TUF 14 - Episode 6 Recap: Power, Speed And Sound Advice From Michael Bisping

John DodsonWednesday's sixth episode of The Ultimate Fighter featured two fights that showed off varying skill sets and a speech by Michael Bisping that has to been seen to be believed. Overall, this was a very fast-paced and good show.

The Fallout From Tapgate

The show opened with more discussion on last week's tap/non-tap in the Akira Corassani/Dustin Neace fight. They aired some additional footage of Bisping continuing to talk trash to Jason "Mayhem" Miller after the fight, including a hallway altercation between Miller coach Ryan Parsons and Bisping.

Parsons said he understood why he was the most hated fighter in the UFC and Bisping made a crack about making way more money than Parsons. It was quite an exchange with Bisping being his usual dismissive self. Also, coach Tiki Ghosn's presence adds a bit more heel heat to this raging fire as well, doesn't it?

Diego Brandao vs. Steven Siler (145)

The final quarterfinal featherweight fight was up first as Brandao (Bisping) took on Siler (Miller), who was the final pick of the teams despite tapping out Micah Miller to make it into the house.

We got some background on both guys as Siler misses his girlfriend and writes her letters, while Brandao's father died at a young age and he sold drugs for a while before getting into fighting. Bisping was concerned about overconfidence and conditioning, especially as Brandao was doing a full in-cage workout before the fight.

Those fears was erased quickly. Brandao was swinging with bad intentions early and hit a right hand that hurt Siler. After a glancing flying knee, Brandao threw some hands and a power left hook knocked Siler down and essentially out for the T/KO win in just 30 seconds.

With two consecutive wins, Bisping continued to talk at Miller's team and said at one point, "Go f**k yourselves," even chasing the coaches back into their dressing room area. Miller was getting visibly frustrated and with good reason. If every fight was built up like this, the UFC would have no problems selling PPVs. This is good stuff.

The Best Heel In The Business

Listen, I love the antics of Josh Kosheck nearly as much as anyone. I get what he does and I like that he does them. But Bisping made Koscheck look like Randy Couture with the speech he gave before announcing the final 135-pound fights.

He began by giving a diatribe on how "not to be an assh*le" by explaining how there shouldn't be complaining about people tapping or spraying water or how guys shouldn't do double-leg takedowns on opponents during fight announcements. The best part? He believed every single word he was saying. If you have the time, please find this on UltimateFighter.com when the show goes up. I beg of you…please see this.

Bisping announced John Dodson (Miller) vs. John "Prince" Albert (Bisping), leaving TJ Dillashaw (Bisping) to battle Roland Delorme (Miller). This didn't sit well with the Bisping team as they felt Dillashaw was actively campaigning for the easier fight with Delorme. He definitely was and that will apparently play into next week's episode.

John Dodson vs. John Albert (135)

If you'll remember, Dodson (pictured above) is the mole on Team Miller and is unapologetic for doing so, claiming "If you ain't cheating, you ain't trying." The team didn't seem too into helping him, but Miller felt they were warming back up to him. He said Dodson was talented but lazy at times. He also has an incredibly annoying laugh.

Round 1 was a Dodson speed showcase. At just 5'3", he makes up for size with ridiculous hand speed and a left leg that finds its mark quickly. Dodson repeatedly snuck that leg through and introduced it to Albert's head while displaying some great knee strikes. Albert was gassed after the first five minutes and lost the round convincingly.

In round 2, Dodson let up off the gas and was content to outpoint Albert, even though the latter was starting to put some combinations together. Dodson stuffed enough takedowns and hit a big one of his own at the end of the round to seal this for me. Albert was game but couldn't figure Dodson's speed out and when he got a hold of him, he couldn't corral him.

Dodson earned a unanimous decision and admitted he let up in the 2nd round, again using the cheating line from before. I don't know how outpointing a guy is cheating, but that's Dodson for you. Bisping went out of his way to congratulate the Miller team post-fight in a completely mocking tone.

He also told Albert that his performance should guarantee him a spot on the TUF final show. I didn't see that at all as Dodson's face wasn't marked up and he convincingly was defeated.

Next Week

Delorme's foot has swollen (staph?) and he may not fight against Dillashaw, who gets an extreme workout from his pissed off teammates….Tito Ortiz drops by to help Team Bisping…the semifinal fights are announced.

Josh Nason is the TUF recapper for Wrestling Observer/Figure Four Online, along with being the compiler of the MMA staff picks. He is a scribe for FIGHT! Magazine, a regular visitor on Figure Four Daily and hosts the weekly WGAM MMA Show on New Hampshire's ESPN Radio affiliate.

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