UFC 162 live coverage from Las Vegas

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First round: Pierce bulled him in to the cage. Mitchell working the body. Pierce pushed him against the fence again. They traded punches and Pierce pushed him into the cage again. Mitchell with a punch and a knee. Mitchell throwing more knees from close range. Mitchell 10-9

Second round: Pierce pushed him against the fence. Mitchell threw a few punches and Pierce bulled him into the corner. Mitchell with more knees and uppercuts from close range. Pierce with a knee. Piece is just holding him against the fecne. Pierce landed a short left hook to the jaw that put Michell down and pounded on him. Steve Mazzagatti stopped the right after just after a few punches. Mitchell wasn’t happy with the stoppage. On replay, the call could have gone either way. It was not a bad stoppage and Mitchell was in trouble when it was stopped.


First round: Baczynski with a push kick. Melancon moved in and landed. Both traded some more. Baczynski was bleeding from the right eye. Baczynski threw a head kick but it was blocked. Melancon tried a spin kick but too low. Melancon landed a big left that put Baczynski down and he’s hammering punches down. Baczynski recovered great and was throwing up kicks. Melancon let him up. Baczynski landed a left to the chest. Front kick by Melancon. Baczynski is now doing for the takedown. Melancon with a takedown. Melancon landed more punches late in the round. It was stopped just as the horn sounded. Baczynski was basically out so it was good stoppage, no way he should have been allowed to come out for the second round if Yves Lavigne had given him the extra second, so good ref call. 4:59


First round: Barboza with a body kick. Another body kick. Good uppercut by Barboza. Oliveira tried to shoot in and no luck. Barboza killing him with low kicks. Uppercut by Barboza. Body kick by Barboza. Oliveira shooting in but Barboza easily evading the takedowns. Barboza with a body kick. Another low kick by Barboza. Olivera limping. He’s about done. Oliveira won’t be walking well tomorrow. Barboza threw a spin kick that missed. 10-9 Barboza. Crowd loved this round. Oliveira’s left leg is all rasberried.

Second round: Barboza continues to land kicks. Barboza knocked him down with a right and asked him to get up. Oliveira really didn’t want to get up. Oliveira caught the leg when Barboza kicked, and got a takedown. Barboza got right bakc up. Left by Barboza. Spin kick to the stomach by Barboza. Another hard kick to the left leg. That left leg looks horrible at this poihnt. Another low kick and Oliveira went down. He got up. Two more kicks and Herb Dean stopped it. Huge reaction to Barboza’s handiwork.

Oliveira can't walk.  He had to be helped out of the cage and carried to the back beind held up by two security guys.

Credit  William Gregory.  The only other major MMA show fight in 2013 that ended with leg kicks, Bellator's Douglas Lima over Michail Tsarev, ended at 1:44 of the second round, the exact same time this match ended.


Herman came out to "High Hopes" the old children's nursery rhyme song.  Dana is so hands on, I'm amazed he got this through.  Crowd didn't react one way or the other to it since nobody really cares about Herman.  

First round: Heavy Brazilian crowd. Gonzaga landed a right cross counter of a Herman leg kick that put Herman down. He threw three punches on the ground and Kim Winslow dove in to stop it. These refs are on the ball tonight. This is probably one of the quickest fights in UFC history.

It was 17 seconds, the fourth fastest heavyweight knockout in UFC history.

Gate should top $4.5 million from what I was just told.  Numbers to be announced in a few hours.


First round: Hard left by Parke. Hard left by Parke on a counter. Low kick by Tokudome. Hard low kick by Parke. Parke got a takedown but Tokudome right back up. Another takedown by Parke but Tokudome reversed to the top with 95 seconds left in the round. Tokudome reversed to the top with 25 seconds left. Parke moved to side control. Parke’s round 10-9.

Second round: Parke landed the left hard. Another big left by Parke and another. He keep on landing the left hard. Right and left by Parke. Now Tokudome back with punches. Left by Parke. Parke landed another left. High kick by Parke. Parke killing him with lefts and now knees. But Tokudome is still up. This guy has a great chin. Another hard left by Parke. . Tokudome missed a punch and parke took him down with 2:26 left in the round. Parke’s right leg is all rasberried out. Tokudome up and swinging. Flying knee by Tokudome and Parke took him down again. Parke into full mount. Tokudome landed a left counter. Really good round. 20-18 Parke.

Third round: Parke got a takedown but he was holding the fence to block Tokudome, so ref Steve Mazzagatti should have broken it and stood them up. Both to their feet with 2:27 left. Trading low kicks. Body kick by Tokudome. Tokudome now landing. Great high kick by Tokudome. Running takedown by Tokudome. Parke back up. Both landing punches. Hard left by Parke. Parke trying for a takedown. He’s got Tokudome pushed up against the fence. Takedown by Parke as the round ended. Parke has to take the fight. Round three was close, I gave it to Tokudome. So I’ve got 29-28 but it could be 30-27.

Scores: 30-27, 30-27 and 29-28 for Parke.


First round: Leben moving in for a takedown. Leben stomping on his feet and working for a takedown. Knee by Craig from close range. Craig landed but Leben walked in and again trying for a takedown. He got the takedown. Craig back up. Leben walking threw punches. Craig with an elbow. Crag landeda right but Leben walked threw it agian. Leben with body punches from short range. Knee by Leben. High kick and punches by Craig but Leben walked threw them again. Leben has him against the fence trying for a takedown and got it. Craig back up. Leben landed a good left in an exchange. Leben working the body. Craig went for a takedown but Leben blocked it. Crowd for Leben but quieter than you’d expect. 10-9 Leben.

Second round: Leben going for a takedown. Craig landing punches from close range. Knee by Craig. Hard left by Craig and Leben doesn’t feel it. Leben moved in and tried a takedown but not getting it. Knee by Craig. Leben’s face looking rough now. Elbow by Craig. Knee by Craig. Leben working the body. Craig landed several punches. Close round, I’d go Craig so 19-19 going into the third.

Third round: Body kick by Craig. Crag is punching and hurting him and Leben is down and in trouble. Crais is landing punches and elbows from the top. Leben back to his feet. The place exploded, biggest reaction of the show. They really want Leben. Loud Leben chant. Craig has him against the fence. Leben turned him and going for a takedown but not getting it. I think Leben needs a knockdown to have have a chance, or a finish, in my mind, at this point. Craig on top. Not sure if Craig knocked him down and threw him down. Leben back up. Leben is really tired now. All those takedown attempts wore him out. Takedown by Craig. Craig with another takedown. Craig’s round, he should win 29-28.

Scores: 29-28 Craig 29-28 Leben 30-27 Craig.  I guess it's possible for it to go Leben, and crowd booed the decision because they were Leben fans.  But it would have been really bad for Craig to have lost this.

First round: Siver landed a flurry. Swanon and Siver both missing punches. Siver high kick blocked. Swanson with a hard right. Spin kick by Swanson, Siver caught the foot and took him down with it. Siver on top. Siver moved to side control. Siver with short elbows. Siver moved to full mount. Swanson going for a guilloine. That got the fight to their feet. Traded low kicks. Crowd liked the round. 10-9 Siver.

Second round: Siver landing body kicks. Spin kick by the body by Siver. Body kick by Swanson and a right. Siver tried a takedown but didn’t get it. Uppercut by Siver. Great cartwheel kick by Swanson that missed. Crowd loved that although really didn’t mean anything. Uppercut by Swanson and great hip toss into a mount. Swanson on top throwing punhes. That hip toss is one for the highlight reel. Swanson on top throwing punches. Siver reversed as Swanson tried an uma plata. Siver reverses and got his back just as time ran out. Crowd loved the round. I’ve got it for Swanson so 19-19 going into the third.

Third round: Swanson with a high kick. Swanson with a body kick. Siver missed a spinning punch. Hard right and high kick by Swanson. Swanson put him down with a right to the ear. A few punches on the ground and Swanson backed off, thinking it should be stopped. Siver did go kind of limp. More punches by Swanson, he backed off again and this time Herb Dean stopped it. Standing ovation. Great fight. 2:24

Swanson said if the fans love me, I’ll get a title shot so needed to get the fans to love him.


First round: Boetsch tried a takedown but Munoz flipped over. Boetsch has him against the fence and slammed him down. He’s pounding on Munoz. Munoz should not be taken down that easily. Boetsch in with punches and has Munoz against the cage. Munoz took Boetsch down this time. Now Boetsch up. They’re in a clinch on the frence. Munoz went for a takedown. Boetsch blocked it. Munoz with a double leg got him down. Boetsch used a guillotine to reverse to the top. Munoz back up throwing some punches. Munoz landing good punches. Boetsch back. Now back in a clinch. Munoz punching the thigh. Knees and punches by Munoz. Front kick by Boetsh missed. Munoz working for a takedown as time ran out. Munoz 10-9.

Second round: Body kicks by Munoz. Boetsch landing good punches. Munoz took him down. Munoz moved to mount momentarily. Now Munoz is riding him and punching the body. Munoz pounding the body hard. Boetsch back up. Munoz took him down again. The difference is Munoz is a higher class of wrestler. Munoz with punhes on the ground. Munoz continued to pound the body. Boetsch back up. Boetsch went for a takedown, Munoz sprawled and continued to pound the body. Some of these body shots are hard. Hard punches to the side of the head by Munoz. Knees to the body by Munoz. Munoz continues to land punches. Big round for Munoz, 20-18.

Third round: Nice uppercut. Takedown by Munoz. Boetsch tried a guillotine. Munzo got. Boetch again trying a guillotine. Munoz out of it. Munoz got his back and punching hard to the side of the head. Munoz riding him. Munoz with more punches to the side of the head. Munoz pounding to the body. Munoz working for an Americana. Munoz pounding the body somemore. Muzno now working for a choke. Boetsch escaped. Munoz landing a lot of pucnhes to the side of the head. Two diving punches by Munoz as the fight ended. Very good performance by Munoz. Crowd gave him a huge ovation. Has to be 30-27, you could even a argue a 10-8 third.

Scores: 30-26, 30-27, 29-28


First round: If Gracie can keep the distance this can be one boring fight. The Brazilians are chanting for Roger. Kennedy kicking the legs. Gracie took him down. This isn’t good for Kennedy at all. USA chant attempt got booed out of the building. Welcome to the United States of Brazil. Kennedy backup. Kennedy continued to throw leg kicks. Kennedy maneuvered him into the fence. Gracie got another takedown. Now he has his back. Gracie with a body triangle with 1:49 left. Kennedy reversed to the top with 15 seconds left. Gracie 10-9

Second round: Gracie’s left leg is all rasberried. Kennedy took Gracie down. Kennedy has his back and landing hard punches. Gracie spun and landed an up kick. Kennedy got his back riding him and throwing punches some more. Gracie tried to reverse but both ended up on their feet. Elbow from close range by Kennedy. Kennedy took him down again. Kennedy’s round so 19-19 going into the third.

Third round: Kennedy throwing low kicks. Kennedy continues to kick the lead left leg. Kennedy got behind him and throwing knees to the thigh. Gracie spun away. Gracie got a momentary takedown. The crowd is doing the wave. Welcome to 1993. Kim Winslow called for a break. The crowd isn’t even watching or reacting to the fight at this point. Kennedy threw a lunging punch. Another low kick by Kennedy and some punches. Kennedy has him pinned against he fence. Nobody really won this round or went out to win in this round, but Kennedy did more than Gracie. 29-28 Kennedy. Really all Gracie did was that momentary takedown, but Kennedy didn’t do much. Boring fight overall.

Scores: 30-27, 30-27, 29-28 Kennedy. I have no idea how Gracie didn’t win the first round clearly, but the right guy won.


First round: Olveira went for a takedown but Edgar landed on top. Oliveira tried a leg submission but Edgar got out. Kneeto the body by Oliveira. Loud Frankie chant. Oliveira pulled guard to get Edgar down. Back heel kick by Oliveira. Knee by Olviera. Olivear lnade d some punhes. Edgar threw him down but let himup. Edgar having trouble with the reach advantage. Body shot by Edgar just as I wrote that. Upper cut by Edgar. Edgar threw him down and got up kicked in the head. Oliveira back up. Edgar with a few punches. Edgar with body and head punches. Takedown by Edgar. Oliveira with elbows from the bottom. Edgar 10-9 but a close fun round.

Second round: Hard low kick by Oliveira. Low kick by Oliveira and Edgar threw him down using the leg he caught. Oliveira laying on his back. He’s now back up. Super fast paced fight. Takedown by Edgar. Edgar on top landing elbows. Punches and knees by Edgar as Oliveira got up. Edgar with body and head punch. Oliveira with punches. Edgar landed a left. Left by Edgar. Edgar landed several punches. Oliveira with a front kick and both landing punches. Edgar slammed him down. Oliveira has a guillotine just as the round ended. Edgar’s round 20-18. This is a great fight. Oliveira is going to be something in three yeras if he keeps his head on straight.

Third round: Hard right by Edgar. Edgar landing lots of punches. Edgar threw him down. Edgar kicking the thigh as Oliveira laid on his back. Ref Yves Lavigne ordered Oliveria to stand up. Oliveira hurt Edgar with a punch. Knee and punches by Oliveira. Edgar threw him down but let him up. Edgar landing and Oliveira back with hard shots. Oliveira missed a spinning kick. Olveira threw Edgar down but Edgar right back up. Edgar landed some punches. Crowd going nuts. Two hard rights by Edgar. This is crazy. Killer punch by Edgar and a left. Fight of the night. Another right by Edgar and a jumping punch by Edgar and a right. USA chant loud. Edgar threw him down and is on top. Edgar landed several punches and one hard diving punch. Frankie chant as time is runniung out. Everyone standing and going crazy when it ended 30-27 Edgar but Oliveira comes out of this as soemething of a star.

Scores: 30-27, 29-28 and 30-27 for Edgar. I don’t know where Oliveira got a round.


First round: This does feel like a major main event. People booing the hell out of Weidman. Silva wouldn’t shake hands. He’s playing mind games. Takedown by Weidman. Weidman landed a hard right. Punches and elbows by Weidman. Weidman landing good punches. Weidman going for a kneebar and now an ankle lock. He’s ranking the anile lock. Silva out of it and up. Anderson invited him to punch him so he landed a 1-2. Silva put his hands down, acted like he’s playing games and Silva landed a knee. Weidman threw a right and Anderson laughing at him. Anderson with a low kick and another and a right. Silva is trying to totally mess with his head. Silva with a few jabs and a low kick. Low kick by Silva and a head kick. Weidman 10-9 but Silva messed is trying to mess with his head something fierce.

Second round: Silva is totally playing the crowd. He’s acting like he’s so far superior almost to the point of a lack of respect. This may be a big mistake. Weidman moved in and couldn’t get the takedown. That’s not good. Weidman missed a high kick. Silva missed a high kick and Silva is back clowning around, teasing him, standing there with his hands down daring Weidman to punch him. Weidman threw a left hook. Anderson started selling like a he was Terry Funk to mock Weidman. As he was clowning,Weidman knocked him out with a second left hook. This was one of the greatest finishes ever. This rematch is going to do so much business. 1:18

Fans booed the hell out of Silva after the fight. They kniow he lost because because he showed zero respect for Weidman and honestly, Silva was the better fighter of the two. Silva said Chris is the best now. Silva said he didn’t want a rematch, Chris is the best, I finished my working. He said he’s changing his life, he doesn’t want to fight anymopre for the belt. He said he wasn’t retiring, he’s got ten fights left but he doesn’t want to fight again for the belt. My legacy as champion is finished tonight.

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