Feedback to UFC 162

I only saw the last three fights so I won’t rate it overall. I don’t know how anybody can rate the main event. Silva basically admitted to throwing the fight. Does White fire him? Will fans accept him fighting GSP? He does not want a re-match?  Really the finish the more like a weirdly booked WCW work the boys angle. I don’t know if there has ever been a weirder UFC show and main event in their history.

Tom Mehs

Thumbs Up....
Under normal circumstances Id say Edgar fight, but with the pop that happened in my house.... Silva and Wiedman...
No real stinkers on the PPV.. but if I had to pick Id say Kennedy and Gracie...
But what a great way to end Silvas reign...
Mike Kulyk

Thumbs up
Best Fight Frankie Edgar vs Charles Oliveira
Worst fight Tim Kennedy vs Roger Gracie
It's not everyday you get to witness history, Silva deserved everything he got for the lack of respect he showed Weidman.
The Edgar vs Oliveira fight was so awesome, one of my fave fights of the year so far.
I worry about Chris Leben's life after fighting just please retire Chris.
Wade Haugen

I know one might say Anderson did a job here, since one might interpret his antics as a “wink” to the crowd that he’s jobbing like Andre’s 30 second losses to Ultimate Warrior or something, but the problem with that idea is he’s been clowning like that for years.  Thing is he’d get away with it, because as legitimately talented as he is at evading punches like that, everyone from Forrest Griffin, Demian Maia, and Rich Franklin would be so confused and intimidated by Silva and his antics of “you are beneath me you can’t even hit me” that they stay back and allow themselves to be defeated mentally, standing there with shaking fists waiting for Silva to engage them in the traditional fashion, while getting picked apart.

If there’s anything Chael Sonnen revealed the blueprint to in their first fight, it wasn’t so much the wrestling, but the effectiveness of being completely stone confident against Anderson Silva.  This is only the second time in recent memory where Anderson Silva’s opponent wasn’t anxious or tense.  Everything about Chris Weidman building up to this fight said he wasn’t intimidated and was focused on winning.  But you figured him being young and on this grand stage for the first time, and being face to face with the “greatest of all time” would crush Weidman’s psyche and he’d falter as soon as he actually got into the ring.

But it didn’t work, even at the weigh-in when Silva’s antics began, Weidman seemed confused but never intimidated.  And once the actual fight started Weidman’s stony façade was legit and he wasn’t intimidated.  So when Silva started the same antics he used so effectively against Stephan Bonnar, Cote, and everyone else, Weidman didn’t flinch, instead he abandoned his takedown attempts and went right after him.  And it wasn’t too much longer before Weidman connected and knocked him out.  And that final punch was for all the years of frustration of seeing Silva clowning on his opponents for so foolishly falling for this stupid and childish tactic.  I don’t mean to take away from Weidman’s accomplishment because he did so much and proved himself, but what he did was the obvious thing to do, and because of the mental game and lack of focus from most, no one did it before.

Steve Te Tai ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )

Big thumbs up.
Best match:  weidman/silva
Worst: none on main card, all good battles
Even before the main event I think the level of expertise on display
was awesome and card was a success.
Gracie you know has world class bjj, but his body language was awful &
it materialized in the fight.  Maybe too much of a weight cut, and he
is in no mans land as 205 is too heavy for him.
Weidman showed both skill and composure, silva while still the best
all time looked one or two hairs slower, maybe what meltzer said about
Father Time & world-class-reflexes proved true and he can't get away
w/ these antics anymore.  This may be a replay of penn/Edgar fights
where penn could not recover once he slipped up.
George Vlahos
Lake Zurich, il

Thumbs... up. I suppose.

Best fight: Edgar-C. Oliveira
Worst fight: Craig-Leben &/or Kennedy-Gracie. I suppose.
KO: several way tie. Melancon, Barboza, Gonzaga and I suppose Weidman
Sub: none

On fb, Mitchell seemes to be holding his own with Pierce in a standing grind until Pierce lands the short left hook out in the 2nd. Pierce would be a very boring fighter except for his punch. Melancon is just dazzling, raking the much taller Baczynski with left hooks and is on his way to a KD + TD 10-8 (or would be if any of the judges knew how to score) when he knocks Baczynski cold in the final second of R1 with a ground shot.

On the midcard show, Edson Barboza seems to be back on track, destroying R. Oliveira with LKs and stopping him in the 2nd when he can't get up from one. They shouldn't have made him stand for the announcement, it was that bad. Gonzaga drops Herman in 17 seconds with an overhand right, moral: Pot Is Not a PED, or Whoops There Goes Another 'Rubber Tree' Plant. Proper stop for once by Winslow. Parke dominates most of an active if sorta guy-in-mirror scrap with Tokudome for a UD, oddly clones except one Irish and one Japanese, even the same hair. I thought Leben won the first two vs. Craig and got jobbed out of the SD but both guys were poorly conditioned and looked like shit.

Brilliant performance by Cub Swanson opens the PPV, gradually accelerating vs. a very quick tough but maybe overmuscled Denis Siver and finishing him in the 3rd with G&P. Siver opened fast but faded over the stretch. Been saying this awhile now but I would REALLY like to see Cub get a rematch with Aldo and hopefully not get KOed in 2 seconds this time. Think he's earned the shot at this point and he's evolved into almost as much of a highlight reel as Aldo is. Really good fight.

Where the hell was THIS Mark Munoz when he fought Weidman? Would have been a very different fight. Career best shape and performance, just beating the hell out of Tim Boetsch. Semi-close 1st but Munoz pulled away in the last two, both of which should have been 10-8s. Had to settle for a UD with one 29-28 teleported from Mars. Another good fight.

Kennedy and Roger Gracie huff and puff for three rounds. Kennedy takes the UD with 2 30-27s in spite of Gracie having back and going for subs most of the 1st. Lousy fight and neither of these guys are going anywhere in UFC.

FotN with Edgar and C. Oliveira. More action in any minute than the the whole previous fight. Frankie in an unaccustomed 3 rounder after years of title fights and accordingly gets to work right away. Oliveira stays right with him. Frankie maintains a slight edge but every momet is competitive, Oliveira especially dangerous off his back. Frankie stops going down on top of him until late in the fight after he connects a series of combos that have him in a little trouble, but even then he would have been better off staying up. Outstanding performance from both. Frankie UD with one judge giving Oliveira one round.

The main, well, all I'll say is everything smelled funny to me leading up TO the fight, and the fight sure didn't spray no fuckin Lysol on any of it.

Crimson Mask

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