UFC on FOX live coverage from Seattle

Welcome to our live coverage of UFC on FOX from the Key Arena in Seattle.  We're looking for your thoughts on tonight's show so you can leave a thumbs up, thumbs down or thumbs in the middle along with a best and worest match to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  


First round: Albert is local. Meza a training partner of Benson Henderson. He got the takedown right away. Albert got up. Meza grabbed a guillotine and pulled guard. Albert cleared to side control. Now Albert spinning into an armbar attempt. Meza escaped and took his back momentarily. Now Meza is on top in guard. Meza going for a guillotine again from the top. Albert reverswed back to the top. Crowd liked the round with the reverses. Close round 10-9 Meza.

Second round: Albert playing to the crowd as the round started. Both swinging. Meza went for a takedown now Albert going for a guillotine but Meza out of it. Albert working for a triangle from the bottom. Meza tried to slam him but couldn’t. Albert tightening it up. Meza surviving the triangle and slipped out. Meza got his back now and working for a choke. Albert is in real trouble here. Albert out of trouble. Meza got his back and has him flattend and trying to soften him up. Meza is again working for the choke and this time got it tight and Albert tapped. Crowd deflated at the finish.


First round: Salas landing and dancing. Body kick by Salas. Another body kick by Salas. Riley with a low kick. Body kick by Salas. Riley trying to chase him down. Salas nearly stumbled dancing away. Salas took him down but Riley back up. Salas landed a knee immediately. Hard body kick by Salas. Salas with another takedown Riley back up again. High kick by Salas. Salas tried a takedown and his time didn’t get it. Jumping kick by Salas. Kick to the face by Salas. Body kickby Riley. Riley bleeding from the left eye. Salas 10-9

Second round: Salas took him down. He landed a kick as Riley got up. Big uppercut by Salas. Riley’s face all bloody, bleeding from the nose as well as the eye. Knee by Riley. High kick by Riley but also took him down from it. Riley back up. Crowd starting to get behine Riley because of his heart. Salas landed several punches. Salas with a solid right. Riley almost got a takedown but Salas back to his feet. Salas’ round, up 20-18.

Third round: Crowd gave both a big hand as the third round started. Salas tripped him down. As Riley got up, Salas landed a knee. Body kick by Riley. Riley with another body kick. Riley made him stumble with a low kick. Trading kicks. Both landed low kicks. Salas tried a takedown but didn’t get it. Knee by Salas. Head kick by Riley. Riley missed a head kick. Salas tried a German suplex but Riley out of it. Salas bleeding bad from the right eye. Knee by Salas. Really fun fight. Riley’s round so 29-28 Salas

Scores: 29-28 Salas, 29-28 Riley 29-28 Salas


First round: They were tied up against the fence. De Randamie pressing Kedzie against the fence. Kedzie reversed positions and De Randamie back. Crowd booing as the entire round has been De Randamie holding her against the fence. The ref separted them when the crowd was booing. De Randamie threw a body kick, Kedzie tried for a takedown, didn’t get it and they’re back against the fence. De Randamie threw a lot of knees. 10-9 De Randamie

Second round: De Randamie landing a straight right. Kedzie got the takedown. The crowd wants Kedzie to win as you could tell by the reaction to the takedown. Crowd booing because nothing is happening on the ground. Kedzie with some punches now. Not very entertaining, especially after the previous two fights. Kedzie’s round so 19-19 going into the third.

Third round: Kedzie throwing punches and de Randmie tried to tie her up. Kedzie tried to threw her down. De Randamie seems to think the best strategy is to hold a clinch and throw knees. De Randamie threw a hard knee and they separated. Right by De Randamie. Kedzie in with a kick to the body. Big right by De Randamie. Spin kick by Kedzie, may have landed light. Kedzie got a takedown with 43 seconds left. She was losing the round up until that point. De Randamie landing from the bottom. De Randamie should win 29-28, but it will be interesting because Kedzie only had the takedown and then got outlanded on the ground.

Scores: 30-27 DeRamid 29-28 Kedzie and 29-28 De Randamie. Some booing of the decision.


First round: Smith is from Washington so he’s the crowd favrote. Smith has him against against the fence. Smith landing hard knees and Herman landing uppercuts and knees. Both landed solid. Big punches by each man hurt the oher. Herman landing with punches and knees and Smith back with knees. Crowd making some noise. Sick left hook by Smith. Smith with a hard right. Herman is wobbly but he’s staying up. Left by Smith. Herman now landing punches and knees and Smth is in trouble. Smith tied him up and threw a knee. Uppercut by Smith. Big left by Smith. Smith tried a takedown but couldn’t get it. Herman tied him up and landing knees. Big left by Herman. Smith’s left eye is busted. Smith 10-9. Great round.

Second round: Smith got the takedown. Herman backup. Both tired and thowing. Smith with a knee and a hard right. Herman with an uppercut. Smith with a knee. Smith tried a takedown, Herman on top. Herman in side control. I missed a lot of the round but had Herman, so 19-19, but the round looked close from what I saw.

Third round: Crowd gave both men a big hand to start the third round. Looping left by Smith. Big right by Smith. Body kick by Smith and Herman got the takedown. Smith tried a guillotine from the bottom. Herman pulled his arm off and working for a head and arm choke. Smith back up and threw a knee. Left by Smith. In a clinch. Knee by Smith. Left by Smith. Smith kicked Herman in the groin which led to a time out and a warning. Herman going for a takedown but can’t get it. Head kick by Smith. Back in a clinch and Herman with uppercut and Smithwith body punches. Knee by Smith. Herman landed a few punches. Smith with a left hook. Close round again. I’ve got Smith 29-28 but it could go to Herman. Last two rounds were close.

Scores: 30-27 Smith, 30-27 Herman 29-28 Herman. Crowd booing but Smith is from Washington. But 30-27 Herman is crazy.


First round: Cruickshank came out to "Kung Fu Fighting" which got a pop. Cruickshank taking this on short notice. Physically he looks not in his usual shape, but it’s not bodybuilding. Not much happening htis round. Neither guy did a lot in the first round. Edwards was the aggressor to I’d go with him slightly 10-9.

Second round: Cruickshank landed a body kick. All kinds of Ric Flair "Whoos" in the crowd. Body kick by Cruickshank and body punch by Cruickshank. Hard body kick by Edwards after Cruickshank landed a body punch. Body kick by Edwards. Another body kick by Edwards. Spinning backfist by Cruickshank. Body kick by Edwards. Very close round. Cruickshank so 19-19 going into the third.

Third round: Cruickshank high kick blocked. Nice ax kick by Cruickshank. Low kick by Edwards. Trading punchs and high kick by Cruickshank. Cruickshank tried for a takedown and didn’t get it. He did a back kick. Crowd booing the fight. A lot of low kicks and body punches by Cruickshank. This fight looked good on paper but neither guy turned it on. Cruickshank close 29-28, but this one could easily go the other way..

Scores: 30-27 Cruickshank 30-27 Edwards 30-27 Cruickshank. Crowd booed the decision again.

The crowd is still pretty empty here.  Scary is they just showed Rory MacDonald and Jake Ellenberger on the big screen and there was zero reaction to either.  


First round: Trading low kics. Danzig already bleeding from the nose. Place going crazy with "Whoos" now. Guillard landed a solid shot behind the ear. Guillard landed a right. Guillard landed a nice left. Danzig landed a body shot late. Guillard with a hard body kick. Guillard not aggressive here but he won the round 10-9.

Second round: Danzig got behind him but did nothing and Guillard broke free. Guillard landed a hard right that hurt Danzig. Guillard hard kick to the body. Guillard knocked him down with a left hook and is pounding on Danzig on the ground. Last shot was scary. Danzig looks hurt.

Looks like a no interview night or something.


First round: Means, after missing weight by four pounds, had better win this fight. Castillo fell down and Means rushed in, which allowed Castillo to get the takedown. Means has locked in a body triangle from the bottom. Means got to his feet and Castillo took him down and got his back. Means got to his feet again and landed a knee. Castillo ducked in low and a scored with a hard slam. Castillo 10-9.

Second round: Castillo tyring t get inside and not having much luck this round, but Means hasn’t landed anytihng of substance. Castillo landed a right. Another right by Castillo. Castillo got the takedown with 1:26 left in the round and rode out of the round from the top. Castillo’s round so he should be up 20-18.

Third round: Castillo landed two punches and a kick. Knees by Means. Hard left by Castillo. Left by Means. Body kick by Castllo. Crowd pretty dead for this fight. Hard knee by Means. Castillo got behind him and took him down but Means immediately reversed to the top. Means in side control. Means threw a hard left standing to the ground. Castillo got back to his feet. Means won the round, so 29-28 Castillo.

Scores: All three judges had it 29-28 for Castiillo


First round: Chiesa got the biggest pop of the night by far. Easily three times anyone so far. Takedown by Chiesa. Chiesa dropped him with a knee and is pounding on him. Masvidal slammed Chiesa hard. Masvidal with a body kick and he hurt Chiesa with punches. Chiesa back with a knee and punches. Chiesa landed a combo. Body kick by Chiesa. Chiesa landed a left. Body kick by Masvidal. Chiesa with a left . Masvidal landed pucnhes. Chiesa with a left nad a kick. Masvidal with two hard punches. Masvidal nailed him with punches late in the round. Very good action here. 10-9 Chiesa

Second round: Chiesa working for a takedown. Masvidal has a guilloine and Chiesa out. Place exploded when he got out. Masvidal tagged him with punches. Hard right by Masvidal. Hard body kick by Masvidal. Chiesa tried a crazy kick which allowed Masvidal to jump on top when Chiesa missed the kick badly and fell down. Masvidal moved to side control and now has his back. Masvidal landing a lot of punches. Hard knee to the body by Masvidal. Masvidal landing a lot of punches from the top. Masvidal has his back. Masvidal almost had a choke. Masvidal had a kravat on, which he moved into a D’Arce choke. He tapped Chiesa out with the D’Arce choke just as the round was ending. 4:59


First round: They were tied up against the fence. Carmouche got the takedown. Andrade back up. Carmouche got a second takedown. She moved to side control. Andrade with a flying crucifix and slam. Carmouche reversed to the top while Andrade tried for a guillotine. Carmouche tried to slam out of it, but Andrade kept it on. Carmouche with knees to the butt. Carmouche 10-9.

Huge pop for Rousey on the screen

Second round: Carmouche with anther takedown. She’s landing punches from he top. She moved to full mount and is landing a ton of punches . Andrade gave up her back. Carmouche landing more punches. She’s working for a choke. Andrade is in trouble. Andrade escaped. Camroche dropping more punches from the mount and Andrade gave up her back again. Carmoche with elbows. Carmouche throwing a lot of elbows. Andrade gave up her back again. Carmouche landing a ton of punches. Finally Herb Dean had enough and stopped it. Completely one-sided fight.


First fall: Lawler with an immediate takedown. Voelker up and Lawler landing punches. Voelker tried a high kick. Voelker already has a bloody nose. High kick by Lawler. Another high kick by Lawler. Knee by Lawler. Body kick byVoelkler. Body kick by Lawler. Flying knee by Lawler. Big trade. Voelker all bloody. 10-9 Lawler Big hand from the crowd.

Second round: Lawler knocked him out with a left high kick. Voelker was asking Dan Miragliotta what year it was when this was over. I this show gets any kind of ratings this was a star making performance by Lawler.


First round: MacDonald got a huge mixed reaction. Canadians liked him, others not so much. Rory chant. Then lots of boos. USA chant. Loud USA chant now. Both guy not making a move. Fans starting to boo at 1:35 in when nothing was happening. 2:30 in and nothing has happened. Main even is turning into a Zbyszko match. Crowd booing loudly. MacDonald with a few kicks. Ellenberger rushed in for a second. Rory chant. Ellenberg landed a left. High kick by MacDonald. This was quite the crappy first round for a main event 10-9 MacDonald.

Second round: Crowd booing again as nothing is happening. Ellenberger shot in for a takedown, but didn’t get it and landed some punches. Crowd booing a ton now. These guys are going to wind up without a title shot if they win at this rate. MacDonald moved in and lnaded as he faked a takedown attempt. Great high kick by MacDonald and left jab. Crowd booing some more. Severn vs. Shamrock II tonight in Detroit. Ellenberger moved in and MacDonald danced away. Body kick by MacDonald. MacDonadl 20-18. Crowd booing the hell out of these two.

Third round: Ellenberger missed some punches and MacDonald landed a front kick. Ellenberger spun and did nothing. MacDonald missed on a high kick. Fornt kick by MacDonald. Both missing punches. Ellenberger landed a few punches. MacDonald slipped and was up before Ellenberger could follow up. Ellenberger landed a left. I think they shoudl take $50,000 away for negative star fights. Ellenberger got a takedown with 1:00 left. Fans were going crazy just because something happened. Ellenberger should take the round. I have 29-28 for MacDonald but they both lost. Crowd booing super loud since this was the fight most saw as the main event. Whoever loses is going to replay this in their minds forever because just a little aggressiveness could have won every round.

Scores: 30-27, 29-28 and 30-27 MacDonald. Ellenberger is going to have nightmares about this one for years.


First round: Johnson is the local star of the show from Kirkland,WA. These two kind of have to save the show. Body kick by Moraga. Mighty Mouse hant. Low kick by Moraga. Johnson landed a left. Morga pinned him against the fence and working at roughing him up. . Johnson switched positions with him. Johnson got the takedown and Moraga working a guillotine that he doesn’t have. Johnson in side control. Moraga regained guard. Johnson had a guillotine on him just as the round ended. 10-9 Johnson.

Second round: Johnson took him down to start the second round. He moved to side control. Johnson with knees to the body. Moraga working for a triangle attempt that wasn’t close and Johnson cleared it and back into side control. Johnson got his back and punching him. Moraga up and Johnson suplexed him back down and has his back. Another takedown by Johnson into side control. Johnson trying to set up an armbar. Some ground and pound by Johnson at the end of the round. Crowd gave Johnson a standing ovation for this round. 20-18 Johnson.

Third round: Body kick by Johnson. Johnson took him down at 1:26 of the round. Johnson got his back. Moraga back to his feet. Moraga tried a takedown, Johnson reversed in mid-air and ended up on top. Johnson working for a Kimura. Moraga reversed in the attempt. Johnson up. Moraga with another takedown and Johnson up. Moraga tried a high kick, missed and fell down as the round ended. 30-27 Johnson.

Fourth round: Moraga with a body kick. Johnson with a takedown. Johnson has his back. Johnson with a body kick as Moraga got up. Another takedown by Johnson. Moraga tried a takedown, Johnson sprawled. Johnson landed some punches and Moraga got up. Morga hurt him with an overhand right and then went for a flying knee but Johnson took him down again. Johnson 40-36.

Fifth round: Johnson is bleeding from the mouth. Johnson took him down again. Johnson bleeding from the nose and mouth. Johnson throwing knees to the shoulder. Johnson going for an armbar. Got it and its over . He’s doing a series of standing spinning kicks after the fight ti celebrate. Good that there was a finish to ap off a strong performance by Johnson.

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