COUGHLIN: Live UFC on FOX 2 Coverage from Chicago


By: Mike Coughlin

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Quick Results are at the bottom of the page. Before that? Me rambling and telling you what's going on. I will say that compared to when the UFC was in Chicago at the All-State Arena, the United Center looks so much nicer and the "UFC ON FOX/FUEL" logos and such add just a little bit extra as far as professionalism is concerned.




1. Chris Camozzi vs. Dustin Jacoby


Kind of missed a bunch of this due to internet issues. Both guys seemed active enough with the occasional flurry eliciting a response from the crowd. All on the feet. Jacoby seemed a bit crisper but Camozzi was still able to land, mostly of of faints. Camozzi had Jacoby hurt to end the round.


Mike Score: Camozzi, 10-9




Mostly the same as round one to start. Low blow makes the crowd boo; they're clearly upset that this professional cage fighter has balls. Jacoby presses Camozzi against the cage momentarily, bring the crowd to their feet as they anticipate violence. It doesn't happen. Jacoby lends a good right hand - best punch of the round so far. Pat Barry is behind me a few feet. I believe he wants more punching to happen. Crowd boos the end of the round.


Mike Score: 10-9, Jacoby based on the punch, but it wasn't much of a round.




Jacoby's nose is busted open. A slight trickle of blood. Leg kick by Camozzi put Jacoby down. Camozzi pounces and in a scramble locks on a guillotine. Aaaaaand... Jacoby taps.


OFFICIAL RESULTS: Camozzi D. Jacoby by submission, round three.


Post-fight, Camozzi remarks that he dislocated his finger in the 2nd round and that he attempted to pull it out and reset it in between rounds. Dude, you don't need to do that anymore, you've got free insurance...




2. Joey Beltran vs. Lavar Johnson


Let this be violent and fun, please. Beltran's entrance music sounds like someone on acid remixed the Castlevania soundtrack. "Lavar 'BIG' Johnson" - wow.




Beltran says no glove touch. He then gets punched in the stomach and falls down. He's up, they're clinching, and then they separate only to resume clinching. Johnson is just teeing off on Beltran, landing shots at will. Johnson is slowing a bit and as a result Beltran is landing shots. And as I type that, Johnson unloads (...) and KOs Beltran in the first round. There's something you don't see happen everyday.




Crowd is already mostly full - at least 80+% at this point.


3. Michael Johnson vs. Shane Roller


Roller out to "Eye of the Tiger."




Johnson stuffs Roller's takedown attempt nicely early on. Does so a second time as Roller tries a trip from the clinch. Crowd growing restless as they clinch and do little. Johnson is sticking and moving very well. Roller is swinging for the big punch then following it up with shots that Johnson is blocking well. Johnson has found his range and is landing well, using his jab to set distance and pace while confusing Roller. Big knee at the end of the round by Johnson.


Mike Score: 10-9, Johnson




Roller landed a nice punch a minute into the 2nd that momentarily put Johnson on his heels. Roller again tries a takedown off the clinch but Johnson adjusts in mid-move, reverses, and ends up on top. Roller wall walks to his feet and quickly lands a big right. Roller is landing the big shots but Johnson's volume is probably winning this round. Johnson with a nice combination, going up and down with his strikes. Roller now trying a takedown but doesn't get it. Crowd applauds politely.


Mike Score: Johnson, 10-9.




Roller starts the round off going for a takedown and uses it to take Johnson's back. He's flattening Johnson out and laying in punches. The ref is looking on. This looks like it's gonna be stopped. Ref steps in, stops it, but puts them back for some reason. (I'm guessing shots to the back of the head.) So, Roller goes right back to dropping bombs. Roller going for the rear naked choke while holding a body triangle. I think Roller may have made a mistake in going for the submission as he doesn't appear that he's going to get it and he's not scoring damage points. Johnson then escapes and is on top landing shots. So much for a possible 10-8 for Roller. Johnson leaps in with a knee, then throws punches the ref steps in and ... says there was a low blow, so they're restarted. Johnson is aggressive here. BOth are throwing huge shots as the round ends.


Mike Score: Roller 10-9 (29-28, Johnson)




4. Charles Oliveira vs. Eric Wisely


Oliveira drops to 145 for the first time, which is where he should be for now. Will the once-hyped super-uber-mega stud do well? LET'S FIND OUT!!!! Wisely is from Clinton, Iowa. I have driven past Clinton, Iowa. Approximately 13 other people have as well.




Oliveira caught a Wisely kick and has the Iowan on his back. That may not end well... Charles with ground and pound and then out of nowhere drops for a leglock/kneebar. Uses the lock to take the back and then turns it into a calf-slicer/crusher/something painful looking. Brutal and awesome.




5. Cub Swanson vs. George Roop




Roop starting off by using his reach to keep Swanson at bay. Swanson is trying to cut off the angles and pin Roop against the cage. They have a nice little exchange with both guys throwing wild; just standing in the pocket and landing bombs. Roop shoots but Swanson reverses with a nice hip toss. They stop so someone can put their mouthguard in. Good action round. Tough to score.


Mike score: Swanson, 10-9




OH DAMN! Half way through the round, Swanson lands a massive haymaker from the place where hay is in fact made and Roop is down. Just a massive KO. Massive.




6. Mike Russow vs. John-Olav Einemo


Russow getting a good reaction, being a local guy and all. Scratch that. A MEGA-GOOD (that's big) reaction.




Russow with an early takedown. The Viking, being a tremendous grappler and all, wants this. He begs for it. He prays for it. He ... stood up when he got the first chance. Russow is doing whatever he can do close the distance and make this a wrestling match. Somewhere (the middle of nowhere?) Brock Lesnar is saying, "OOOOH!" Another takedown by Russow. He moves to half-guard (ed Truth?)(I've made that joke before) for a moment and lands a few elbows. Big "LET'S GO, RUSSOW" chant. That's a first, I'm sure. Einemo is doing a good job of preventing any passing by Russow, but he's also losing the round based on being on the bottom and getting hit a lot. Reversal at the end by The Viking but it wasn't enough.


Mike Score: Russow, 10-9




Viking comes out feinting leg kicks to start. Russow doesn't bite, lands a big right hand, and follows that up with a takedown. Viking tired a guillotine but to no avail. Russow sitting in Viking's gaurd, throwing a few isolated shots. No standup. Somewhere, Anthony Johnson is incredulous (no, he doesn't know what that means). Another "Let's go, Russow" chant. In any other arena, this thing would be mercilessly booed out of the building. With anger and hate. Hey, a standup! Hey, a takedown follows. Shocker.


Mike Score: Russow, 10-9




Viking with some good shots standing, Russow takes him down, Viking tries a triangle, Russow escapes, Viking trying to standup as Russow uses a front headlock to keep him down. Now, we pause and do nothing. Viking tried to take the back but looks tired. Russow landing punches designed to annoy his sister. A standup from Herb Dean results in the crowd booing LOUDLY. That doesn't happen too often. Viking with a kick attempt but Russow catches it and takes him down. Welcome to the world of wrestling, Dude From a Country That Doesn't Wrestle Much.


Mike Score: Russow, 10-9 (but closer)


OFFICIAL RESULT: Mike Russow vs. John-Olav Einemo, judges decision 29-28, 29-28, 30-27


I can confirm that Dr. Keith is, in fact, in the building as a ninja reporter. He says that Maura wears Brut. And that the Viking army is sad.


7. Evan Dunham vs. Nik Lentz


GO, NIK, GO!!! (the bloom is a bit off his rose given that he finally loss, but he must find a new way to not-lose)




Lenz with a takedown, Dunham scrambles up. Good exchange leads to a big Lentz takedown. Dunham gets up from half-guard. Lentz shoots, Dunham threatens with a guillotine but Lentz escapes. Crowd is now randomly booing. Dunham with a nice takedown of his own. A little ground and pound and the round ends with Dunham on top. Close round. Maybe an edge to Dunham, because I thought he had more effective striking.


Mike Score: Dunham, 10-9




Duck under a punch by Dunham into a takedown. Lentz trying rubber guard but Dunham with a very nice pass to side control. Dunham was thinking side choke but Lentz recognized it. Scramble results in Dunham back on top. They stand and Lentz with some good short uppercuts. They both stood there and just throw bombs at each other! Dunham with a takedown now and he's on top. Lentz tried to sit up by Dunhad caught him in a guillotine. Lentz escapes but is them promptly elbowed in the skull. Crowd is clapping with twenty seconds to go in the round. Really good action.


Mike Score: Dunham, 10-9


Lentz's eye looks nasty. The fight is being called. (NO CONTEST, PLEASE!!!!!)





**********MAIN SHOW ON FOX*************


Bisping hated. Sonnen loved. Davis? Nothing. Evans cheered, but not like Sonnen.


8. Demian Maia vs. Chris Weidman




Nothing happening through 90 seconds; both guys just feeling one another out. Maia ran into a knee but took it well. Both guys are throwing single, winging punches, and missing. Through 3 minutes, nothing has happened of note. Weidman with a takedown with one minute to go but Maia stands up immediately, throws a high kick that is blocked, and then blocks some returned punches from Weidman. Really close round. I'll go Weidman because of a the one knee.


Mike Score: Weidman, 10-9.




Weidman with an early takedown. He's in side control but Maia with a beautiful escape to his feet. Maia stuffs a single leg takedown attempt and then lands a nice left straight. I just realized this is on FOX. That's not good... Crowd finally decided to boo. About time. They're trading blocked kicks and missed punches. Weidman drives forward on a failed takedown. Weidman with an outside trip takedown, but Maia gets to guard. They roll but nothing happens.


Mike Score: Maia, 10-9.




Weidman with a takedown one minute in; Maia with butterfly guard. Crowd with unhappiness. Weidman lands a nice couple of punches. He drags Maia down with a headlock - then does nothing. Maia with a failed shot attempt (at least he tried, I guess). Both men are gassed and throwing sloppy punches. Fight mercifully ends.


Mike Score: Weidman, 10-9 (Weidman, 29-28)




9. Chael Sonnen vs. Michael Bisping


Please, save us all, one of you two...




Wow. Sonnen sure took him down quick, but to his credit Bisping popped back up. Another takedown from Sonnen, this one off a bodylock. He's standing up over Bisping and pounding against the cage. The Count stands up but Sonnen grabs the clinch again quickly. Sonnen tries a takedown with no luck. More clinch work against the cage. Bisping is using his head well to control Sonnen but Sonnen is getting in good knees to the body. Sonnen is just non-stop pressure on Bisping, walking him down and constantly pressing. But, Bisping is doing a good job at turning Sonnen into the cage. Close round.


Mike Score: Sonnen, 10-9, but I could see it going either way.



Bisping starts off round two landing some good straight punches. Bisping doing a good job of smothering Sonnen against the cage. Bisping lands a few punches and then Sonnen answers by running through with a takedown. Big punch by Sonnen but Bisping then stands up. Bisping is landing a lot on the feet. Bisping smothering Sonnnen against the cage, winning an ugly inside fight. Gonna be another tough round to score.


Mike Score: Bisping, 10-9




Sonnen starts the round with a big takedown. He may need to do some serious damage here. Bisping tried to escape but Sonnen took his back. He has both hooks in and the crowd is going nuts as they see Sonnen working for a rear naked choke. Sonnen with a mount now. Good transition from having the back. Bisping escapes nicely to half-guard - and now back to full guard. Bisping again trying to wall walk but Sonnen drags him down. Without a major change, this will be a clear Sonnen round, and the most decisive round of the fight. Bu, the first two were close enough that this could go either way.


Mike Score: Sonnen, 10-9 (29-28, but super close)




Chael promo time... I think Sonnen is nuts. He basically said that he was the greatest ever, that his name is synonymous with being great, and that it's "Chael's Octagon."


10. Rashad Evans vs. Phil Davis - MAIN EVENT (FIVE ROUNDS)(really)




Davis with a nice leg kick. Evans easily stuffs Davis's first shot. Evans catches a kick and gets a takedown. This should be interesting. Evans nicely passes and has trapped Davis with the crucifix. Crowd going nuts. Evans has thirty seconds to finish, but Davis is fighting for all he's worth, gets out, and survives the round.


Mike Score: Evans, 10-9




Davis's punches are slowing. Rashad lands a wicked right hook to the body. And, again, Rashad catches a kick, gets a takedown, and passes to side control. Only ten seconds remain though.


Mike Score: Evans, 10-9




Evans again stuffs a Davis shot. Davis is relentlessly pursuing that takedown though and finally gets it, but Rashad looks like he's gonna stand up and sure enough he does, and ends up reversing Davis and getting on top. He has a pseudo-mount and three minutes to work. Now Evans has Davis's back. But they're back to their feet. Evans is winning by simply being a more complete fighter in every way. Davis with a lazy shot. Evans counters with punches. Davis's mouth is wide open. Davis shoots and gets a takedown. Evans scrambles up. Nothing happens to close the round.


Mike Score: Evans, 10-9




Brutal kick to the body by Davis. Both men trading shots but Rashad generally getting the better. Evans with a takedown attempt but Davis stops it. Davis shoots but Evans sprawls around and gets behind. Evans appeared to land a punch at the end of the round. Close round without much happening.


Mike Score: Evans, 10-9


Davis looks pretty tired.




Evans again catches a kick and gets on op. Four minutes this time. Finish him, already. Evans passed, crucifix, Davis out and giving up his back. Davis stands up and nothing was accomplished. Big uppercut by Evans lands. Evans stuffs a Davis takedown - again. Rashad countering with a shot of his own but no dice. One minute to go! People are booing. Davis just didn't seem ready for someone on Evans level. Too slow and beaten everywhere really. Not a terrible fight but hardly a legendary affair.


Mike Score: Evans, 10-9


OFFICIAL RESULT: RASHAD EVANS d. PHIL DAVIS, Unanimous Decision, 50-45, 50-45, 50-45






Chris Camozzi d. Dustin Jacoby, Submission, R3 - guillotine choke

Lavar Johnson d. Joey Beltran, KO, R1

Michael Johnson d. Shane Roller, unanimous decision 29-28, 29-28, 29-28

Charles Oliveira d. Eric Wisely, Submission, R1 - calf-slicer

Cub Swanson d. George Roop, KO, R2

Mike Russow d. John-Olav Einemo, unanimous decision, 29-28, 29-28, 30-27 (boredom)

Evan Dunham d. Nik Lentz, TKO, ref stoppage due to cut, end of R2



Chris Weidman d. Demian Maia, split decision, 29-28, 28-29, 29-28

Chael Sonnen d. Michael Bisping, judges decision, 30-27, 29-28, 29-28

Rashad Evans d. Phil Davis, judges decision, 50-45, 50-45, 50-45


Be sure to spay or neuter your first born child.

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