UPDATED: Wanderlei Silva vs. Gegard Mousasi at UFC on Fuel an April Fool's joke

Update: Wanderlei Silva just posted on Twitter that him facing Gegard Mousasi was just an April Fool's joke. Ha ha.

Bloody Elbow posted an interesting report this morning that Wanderlei Silva might be on his way to Sweden to fight Gegard Mousasi on Saturday night at UFC on Fuel instead of Alexander Gutsafsson. Silva tweeted that he is heading over and has been RT'ing like a madman about people talking up the fight.

Gustafsson was cut in training over the weekend, seriously enough to throw his participation Saturday into question. Dana White said it was an April Fool's joke, but Mousasi said on Twitter he would take the Silva fight.

Who's it going to be? We'll find out more today.

- JN

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