UFC show in Boston in trouble

Today's Boston Herald is reporting that the UFC's 8/17 date at the TD Gardens in Boston is in jeopardy over a legal technicality.

Massachusetts has a law that bars foreign born fighters from fighting in the state without a valid social security number.

"The law has been in existence since we legalized mixed martial arts in the commonwealth of Massachusetts," said Terrell Harris, a spokesman for the Department of Public Safety, which is the state's regulatory body.  "It's been brought to the attention of the UFC more than a few times since we legalized the fighting here. But they've chosen basically to ignore the law and hope tha they could skirt it somehow.

The law was not enforced in 2010 when UFC debuted in the arena and UFC has petitioned the state for an exemption.  Harris said the law is the law. 

The story noted Massachusetts house speaker Robert DeLeo wanted UFC to contact lawmakers to find a solution.

A press conference that was to kick off ticket sales has been postponed.

One would think if this issue isn't settled very quickly, the show would be moved to a new location.


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