COUGHLIN: UFC 143 prelims report (Live)

UFC 143 prelim report
By: Mike Coughlin
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Hi all, Mike Coughlin here with your prelims report. Dave and Bryan hate you and have decided you will suffer through me doing this. Or they're busy. Anyways, the show starts in a little over and hour and this is what a fat man calls a placeholder.

Tony sure is fat.  Like, moon fat.

Fight One

Stephen WONDERBOY Thompson v. Dan Stittgen

Wonderboy has a rep of crazy kicks and such. Let's see if he delivers. Well, he did, landing a big high kick that was karate-ish. Not karate kid or anything but kind of switching from leg to head kick mid-kick. 

Official result: WONDERBOY by KO, R1.  

Stittgen was down for a long time.

Fight Two

Rafael Natal v. Michael Kuiper

 Round one
Good action with Natal fighting hard for the takedown over and over again. Natal almost got an armbar.

Mike score: Natal 10-9

Round two
 Natal looks gassed. He's literally swinging around with back fists, looking foolish. Kuiper is walking him down. Natal gets a takedown with ten seconds. Not a lot in the round really. Despite being gassed and throwing weird ugly strikes, Natal DID land. I'll still go Kuiper. 

Mike score: Kuiper 10-9

Round three
 Kuiper lands s shot early and is swarming. He's destroying Natal with ground and pound and thus us close to being finished. Half way through the round and Kuiper looks gassed now as Natal gets up and lands a big slam. Natal is in side control and is peppering with elbows. Natal mounts but switches to a head and arm choke. Kuiper should be out but he holds on. Very good round and very close. I'll say Natal. 

Mike score: Natal, 10-9, 29-28 overall.

Official result: Natal by judges decision.

Fight three 

 Matt Riddle v. Henry Martinez

Round one 
 Martinez is landing a lead right hook often. Riddle seems to not be dealing well with Mattinez's speed. Good round of all standup with an edge to Martinez. 

Mike score: Martinez, 10-9

Round two
 Martinez counties to land the left and he's really hitting hard. But, I think the fact that he's a natural lightweight hurts him because his power isn't translating. They slug it out and bring the crowd to its feet to close out the round. 

Mike score: Martinez, 10-9

Round three 
Riddle kicking now with success. Riddle follows that up with a takedown and then takes the back of Martinez. Definitely Riddle's round as he turned it in as Martinez seemed to get tired.

Mike score: Riddle, 10-9

Official result: Riddle d Martinez by judges decision (split)

Fight four 

 Matt Brown v. Chris Cope

Round one 
 Well, they kind of fought and it wasn't bad or great. It was there. I'll be honest, someone brought pizza and I got distracted. Look, it's Matt Brown and Chris Cope.

Mike score: Brown, 10-9 

Round two
 Cope got knocked out BAD. Thankfully the ref, Kim Winslow, decided to lolly gag and casually watch it for awhile before stepping in. 

Official result: Matt Brown d. Chris Cope, KO, R2

Fight Five 
 Alex "Bruce Leroy" Caceres v Edwin Figueroa

Round one 
Leroy starts the round off by kicking Edwin in the nuts harder than any man has ever been kicked there. Omg. Herb Dean asked, "How do you feel?" and Edwin looked at him like, "...I JUST GOT KICKED IN THE DICK, YOU IDIOT!!!!" but Edwin is gonna fight. Wow.  Edwin lands a huge head kick and Leroy is in trouble!! Ground and pound then a scramble and now Leroy has Edwin's back. Round ends. Awesome. 

Mike score: Edwin, 10-9

Round two 
Leroy dancing around and sticking and moving to start. Edwin is tiring. And then LEROY KICKS HIM (again) IN THE PENIS!! Herb took away TWO POINTS for that. Wow. Leroy is all over Edwin. Takes him down. Gets his back. Choke attempt. Armbar try. Triangle attempt. 

Mike score: Edwin 9-8

Round three
 Leroy sticking again. Edwin is gassed. Leroy takes his back while standing. Edwin dives for a knee bar. Leroy defends. Decent round. Wacky fight. 

Mike score: Leroy 10-9 ( 27-28, Edwin)

Official result:  Edwin Figueroa d Alex "Bruce Leroy" Caceres, split decision

Fight six
Dustin Poirier v Max Holloway

Round one
Max has two different looking wings tatooed on his back. WTF?!?  Big takedown by Dustin as he seemed to not like the way the standup was going. Mount. Dustin with an armbar. Oh, that's tight. Switches to triangle. Now a mounted triangle. Holds the triangle and pulls the arm for the armbar and then the tap. 

Official result: Dustin Poirier d. Max Holloway, submission, R1

Dave or Bryan are up next. Have a grand night.  

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