing and help recovery. Apparently, Lance Armstrong uses them. Miller said they were just for his team, which means there's going to be an issue down the line with Team Bisping stealing them.

- We had our first prank as Miller's team took all the training tires and wheeled them into Bisping's locker room, fully blocking the door in the process. Bisping wasn't thrilled and just busted the door down. TUF Coaches 1, Doors 0

Next Week: Brimage starts a fight in training and issues in the house are starting already!

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