John LaRocca talks why Anderson Silva must face Chris Weidman in a rematch

I was out to dinner with my wife and in-laws on Sunday night.  Every Sunday we always go to the same mexican restaurant for a family dinner.  Sitting at a table next to us, was a family of five talking about UFC 162.   Main topic was how Anderson Silva was clowning around against Chris Weidman and then getting knocked out to lose his UFC Middleweight Championship.   Of the five family members, the oldest brother was a hardcore MMA fan.  Everyone talked about how if Anderson Silva would have taken the fight seriously, he would have won.  Mostly, the conversation was is disbelief on how Anderson Silva could lose the title like in such a way.  They also talked about now not liking Anderson Silva anymore for his lack of respect showed his opponent, Chris Weidman.  
During Silva's post match interview with Joe Rogan,  he declined wanting a rematch for the belt.  The pro-Silva crowd that cheered like crazy when he made his entrance, all jeered him at the end.  Those fans felt ripped off and let down that their hero took this fight lightly, clowned around, and lost in an embarrassing way.  Silva wanted to clown around in the cage and he sure looked fitting big red shows and make up like a true clown.  Rumors have it Anderson Silva will in fact fight Chris Weidman in a rematch targeted for the UFC annual Super Bowl weekend show.   Silva needs to turn those rumors into a reality to save his legacy.
A lot of people think it is crazy that I am saying Silva hurt his legacy by losing the title to Weidman.  Some people have pointed out did the great Fedor hurt his legacy when he suffered his first true loss to Fabricio Werdum in 2010?    The difference is, Fedor lost via a brilliant "playing possum" game plan by Werdum.  Silva lost because of he was acting like an idiot.   If Silva never faces Weidman in the rematch, his near seven year reign as the UFC Middleweight Champion will be remember forever on how he lost it. 
What makes the way he lost even that much more embarrassing, was the fact that Anderson Silva clearly was the better fighter in the cage against Weidman.  He was clearly faster then Weidman.   Another big thing not talked about was Weidman came out for the second round gassed from a adrenaline dump.  His mouth was wide open sucking in air.  He tried for a takedown that was successful for him in Round 1, but in Round 2 it was telegraphed and lacked explosiveness being fatigued.  It was just a matter of time before Silva finished off his young challenger.   Instead, Silva was caught showboating that lead to one of the most embarrassing loses ever in MMA history.
Silva can wipe the embarrassment from last loss away in a rematch.  First thing, he needs to publically apologize to his fans and the UFC for his performance at UFC 162.   Silva needs to say he can easily defeat Weidman, but got careless and was caught.  Silva needs to promise his fans and the UFC, he will correct a wrong in the rematch and take back his UFC Middleweight Championship.  Silva needs to say he is clearly better then Weidman and he will show the world inside the cage in the rematch, he will finish him.   Then when the rematch happens, Anderson Silva needs to fight and defeat Chris Weidman convincingly.
Silva needs to be sat down by Dana White, Joe Silva and his management team and be told he is taking that rematch.  Not only will a rematch do huge business for everyone involved, but it will be a chance for Silva to regain the respect he lost for his antics in the cage at UFC 162.   If not, every topic of conversation when the name Anderson Silva is brought up will not talk about his long title reign as champion.   That conversation will always mention how Anderson Silva lost the gold in the most embarrassing defeat in MMA history.
John LaRocca
Twitter: @LaRoccaJL

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