Now Diaz vs. Condit II is off or is it? (updated again)

Posted by Dave Meltzer

The Nick Diaz vs. Carlos Condit rematch situation is the subject of a lot of conjecture with reports the fight UFC President Dana White confirmed last night fell apart due to something related to the Diaz camp.

The story was first broken by Observer message board poster Front Row Brian this morning, who has been one of the most reliable sources of breaking news information.  Cesar Gracie, the manager of Diaz, first tweeted things are being reconsidered but then this afternoon tweeted "Nick would remach in a heartbeat.  No extra money needed.  He is a true fighter and fights for his team and you fans."

However, when asked by MMA Junkie today if the fight was happening, Gracie said "No" and refused more comment.

The report about Gracie talking to MMA Fighting's Ariel Helwani on the subject was actually from a tweet last night and not this morning and was prior to anything that may have happened today.

At this point, the UFC has not confirmed anything has changed.  Dana White's last Twitter post was 14 hours ago saying that Condit wanted the fight and he hasn't said anything in response to changes thus far today.   

It appears there will be more to come on this story as the day goes on.

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