COUGHLIN: On Ronda Rousey's tweet, and why fighters are stupid people

The Half-Guarded Truth

By: Mike Coughlin

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Help, help, me understand Ronda


Ronda Rousey, it turns out, might just be an idiot.


The background: have you heard of Sandy Hook?  Sure you have.  It’s where the latest school shooting took place.  Absolutely terrible, heartwrenching stuff.  I’m not even sure how many kids were murdered (“too many”) but it was one of those events that happens and you just kind of stop and sit there for a bit, wondering what’s going on.


Then, there came a response to the shooting.  No, not the politicians doing what they do when these things happen (“We need more guns”,”We need fewer guns”), but the conspiracy theories that the whole thing is, I guess, fake; think Kennedy Assassination meets 9/11 Truthers, mixed in with Holocaust Deniers, and throw in some Obama-birth certificate stuff for good measure.  I shouldn’t be surprised by this, but I kind of am.  But, whatever.  You want to read up on this stuff?  There are other websites for that.  This site is mostly concerned with grown men in their underwear hitting each other.  And in this case, a grown woman in her underwear hitting people.


This all comes back to Rousey because she tweeted a link to a video that apparently “exposes” the Sandy Hook Lie (or something)(shockingly, I did not spend a half-hour of my time watching the video – I’m close-minded like that).  Rousey attaches the following line to her link: “Extremely interesting must watch video.”

( has a full story on all this)


Firstly, let’s stop the false narrative of, “She only said it was interesting, she didn’t say she believed it or anything.”  That’s rhetorical cowardice.  “I’m just asking questions and believe we should all simply think.”  Right.  No.  In the context of the tweet, “interesting” is clearly an endorsement.  It isn’t, “Hey, look at these morons who believe no kids were murdered.”  It’s “interesting” and a “must watch.”  No one ever says a half-hour long video they think is ridiculous and foolish is “must watch” without adding context, usually, “Because this crap is insane.”


Secondly, this doesn’t make Ronda a bad person.  Stupid?  Gullible?  Oh, totally, sure.  But bad?  Not necessarily.  From her perspective, she believes the shootings are fake.  OK.  Fine.  She believes the government (I think) is faking the whole thing, apparently with some ulterior motive in mind. (“We need more guns,” ”We need fewer guns.”)  This stuff comes across as upsetting because it seems disrespectful to the dead children, but it kind of isn’t.  She’s really saying, “I don’t actually believe there are dead children.”  Heck, if she was right, that’d be great news!


Not all conspiracy theorist, denier types, whatever, are equal.  A guy who denies the Holocaust is almost always doing so because he doesn’t like Jewish people.  Someone who thinks there was a second of fifth shooter behind a grassy knoll believes that there was a Soviet plot, or a CIA plot, or something, to kill JFK.  That might be kind of dumb, but it isn’t really bad. (Unless you think not liking/trusting elected officials is bad - in which case you might be an idiot.)  What Ronda did dumb, but not really evil/bad/wrong.


So, what does this all mean in the end?  Should you stop watching Ronda?  Obviously, that’s up to you.  I honestly stop caring about the opinions of entertainers of all sorts a long time ago.  If she started saying things that were offensive, or that I considered grossly out of line (think the aforementioned Holocaust denying stuff), maybe that would turn me off (I wish Mel Gibson would make a badass movie though).  Showing me that a human being who has decided that getting punched in the face for money may not be the brightest bulb on humanity’s Christmas tree?  I dunno.  Kind of confirms what I already knew.


Now, if you start telling me that pro wrestling is fake, that’s a whole different story…


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