Fan reaction to Anderson Silva

The Silva controversy   

Clowning around: Silva always clowns around in all of his fights. Its his style therefore, there is no issue that it was the reason he lost. He will clown around in the rematch as well

The fix: This fight was not fixed. Silva was caught not only standing, but he was also punched 3 times on the ground. Some people didn’t see the whole fight, but just the highlight of the finish. This highlight shows Silva clearly mocking Weidman after a fist thrown, which might be interpreted by casual fans as Silva pretending to be dazed for a fixed finish. But he was mocking…end of story.

The Risk: Why would Silva risk his Burger king, Nike, and Vicks sponsorships for a loss? Why would the UFC risk its liscence being taken away especially now when they are planning to grow globally? Believe me no rematch is worth any of this no matter how big it will be. Let alone the superfights it foiled with GSP and Jones.

Wiedman Fluke: Weidman is NOT a fluke. If you do a little research you will see that he is undefeated 10 times now, and his competition was almost as good as Silvas. Well he beat all of them including Silva.

Pre fight promotion: Silva was very different in interviews compared to previous fights of his. All of a sudden the title didn’t matter,he wanted to fight for the fans,and the word Legacy was thrown around a bunch of times. Clearly signs of a man who felt the end coming. He knows he is 38 years old, and also knows that having to promote his belt,his fights and his division was taking a toll on him. He has been doing it since 2006. Can anyone imagine how hard it was for Silva to do all the marketing,promotion, and training at the same time, especially at his age now. Yes he is in no way an old man, but he is an old fighter. If Silva realy wanted to get rid of the title, and went out there not caring then he is the only one to blame NOT Weidman or the UFC.

Love/Hate relationship: Everyone hated Silva especially after Abu Dhabi. It is what made Sonnen a star. Everyone thought Silva was arrogant,self centered,and disrespectfull to mma. Apparently even Dana White was close to getting rid of him due to Silva jeopardising the ufc Abu Dhabi deal. So what happened? After redeeming himself with mor wins, everyone started realizing he is the best, and that everytime they bet against him they were humbled in the end. So they started embracing him and calling him the G.O.A.T why? Because everyone likes winners. And just when they were getting ready to enjoy their new idol, defeat came so now what? AHHH it must have been fixed or Anderson screwed Anderson. Some people even believe that Fedor still didn’t lose fairly even though his ass was handed to him 3 times.

The future: Weidman is the Champ now, give it time and it will be proven if he is a fluke or not, on live television. There also might be a rematch which is even better. Enjoy Weidman as champ not for yourselves but mostly for mma and the UFCs growth. By acting in this ridiculous manner you are damaging the sport you love now or loved since childhood. UFC is not the NFL. The NFL is an old organization and football has been established from way way before your great great grandfather. When MMA reaches these heights and gets established then anyone can say whatever they want and feel like. Please do not damage the sports legacy NOW when its on a roll. Remember that its not even legalized in New York


my two cents on the story:-)Love your website Bryan and Dave and thank you for countless hours of entertainment.

Chris Avraamides from Cyprus 


I have never understood the hype about Anderson Silva especially when
everyone calls him the pound for pound greatest.  That's just totally
absurd. Why?  Simple!  The best thing to do is look at his record and
who he's beat.
Let's start from recent fights:
1) Bonner - an ok fighter but never one that was top level plus he was
at the end of his career when they fought!
2) Forrest Griffin - another ok fighter but nothing special and when
they fought he was heading downhill.
3) Belfort - been around way way too long. Almost a has been and even
the steroids can't make him a first class MMA guy
4) Okamai -been fighting since 2002. Long past his prime.
5) Chael - Sonnen killed Silva the first time around and would have won
but Silva literally lucked out. I like Sonnen but I have to admit he's
not in the real big leagues except for his tremendous promos which get
him fights.
6) Frankin - another ok fighter but nothing super
7) Cote - been around for 11 years now and has lost to some so so
fighters. He's a little more than a jobber but still not big time at all.
8) James Irvin - who in the world has be beaten or for that matter what
quality competition has he had? Even Bonner beat him!
9) Leben - good average brawler, good chin but what else??
About the only good fighter I consder him beating was Dan Henderson 5
years ago when Dave was 37 or 38
Bottom line is that it was no surprise that some young guy would come
along and clobber him like what happened last night. He's at the end of
his career although we all know he'll fight someone again probably
Weidman who will more than likely beat him quicker and more devastating.
Father time is invincible and always wins!!
Anderson is an ok fighter but "pound for pound" the greatest?  Hell no.
Paul Dowling
Sarasota Fl 

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