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TUF Smashes

By Josh Nason

Welcome to our live coverage of the main card of UFC on FX 6, live from Gold Coast, Australia. Tonight's show is the finale of the TUF UK vs. Australia "The Smashes" season, headlined by coaches Ross Pearson (UK) vs. George Sotiropolous (AUS) in the main event.

Hector Lombard (32-3-1-1) def. Rousimar Palhares (14-5) by 1st round TKO (3:38 -- strikes)

These guys are very short and stout. Lombard is pushing the action early and connects with a right hand that puts Palhares on his butt but doesn't follow up to the ground. Both men are exchanging leg kicks. Lombard is definitely putting the pressure on, but Palhares is doing well to avoid getting tagged. That didn't last long. Lombard connects with with another right hand and a left and the fight gets to the ground.

This is a more aggressive Lombard than we saw against Tim Boesctch. While laying on top of Palhares, he stalled enough to get it standing, playing to the crowd as he did. Lombard swarmed again and a right hand snuck through that dropped Palhares. Lombard attacked with a flurry of hard punches -- including some hard lefts -- that put Palhares out. Great performance by Lombard against an overwhelmed opponent.

In the post-fight interview, Lombard was over huge and awesomely charismatic in front of a crowd he's fought a lot in front of. He called out Michael Bisping again. Great start to the show.

TUF Smashes Lightweight Final: Norman Parke (UK) def. Colin Fletcher (UK) by u/d (30-27 x2, 29-28)

Fletcher is the guy Todd Martin and others have talked about this week with regards to some great charisma and presence. At 6'2" and a great reach advantage, the "Freakshow" certainly does have an interesting look. No Australians in the final apparently.

R1: Lots of cage grappling and wrestling early on. Fletcher is trapped on the bottom, but Parke can't do much with his advantage. He finally unloads with nasty elbows from the top. Fletcher scrambles and escapes with 30 seconds to as Park went for something that didn't work. Park held up fairly well and won the round 10-9.

R2: Less than a minute in, Parke works a clinch takedown. Park eventually gets a top guillotine, but Fletcher works out. Unfrotunately, he gave up full mount to Park and that meant an elbow to the forehead. The fight got standing and both guys were landing a few good punches and knees. Parke lands a nice three punch combo in the final minute of the round. Fletcher has a big reach and leg length advantage but isn't doing a lot of it. Park gets a takedown in the final seconds to secure a 10-9.

This is coming off like a fight between two friends.

R3: Parke continues to land when he needs to and is evading the sweeping attacks of Fletcher, counterpunching with combos to make him pay. This round has been all standing and the most entertaining of the three. Fletcher is landing a few punch/kick combos but should have been doing this earlier. Parke secures a takedown with 30 seconds left to secure the victory. I'd give a slight edge to Parke 10-9, but just because of the late takedown.

Maybe it's because this is my first time seeing both guys, but I'd put them at the low end of the UFC lightweight division. This fight didn't do much for me. In the post-fight interview, Parke's reaction was that of someone getting a free Frosty at Wendy's.

TUF Smashes Welterweight Final: Robert Whittaker (AUS) def. Bradley Scott (UK) (29-28 x3)

Fans are excited for their countryman to fight. Scott held Whittaker up against the cage early, but Whittaker escaped and landed a glancing left that got Scott's attention. Whittaker looks ready to engage and is throwing with bad intentions. Around the midway point, Whittaker blitzed Scott and hit a left hook that put Scott on the mat. Whittaker went on a blitz and threw a flurry of lefts/rights to a covered up Scott. With 20 seconds to go, Whittaker lands another left/right/left flurry that back Scott up. Fun first round. Whittaker 10-9.

Crowd is going nuts for Whittaker to open the round. Scott presses forward with a few punches and backs Whittaker up against the cage. He works his way out quickly. Whttaker with a left head kick and follows up with a few punches. For a 21-year-old, he isn't afraid to get in there and throw. Scott rides Whittaker down and has his back halfway through the round. Scott is keeping the pressure, landing punches while having both hooks in. Whittaker works his way up with a minute to go and the crowd is wild. Whitaker lands a nice punch/kick combo to end the round, but I think Scott edged this out 10-9.

Fun fight so far.

: Both guys are standing and exchanging throughout the first two minutes with Whittaker going for short elbows and Scott landing nice counter punches and a jab. Whittaker's nose is bloodied up and he's favoring his right ankle/knee. Scott is finding a home for the jab: Whittaker's face. Whittaker lands another few combos with a minute to go that might have won him the fight. Scott is all bloodied up as well as some of the uppercuts Whittaker was throwing found a home. Great round and really fun fight. I'd give this 10-9 to Whittaker.

Whittaker wins the fight and deserved it, but Scott should get a shot as well. This was the exact opposite of the lightweight final.

Ross Pearson def. George Sotiropolous by 3rd round TKO (:41)

R1: Pearson is back at 155 after two fights at featherweight. Pearson lands a right hand that had Sotiropolous on wobbly legs. Pearson hits some lefts and rights and Sotiropolous mangaged to tie him up to hang on. Pearson is landing power rights at will. A Pearson leg kick takes Sotiriopolous down, but he gets back up. Pearson lands a 1-2 combo that hurts him again. Sotiropolous locks Pearson up and gets a takedown and works for Pearson's back. The crowd is going nuts as he works for the rear naked choke. Person is defending and survived the round with a roll through. Great round. I'd give the edge to Pearson 10-9.

R2: Both guys were trading punches for the first two minutes with no real advantage either way. Sots is sneaking his jab through and jacking Pearson's head back. Pearson is connecting with body shots. Pearson jacks Sots with a left hook that drops Sots again. He gets back up, but is still woozy. The 17 months off is showing for Sots. Pearson connects with another left that gets Sots' attention. 10-9 Pearson

R3: Early in the round, Pearson hurt Sots with another left hook that drops him flat. Pearson threw a big left jab that hurt Sots, then dropped him with a right hook to the body. The ref rushes in and called it. Pearson looked great and Sots looked like a late 30s fighter who has been out for a year and a half.

If you want to check out Dave's perspective, here's his prelims and live card coverage. Thanks everyone!

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