UFC live coverage from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - Aldo vs. Zombie

Welcome to our live coverage of UFC 163 from the HSBC Arena in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  We're looking for your thoughts on tonight's show, so you can leave a thumbs up, thumbs down or thumbs in the middle along with a best and worst match to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


First round: Crowd not as hot as previous Rio cards for the opener. Andrade is our Brazilian babyface from Sao Paulo. Now they are chanting. Trading punches. Andrade knocked him down with a right. He’s holding a front headlock. He dropped him a second time and Mario Yamasaki stopped it after a few punches. Okay, that line about the crowd not being so hot, you get a Brazilian winning via KO in the first round, and these people are going crazy. 1:36

Brian Stann is way too nice on handling the interviews.  Andrade just kept talking, luckily when you win fast, they aren't so pressed for time. 


First round: Barroso wants to get it down. He’s giving up substantial reach and height. Low kick by Barroso. Oliveira moving forward but not landing. Crowd booing because not much action. Oliveria geting mad at Barroso for constantly going backwards. Low kick by Barroso. Barroso’s lwo kicks are about the only offesneve but Olivera is the onemoving forward. Barroso 10-9. Crowd booing both guys.

Second round: Oliveira took him down and landed several punches. Oliveira landed a lots of punches and let him back up. Oliveira letting him up made no sense since he was doing damage on the ground and has done nothing standing. Barroso is a BJJ black belt. Barroso went for a takedown but Oliveira back to his feet. Crowd booing again. Ref Leon Roberts separated them as they were clinched against the fence. Barroso landed two good rights. Body kick by Barroso and a takedown with 48 seconds left. Barroso landing rights on the ground. Oliveira back up. Barroso won the ground late so I have him up 20-18 but both rounds are close.

Third round: Barroso trying a standing guillotine. Barroso with a takedown. Barroso mostly just holding him down. Oliveria back ot his fet. Crowd booing them again. Barroso just dancing away figuring he’s got the fight, which he should have in the bag at this point. Both are tired. Oliveira went for a takedown, but didn’t quite get it. Barroso’s round, should win 30-27, could be 29-28.

Scores: 30-27, 30-27, 29-28 for Barroso


First round: Yahya landed a high kick. He’s working hard for a takedown but didn’t get it. Yahya pretty much pulled guard. Yahya trying for a leglock. Yahya looking for a heel hook. Yahya moved to the top. Yahya with elbows to the head and some punches. Yahya moved to full mount. Clopton got guard back. Yahya landing punches from the top late in the round. 10-9 Yahya

Second round: Yahya trying to shoot in. Yahya got the takedown and throwing punches. Yahya got to full mount. Yahya back to full mount. He just stayed on top and landed short punches that didn’t do much damage to easily win the round. 20-18 Yahya.

Third round: Yahya went for a takedown from too far out and didn’t come close. Yahya moved in for another takedown. Clopton ended up on top. Crowd booing as Clopton is on top but really not doing any damage. Clopton let him up. Knee by Clopton moving in but now they’re in a clinch against the fence. Clopton took him down and throwing punches to the body. Clopton landing punches. Crowd booing some more. Yahya with a right. Yahya reversed to the top. Clopton’s round but Yahya has to take it, 29-28.

Scores: All three have it 29-28 Yahya


First round: McCall looking at doing low kicks. McCall landed two good lefts. High kick by blocked by Santos. Nice left by McCall. Santos went for a takedown but McCall blocked and landed on top. McCall landing a lot of shots. Knee by McCall. McCall with a head kick. Santos landed a punch. Trading punches and Santos landed a good right and another. Santos tried a takedown but didn’t get it. Crowd going crazy for Santos. 10-9 McCall

Second round: McCall back throwing low kicks. McCall landing. More low kicks by McCall. Santos ducked for a takedown but didn’t get it. McCall with a high and then a low kick. McCall accidentally kicked Santos low. McCall throwing low kicks. Santos with a body kick. Santos landed a right and hurt him with a right and a knee. Santos starting to hurt him. Takedown by Santos. More punches by Santos as McCall got up. McCall with a low kick. Santos with a hard right. Uppercut by McCall. Close round I’m going with Santos so 19-19 going into the third.

Third round: McCall landed a left. Right by Santos. Santos landed another right. Santos ducked for a takedown and McCall danced away. McCall with a right and body kick. McCall got behind him and throwing knees to the thigh. Santos sat out and got up. Right by Santos. McCall landing and Santos now missing. Santos starting to tire. Santos with a right. McCall landed a body shot. Body kick by Santos. Left by McCall. Santos went for a takedown but McCall stuffed and landed a knee. McCall landing punches. Santos with a knee. I have McCall so 29-28 for him, but we’re in Brazil, but the judges aren’t Brazilian.

Scores: 30-27, 30-27 and 29-28 McCall


First round: Magny landing some punches moving in. Moraes with a takedown. Moraes moved to side control. Moraes moved to full mount. Morales went for a triangle from the mount. He’s got it on and is throwing elbows to Magny’s head while Magny is caught. Hard elbwows to the head and tightened the triangle and Magny had to tap.


First round: Gaff got her back on the ground. Nunes back to her feet. Nunes wants a takedown. Takedown by Nunes. She’s in side control. Nunes moved to mount. Gaff back up. Another takedown by Gaff. Lots of punches and elbows by Nunes from the top and Herb Dean stopped it.  2:08


First round: Perosh connected with a right and Perosh landed about ten punches on the ground and Magalhaes was out by about the seventh one. :14


First round: Maria looks like Amazing Red. Linker clocked him an da few punches on the ground but Maria got back up. Spinning back fist nailed Lineker. Maria with knees. Maria hurt him with a left . Another left put him down. Maria went for a guillotine. Maria let him go to fire another punch. Maria landed a left. Lineker went for a kick. Maria took him down. Lineker back up and is behind Maria. Lineker with a takedown and throwing hard punches. Maria with a knee to the groin. Ref Leon Roberts called a time out. The knee looked legal to me but the ref said it was an earlier punch. Body kick by Maria. Great spin kickby Maria. Body kick by Maria. Lineker with a punch and takedown late. Best round so far tonight. Maria 10-9

Second round: Lineker on top, Maria went for an ankle but Lineker pulled out. Maria looked like his knee may have gone out, Linker dropped him and nailing him with punches and Leon Roberts called it. Best fight so far. 1:03

Brian Stann interviewing Lineker and he looks like he’s Lord Littlebrook without his costume.


First round: Leitis looks like he’s been visiting Biogenesis. It’s Thales Leitis with almost a Palhares body. Well, we all know Kong hates guys like this. This should be a good one. Watson has such an awesome face for a fighter. Leitis landed several punches and moved in. He has his back and has his back. Leitis is schooling him on the ground. Place going crazy. Leitis is working for a choke. Watson out of trouble. Now he’s smothering him . Now hard punches from behind. More hard punches by Leitis. Watson got wrist control. Watson bleeding. Leitis with more punches. Leitis has him flattened on the ground. Watson out of trouble and threw a knee. Trading low kicks. Watson with punches.. Big left by Wetson. Watson throwing low kicks. Big left by Watson and a low kick. High kick by Watson. Watson landed a right at the bell. 10-9 Leitis. Good round.

Second round: Watson’s corner told him Leitis is all gassed out. Leitis in with several punches. Watson back with punches. Leitis landed several punches and buckled him with one. Leitis took him back down into side control. Leitis is into full mount. Leitis now trying to set up an armbar but Watson out of trouble. Leitis took him down a second time. Leitis has his back. Leitis trying to set up an armbar. Watson is in a lot of trouble. Watson escaped and walked away. Now Watson with a knee and a low kick. Left by Letiis. Trading punches. Watson landing big shots and low kicks. Knee by Leitis. Watson landed an overhand right. Good uppercut by Watson. Leitis went for at takedown but Watson blocked it. Watson coming on strong. Leitis threw him down as the round ended. 20-18 Leitis but Watson is in better shape coming out for round three and has knockout power.

Third round: Watson bleeding badly from the right eye after Leitis landed a left hook. Leitis trying for a takedown but also to stall out the round. Knee by Leitis. Trading punches. Leitis took him down. That was a big move. Leitis on top in the mount. Leitis has his back again with 1:53 left. Leitis has an arm triangle. Watson is surviving. Watson gave a thumbs up to show the ref he wasn’t out, but he’s in trouble. Watson survived the round but that’s all he did. That’s a 10-8 round for sure so 30-26.

Scores: All three had it 30-27 for Leitis. How the last round isn’t a 10-8 I’ll never know.


First round: Santos has a Fit Finlay lookalike in his corner. Ferreira knocked him silly with a left and a left high kick. Ferreira going for a rolling gullotine. And it’s over. That was impressive. This is turning into a good show. :47


First round: Fans are singing Machida’s entrance music. It’s the first time he’s ever fought in Rio de Janeiro. Davis is a physical freak. They didn’t touch gloves. Front kick by Daivs. Low kick by Davis. Fans are going crazy. Machida landed a left. Body kick by Machida. Head kick by Machida. Head kick by Machida. Davis threw an overland right. Another big left by Machida. Low kick by Machida. Daviswith a body kick. Machida kick to the stomach after a series of punches knocked him backwards. Davis got the takedown with 50 seconds left. Fans booing immeidately. Loud Lyoto chant. Davis landing good shots to the ribs. Still, I think Machida’s round 10-9.

Second round: Body kick by Machida. Head kick by Machida. Body kick by Machida. Front kick by Machida. Davis tried a takedown but Machida threw him off. Left by Machida and Davis missed a counter. Davis landed a punch. Front kick by Davis. Machida landed a left. Good right by Machida. Davis got the takedown with 19 second left. Davis with several knees to the body and punches. This round was very close. I don’t think it was enough to steal the round but judges may think different. Machida 20-18.

Third round: Machida landed a right. Jones throwing kicks but they are blocked. Jones getting aggressive. Body kick by Machida. Davis tried a takedown but Machida shoved him off. Front kick by Machida. Davis went for a takedown. Machida blocked it and got his back. Machida let go and threw a kick. Davis throwing kicks. Left by Machida. Body kick by Machida. Davis going for a takedown and Machida blocked it. That was a big deal. Machida with a right. Knee by Machida. Davis tried a takedown but couldn’t get it. Stann doing great annoucning this night. Crowd going crazy. Machida’s round, I’ve got it 30-27.

Scores: All three have it 29-28 Davis. Crowd is in shock. They actually didn’t boo at first they were so stunned but then started booing heavy. The second round was close enough but no way Davis should have won rounds one or three. Live crowd now furious.


First round: Crowd singing in the stands. Aldo landed a big right. Low kick by Aldo. Hard low kick by Aldo. Chan back with a low kick. Aldo got the takedoiwn but Zombie right back up. Great spin kick by Aldo. Not much action until last 30 seconds. 10-9 Aldo

Second round: Zombie moved in and landed. Aldo with counter. Aldo landed several punches. Aldo landed shots to the body and head. Aldo with a jab. Hard right by Aldo. Left by Aldo. Chan landed a good right. Aldo took him down. He moved to side control. Chan tried a triangle but Aldo saw it coming and shut it down. Aldo’s round 20-18.

Third round: Chan landed a left . Chan tried a flying knee and Aldo caught him and essentially used a spinebuster to take him down. Chan landing a lot of punches while on the ground. Aldo keeping him down. Herb Dean stood them up. Nice left by Zombie. Now both swinging. Knee by Zombie. Aldo going for a takedown. Chan tried a D’arce choke but Aldo got out. Zombie throwing elbows to the head while he blocks Aldo’s takedown. Herb Dean separated the two. Zombie landed punches and a flying knee. Close round but still I have Aldo but Zombie does seem fresher at this point. 30-27 Aldo

Fourth round: Zombie with a right. Right by Zombie. Zombie’s right shoulder just went out throwing a punch. It looks like he separated it. Also high kicks to the shoulder. Aldo working on the shoulder. Zombie is down and Aldo throwing punches, Zombie is done and Herb Dean stopped it. 2:00

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