UFC live coverage from Fortaleza, Brazil

UFC notes from Fortaleza, Brazil


First round:  Braga Neto swept Smith, grabbed a heel hook and turned it into a kneebar for the submission quickly in the first round.  Braga Neto was bleeding significantly from an early punch.


Magalhaes is from Fortaleza so a big local favorite.

First round: Magalhaes went for the takedown, now Vemola wants a takedown. Magalhaes grabbed a guillotine as Vemola shot in. Vemola out and slammed Magalhaes down. Crowd booing the ground work in seconds. Vemola pounding on him. Magalhaes tried an armbar from the bottom and then an uma plata. Vemola is landing a lot of punches and elbows. Vemola continues to land punches. Vemola has his back now but Magalhaes got back to his feet. Magalhaes tried another guillotine which Vemola got a takedown from. Magalahes back up. Crowd chanting big for Magalhaes. Magalhaes again going for a guillotine, Vemola slammed him down but he’s in some trouble. Vemola popped out and on top again. Vemola 10-9.

Second round: Magalhaes landed a right. Magalhaes with a takedown. He moved to side control. Magalhaes now has his back. He’s throwing punches trying to soften him up for the choke. He’s back to side control. Magalhaes throwing elbows. Magalhaes landing a lot of punches and has his back again. He’s working for a choke and Vemola tapped out. Big comeback win.


First round: Hirota was introduced as a sumo wrestler. You don’t exactly picture a 145 pound guy when you think of sumo. Damm with a right. Hirota hurt Damm with some punches. Damm dropped himi with a left and then took Hirota down. Damm got him down again and Hirota trying to to get to his feet. Hirota broke free. Damm landed a right. Damm missing some punches. Damm landed a right. Damm 10-9.

Second round: Hirota throwing low kicks. Big right by Damm. Hirota with a right. Now low kicks by Hirota. Another left by Hirota. Body kick by Damm. Right by Hirota. Left by Hirota. Damm went for a takedown but didn’t get it. Close round, I’d go Hirota so 19-19 after two.

Third round: Damm tried a takedown but didn’t get it. Right by Damm. Hirota tried a takedown but didn’t get it. Damm with a low kick. Hirota with a body shot and punches by Damm. Damm with a takedown and German suplex. Crowd went crazy for that. That may win him the fight. Hirota escaped from the bottom. Hirta landed a left. Hirota missed a high kick. Left by Hirota. Hirota still landing. Damm with a counter. Low kick by Damm. Crowd cheering both men a lot. Very close third as well, I’d go Damm 29-28 but either guy could win.

Scores: 29-28 Hirota 29-28 Damm 29-28 Damm


First round: Alcantara with a big reach edge. Alcantara landed a knee early. Alcantara slipped throwing a kick and Silva on top. Alcantara back up. Silva trying to take him down. Alcantara blocked it. Right by Silva. Body kick by Alcantara. Silva trying for a takedown and again not getting it. Alcantara with a trip and got the takedown. Alcantara throwing some shots from the top. Alcantara letting him up. Spin kick by Silva missed. Alcantara 10-9. Crowd didn’t like this round.

Second round: Silva throwing kicks now. Knee by Alcantara. Silva tried a takedown but couldn’t get it. Boring round. Alcantara with a kick. Silva has no clue what to do. Spin kick by Alcantara. Nice left by Silva. Alcantara is the one moving foward but little happening. Silva with a spin kick that didn’t land. Crowd booing both fighters at the end of the round. Alcantara 20-18.

Third round: Silva’s brother is telling him he’s losing the fight, going backward, not fighting and really ripping on him. Silva going for a takedown and not getting it. . He needs a finish to win so this trying a takedown isn’t getting it done. Alcantara with a real leg trip to get the takedown. Alcantara dropped down with a punch. Silva up and throwing punches. Anoher takedown by Alcantara. Alcantara let him up. Trading body kicks. Alcantara’s round, should win 30-27, really the score is pretty obvious. Crowd booing this heavy.

Scores: All have it 30-27 for Alcantara.


First round: Pepey the big favorite since he’s from Fortaleza and he came off Ultimate Fighter Brazil season one. Place going nuts with Pepey chants. Pepey moved in with punches and going for a takedown, but Arantes blocking it. Pepey got behind him and took him down but Arantes reversed to the top. Pepey with elbows from the bottom. More punches and elbows from the bottom. Now Arantes landing shots. Pepey reversed to the top using a Kimura to sweep. He’s in full mount. Crowd going nuts. Arantes reversed to the top and throwing punches. Arantes hurt him badly with punches and elbows and the ref stopped it. Arantes did a backflip after the fight. 3:32


First round: Assuncao went for a takedown but couldn’t get it. Assuncao landed a left. Assuncao got the takedown. Lee back up. Assuncao with another takedown and this time he’s got Lee on his back. Assuncao landing a lot of body blows. He moved to side control. Assuncao moved to mount with 30 seconds left. Assuncao 10-9.

Second round: Assucnao bleeding really bad from the left eye. He’s going for a takedown. Assuncao got him down and moved to mount. He’s going for an armbar. Lee trying to block it but Assuncao broke his grip and extended the arm for the submission.


First round: Wilkins got the takedown. Jason with a triangle and elbowing the head and it was stopped as Wilkinson went out. Jason was doing the go to sleep pose afer. This place is going crazy because Jason is super popular.


First round: Sarafiran threw him down and is on top. Sarafian moved to mount and got a head and arm choke. He did the American Males clap with the crowd after the match. I never thought I’d reference Scotty Riggs in an MMA report.

Looks like we're getting a few prelims on the main show.


First round: High tried for a takedown but Silva blocked the shot and and got his back. Silva trying to get an armbar. High tapped to a triangle but it was the armbar that was the submission. This thing lasted seconds. When it comes to submissions, this is the best UFC show in years. It’s like a WCW Saturday Night show in the late 80s, 30 second squash, 90 second interviews, and commercials. And promoting Dan Henderson and Rashad Evans and Dusty Rhodes vs. Stipe Miocic for this coming Saturday night at the Omni.


First round: These two have a feud. Feijao looks totally different off roids. Feijao landing punches. Hard body punch and more hard punches by Feijao. Crowd behind Feijao. Feijao continuing to land and Silva missing. Silva landed a big right. Now Silva landing low kicks. Hard right by Feijao. Spinning elbow by Feijao and he’s back with punches. But he’s now all blown up. Silva taking over with punches and Feijao is gassed. Silva knocked him down and it’s over.


First round: They were in a clinch against the cage. Trading punches. Patolino put him on his back. Elbows and punches from the top by Patolino. Patolino is huritng him with punches. Santos got to his feet. Santos tried a trip but didn’t get it. Patolino took him down and went for a banana split. Patolino’s round 10-9.

Second round: Santos missed a big high kick. Santos shot in, but was blocked. Patolino looks tired. Santos landed a right . Knee by Santos. Right by Santos. Patolino with a takedown. Santos back to his feet. Santos tried a takedown. Patolino grabbed the fence and landed on top. The ref broke them up as he should have. Overhand right by Santos. Santos got the takedown into side control and then into mount. Santos went for an arm triangle. Patolino blocked it. Santos throwing elbows. Santos went for an arm triangle and he’s got it. Patolino tapped out. This was the most submissions of any show in the last dozen years. Santos jumped out of the ring to look for Jose Aldo, his teammate, at ringside. He found him. They hugged.


First round: Werdum out with low kicks. Takedown by Werdum into mount. Hammer punches by Werdum. Werdum throwing punches and a knee but Noguera back to his feet. Werdum with a left jab and low kick. Another low kick by Werdum. Nogueira throwing punches. Body punches by Noguera. Trading knees from a clinch. Nogueira blocked a single leg. Noguera came in with an elbow. Werdum throwing short punches from a clinch. 10-9 Werdum. Good round.

Second round: Werdum opening with low kicks. More low kicks by Werdum. Big right by Werdum. Both trading big shots. Now in a clinch. Werdum with a takedown. Noguera went for are guillotine but Werdum out. Werdum on top. Werdum moved into side control and got his back. Werdum looking for an armbar. Werdum beat him with the armbar as Nogueira verbally submitted..

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