Brian Stann announces retirement, heading to Fox Sports South

Brian Stann, 32, just announced his retirement from MMA and will take a job as a football analyst for Fox Sports South. He said on the MMA Hour this morning that he actually made the decision to retire a few months ago before he got the announcing job.

He said that between playing football since second grade, eight years in fighting and being involved in several explosions in Iraq, he's rolling the dice as far as head injuries. He said it's not the best thing for his family to spend two months before every fight in Albuquerque, especially as they are expecting a third child.

He said he lost the big matches he needed to win to get to where he wanted to be. He said he's never been knocked completely out until the Wanderlei Silva fight. He said you start to have headaches, and expects shifts in the future in the way MMA fighters train, noting he's been hit in the head consistently since second grade.

He said had he beaten Wanderlei Silva on March 3 in Saitama, Japan, he probably would still be fighting. He said he trained so hard for that fight, he never thought he would lose, and said it woould take him too many fights before he could compete for big dollars and it was no longer the most intelligent thing to continue fighting.

Silva vs. Stann is one of the frontrunners thus far for fight of the year.

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