The Ultimate Fighter 14 Episode 5 Recap: The Tap That Never Was

Michael Bisping - TUFThis was the most emotionally charged episode of The Ultimate Fighter's 14th season, culminating in a controversial fight and confirmation that Michael Bisping is the best heel in MMA today.

Akira Hates Neace

The feud between Dustin Neace (Team Miller) and Akira Corassani (Team Bisping) built throughout the episode, fueled by a missing cowboy hat that Neace swore Corassani stole. (He didn't, but the culprit Josh Ferguson wasn't about to reveal that as he felt he was "swagger jacked".)

Neace then took all of Corassani's stuff and destroyed it, putting it in a trash bag along with all of his food in the house. Later on, he would rip apart Bisping's team dressing room and throw gloves and gear all over the place. The two had several pull aparts and before the fight was announced, Corassani challenged Neace to a bare knuckle fight "in the garden at 7 PM."

Neace Hates Akira

Because of Team Miller two-face John Dodson, Miller decided to pull a switcharoo with the planned fights and make Neace/Corassani as the next bout. The two were talking so much to each other at the fight announcement that they had to be separated after Neace took Corassani down. I do believe that was a first on TUF.

During the fracas, Bisping yelled something at one of Miller's coaches which got Miller's dander up. Those two began to yell at each other and continue the build for their December fight. I should add that Bisping, Corassani and Neace were all throwing around homophobic slurs with incredible disregard during this whole segment. Bisping has been called out for this before and he clearly hasn't learned anything since then.

Dodson Doesn't Care

Miller eventually called out Dodson for telling team information to the enemy and causing a lot of chaos as a result. He didn't seem to care one bit. Other than this, there hasn't been much focus on Dodson all season which makes me think we're going to get a lot more of him in the next few weeks.

His lack of caring about the team was something else. I'm also shocked no one else has bothered to call him out. Johnny Bedford, where are you to help regulate?

Akira Vs. Neace

We finally get to this featherweight bout and of course, it has to end in a controversial fashion and another near brawl.

In the first round, both guys were feeling each other out for a while. Neace went for a spinning kick but missed which Akira used to get top control for the duration of the round. With Akira on top, Neace was frustrated but was able to work for an ankle/foot lock that made Corassani tap…or so we thought. Ref Herb Dean didn't call for the tap and the fight continued.

Neace said Akira tapped and it looked like he did. Neace had loosened the hold, so it's tough to say what would have happened otherwise. I gave this round to Neace 10-9, but it was close. Regardless, Neace couldn't stop focusing on what he perceived was a victory and it would eventually cost him.

In the second round, the story was Neace scoring points on his feet but not doing much damage. Akira looked tired but threw a straight left that dropped Neace. He followed up with some nice fists and elbows on the ground that were good enough to earn him the round. He ended up winning the fight by unanimous decision and then, the fun started again.

Following the round, Akira went over to Neace's corner and mocked him. Miller's team told him to get lost, Bisping then comes over and starts swearing and gets squirted with water for his trouble. He then told Miller he should control his fighter and that Akira shouldn't stoop to his level. Yes, this is after Bisping's fighter went over and mocked his beaten opponent.

Then Nevada State Athletic Commission head Keith Kizer jumped in the cage and said Akira would be suspended if he kept it up, another first. I understand the pro wrestling-to-MMA comparisons irk some people, but this was classic manager/competitor/authority figure conflict here -- complete with heel logic.

After five weeks, Team Miller has four wins while Team Bisping has one and gets to pick the next fight.

Junk Drawer

- Diego Brandao vs. Steven Siler will be the final 145-pound bout and will be on next week's show, along with a bantamweight fight. Brandao and Siler had a confrontation at the beginning of the show when Brandao began calling him out. He also grabbed a sledgehammer at one point during the show and started hitting the wall. Crazy dude.

- Bisping's team put the letter 'M' in a handicapped parking space and Miller parked there "by accident" and got towed at the end of the show. Heels!

- Bisping and his coaches missed the weigh-in which didn't go unnoticed by other side. I've never understood how that can happen.

Josh Nason is the TUF recapper for Wrestling Observer/Figure Four Online, along with being the compiler of the seemingly weekly MMA staff picks. He is a scribe for FIGHT! Magazine, a regular visitor on Figure Four Daily and hosts the weekly WGAM MMA Show on New Hampshire's primary ESPN Radio affiliate.

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