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Watched the UFC live in a bar for the first time in a while
Great card!!

Historic finish
Big thumbs up

Hard to pick. Best match
I guess Silva/ Weidman for the story that goes with it

Tell me
Do you think Silva threw the fight?
He seemed like he was kind of telling is that in the post fight Ing interview. 

No bad matches on the main card.

Steve Dickinson

Thumbs Up

Best Fight: Frankie Edgar vs. Charles Oliveira

Worst Fight: None

What a great show. From the first fight on the prelims on FX to the historic ending to the main event, this was a memorable show.  Anderson Silva has always rubbed me the wrong way.  Ever since he was clowning in the cage against Damian Maia at UFC 112, it got under my skin.  Since then he always clowned his opponents.  One day I felt he was going to get his clocked cleaned.

 Well, it all caught up to him last night.   Silva really lost a lot of respect from his fans and I believe he hurt his appeal.  He was growing in popularity with his long title run, but now, I can see him being jeered in his future fights.  In his post match promo sounded like he was only looking at doing super fights, but he could be positioning for more money in a rematch.  Sadly, if Silva would have respected Weidman and not clowned around, he would have won.

Chris Weidman made himself into a star with this win.  Not only ending the long title reign, not only being an American who defeated a Brazilian who had a huge crowd of his follow country men cheering for him, but he was the bullied who stood up and stopped the bully.

The rest of the card was fun.  Frankie Edgar defeating Charles Oliveira in an exciting fight with non-stop action.  Glad to see Edgar get back in the win column.  A couple more wins, he should be back in a title fight against 155 or 145 title.  I want to see Edgar stay at 145.

It was a night of wins increasing the fighters stock.  Tim Kennedy went in and dominated a Gracie.  Now, I predicted he would win, but Gracie is a huge name in MMA and Kennedy dominated all three rounds.  Kennedy is a future star if he continues to win.   Mark Munoz looked like a beast and a future champion.  Funny thing is I never cared for Munoz.  Never was excited to watch his fights.  But here I took notice and I am now looking forward to watching his future fights.  Cub Swanson has made himself into a contender and should get a title shot with possibly one more win.   Edson Barboza needs to fight tougher competition.  He is a beast and I want to see him face the bigger names at 155.   Maybe Gray Maynard or Nate Diaz?

What a show with a legendary main event.

John LaRocca

Thumbs up (PPV fights only)

Best Fight: Edgar vs. Oliveira. Edgar is one of my favorite fighters because he always has the best fights. Compared to Bonnar, he’s on a one-way ticket to the HOF.

Best KO: Weidman. I watched at a bar and everyone went nuts when the referee stop the fight, but 30 seconds later no one could believe what they had just seen.

Worst Fight: Gracie vs. Kennedy. Gracie should stick to BJJ because he’s horrible as a MMA fighter. Sixteen strikes in 3 rounds? That’s just ridiculous.

As a sports fan, it was great to see Weidman ending “the streak”. As a MMA fan, it was great to see a “serious” guy beating a “clown”. As a pro-wrestling fan, I think this was probably one the greatest things that ever happened to UFC. No pro-wrestling booker could have pulled a better ending. The result itself it’s secondary to the way it came; pretty much like a double turn. Hart vs. Austin at WM 13 it’s a fair comparison. By winning Weidman went from unknown underdog to new top babyface star. Silva, by acting the way he did can now play either face in Brazil or heel anywhere else. (And given that he wasn’t a super draw on his own, that’s the better for his financial status). UFC now has all kinds of big matches. A rematch should do way bigger numbers than this one. If Weidman wins that one, he solidified his status as the next big thing. The 185 pounds division gets a younger and undefeated draw. If Silva wins, a “rubber match” should follow; and regardless of the outcome of that possible third fight they would end up in the same place that they are right now, but with a healthier back account. Once Silva ends his “feud” with Weidman, he should go to the “dream matches”: Belfort, Jones and GSP. All of these fights will be gigantic with or without the title. They will also be easier to schedule without the weights restrictions of being a champion. That alone gives instant credibility to the whole division, since your champion isn’t fighting guys from another weight. Belfort should come first because of age issues, and because Silva should win 99.9% of the time. Jones said that he will out of the 205 pounds division in a near future, so he will be available before going to the heavyweight division. GSP should be the last one because of how hard it will be to make the catch weight. As for Silva saying he doesn’t want a rematch, I think he is just rising his price and making time to find a strategy to get his win back.

Keep on the good work!

Leonardo II Mendez

San Sebastian, PR


Having watched MMA since even before UFC 1, I can say that last night was the most-satisfying experience I have ever had as a fan. There is nothing better than a longterm champion being dethroned, and when that champion is an annoying twat like Silva, is makes it even better. Now, if Hendricks takes out GSP, things will be even better. I don't think Gustaffson will beat Jones, but that would be the cherry on top of a kick-ass sundae.

All the Silva fanboys are trying to justify the loss too, but whatever they come-up with will fall short of the truth. The fact is, Weidman is younger, hungrier, mentally more solid, and just a better fighter overall at this point. Silva can now go do whatever circus sideshow fights his bald-headed overlord wants to promote, making his organization even less legitimate as a sports company, and Weidman can continue to dominate.

The bar I went to was the least crowded I have ever seen it, even less than when they aired Hendo vs. Fedor's Strikeforce fight, but everyone there seemed happy that it turned out the way it did. Edgar and Kennedy added some lashes to the backs of the Brazilian fans that can travel home with their tails between their legs. What a great card all around.

Thumbs up
Best Fight: just have to see Weidman vs. Silva because it was so memorable, but the card was loaded with great fights, and worth every cent of the five dollars I spent to get in.
Worst Fight: Kennedy vs. Gracie; I don't picture Gracie lasting very long in the UFC without any striking ability. He's a half-trick pony at this point.

Matt Wright



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