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  Fight Master ep 6

    Tim Welch without Greg Jackson being there for training fights Nick Barnes from Shamrock. Joey Villasenor and Damacio Page cover for Jackson,     who IS there for the fight. Barnes finds an opening, takes him down, takes his back and taps him. Shamrock is running RINGS around Jackson as     far as actual coaching during the fight. He's telling the guy what to do and Jackson is just loudly commentating the fight trying to sway the                 judges. Jackson is now 0-2 and he's freaking out and we're getting some insight into Greg Jackson. Shamrock finishes the first heat 3-1.

    Jackson now has top seed Joe Riggs going against Warren's Eric Scallan. Great. A druggie vs. a wino. Wonder if they judges will score                     twitching.  Riggs needs to cut 30 pounds. Riggs is just way too big for Scallan and wins an easy UD but not real impressive in doing so. Jackson       goes to 1-2 and Warren goes to 0-3 and really being exposed as a nitwit.


    Thumbs up, mostly. Maybe middle. Entertaining fights but kinda low on the competitiveness scale, except the HWs which was the least                   interesting fight. Online prelims were completely hidden from findability, which included a couple BW tourney fights. Negative points for the stupid       Hambone/RJ/Tito swerve. And Tito showing up as the TNA Mystery Whatever the next night begs the question: are Tito and Hambone gonna fight?     Or rassle?

    Best fight: gonna say the Chandler fight just for his performance

    Worst fight: Askren, as usual

    KO: Chandler

    Sub: none

    Patricio Pitbull opens the card blasting out game but outmatched late sub Jared Downing after 3 quick KDs at the start of the 2nd. Patricio                 qualifies for the next tourney, which you would think he should have been given a pass to. 

    Vitaly Minakov outlasts a repudged Ryan Martinez stopping him with G&P in the 3rd to win the HW tourney. Local yokel ref deducts a point from       Minakov in the 2nd, with no previous warnings, for a not very severe low knee. I'm sure the ref and Martinez both being Chicano and Minakov being     Russian had nothing to do with it.

    Mo blows away clueless, TD-defense-less Jacob Noe to win the LHW tourney also via 3rdR G&P after taking the first two 10-8 on any sane card.

    Askren humps Koreshkov to death via 4thR G&Powderpuff. Audience tapped out from boredom long before.

    Chandler reminds us what fighting is by destroying the much bigger Rickels with four right hands that knock him cold in 44s. Chandler is just at         another velocity level. He's good enough to be top level competitive in UFC even with the killer LW division there.

UFC 163

  Thumbs up despite the screwy endings to the two top fights. The Brazil cards always deliver exciting fights and a lot of clean finishes. Brian Stann     in for Rogan and just SHINES. On top of everything that happens or is about to, does not say ONE dumb thing. 

  Best fight: Lineker vs. Maria, HM to McCall-Santos, the girls, Leites-Watson and Machida-Davis

  Worst fight: nothing was really bad, 2nd and 3rd fights were sorta dull.

  KO: Perosh

  Sub: Serginho, HM to Mutante

  On the online prelims, Andrade explodes on Marunde with two early KDs and finishes with strikes from ride. Marunde tries to take down the ref and     it's over early. Buffer already mangling the Brazilian names. Stann already doing a great job. Late sub Barroso shows a pretty well balanced attack     taking an uncomfortable UD over the very tall and awkward Oliveira. One judge gives Oliveira a round. Crowd does not like anything about the fight,     even with both guys being Brazilian. Yahya showing better integration of wrestling and striking with his JJ and mostly drubs Clopton but can't get the   sub, settling for the 29-28 UD.

  On the midcard TV show, Uncle Creepy looking very sharp does a paint job on heavy handed I. Santos in a high velocity 3. One judge somehow         gives Santos a round. Serginho walks through Magny's 9 inch reach advantage, trips him down, mounts and finishes with a top triangle. Top shelf       stuff. Charismatic guy, Sergio. The girls as usual rip it up, Nunes very intelligently disdains Gaff's offer to touch gloves after the bell, as Gaff has a       history of cheap shots off the glove touch, Nunes surviving a surprise early RNC attempt from Gaff to take her down twice and finish with G&P             elbows. Perosh lands the big short right in the first exchange for the KD and and pounds Magalhaes out in 14 seconds.

  Opening the PPV portion Lineker and Maria have the same stupid Mohawk except Maria's is dyed red. Lineker missed weight by 3lb. Buffer does       not do any better with Brazilian place names. Maria using speed and movement surprisingly rocks Lineker mid 1st round with a SBF and has him in   trouble but can't finish it. Linker drops Maria early in the 2nd with a rib shot and pounds him out. Fun fight.

  Thales Leites back after going 6-1 in the minors. Good 1st as Leites surprisingly beats Tom Watson to the punch early then takes him down and       takes back and pounds the face and works for the RNC but can't get it. Watson escapes up late and finishes the round strong standing. Leites           round but the tide shifted. In the 2nd Leites again winning the early striking exchanges then takes Watson down straight to mount and we end up       the same as most of R1. Arm bar attempt, nope. Watson stands out. Leites looking gassed. Watson again finishes strong. Very similar                     round. Corner tells Leites to clinch. Leites busts Watson's eye with a left hook in the opening seconds of the 3rd and then clinches. Leites                 outboxing Watson when they break, and takes him down again. Mount. Back. Watson up, dragged back down, mount. Back. Leites seems to have   a second wind and Watson starting to tire now. Arm tri. Watson somehow remains awake, hard guy to choke out, and survives the round. 30-27, no   other way to score it, Leites looking really good, much improved boxing. 

  Serginho's fight gets a PPV replay. 

  Mutante rocks T. Santos with an overhand left and LHK then wraps up a rolling Guillotine and its over. 47s. Buffer cannot pronounce Mutante. Crowd   is very lukewarm toward Mutante. He's Vitor's boy. I'm up for a Mutante vs. Serginho rematch.

  Machida dominates 4 1/2 minutes of the 1st, 4m50s of the 2nd, and the entire 3rd, and loses the 29-28 UD to Davis. Davis had late TDs in the first     two and about 10 seconds of effective G&P in each. Rest of the fight was Machida picking him apart, fighting more aggressively than usual. And in     Brazil. Go figure.

  Aldo stops Korean Zombie off a fluke in the 4th in a sort of counterintuitive fight. KZ except for brief flashes tries to counterpunch and shoots very       few TDs. Aldo content to box, throw only 2 kicks, and take Zombie down. Aldo dominates the 1st two, KZ comes somewhat to life and may steal       the 3rd as Aldo appears to slow, but then KZ dislocated his shoulder missing a punch on the 4th and Aldo jumps on him and pounds him out. Aldo     is going to have to go up in weight soon as his lack of cardio has to catch up with him, despite his skills and physical advantages.

Crimson Mask

Not sure what fight you were watching but I put money on Machida and felt round 1 was a toss up.  Round two was definitely Davis due to the takedown and knees to the abdomen and round three was probably Machida's  but not by much.  I expected a Split decision for Phil 29-28. 
Davis was the aggressor he had the takedowns and my horrible 2013 continues.
Like I said I put money on Machida but agreed with the decision.
30-27 Machida is crazy.  you must be drinking Dana White juice. 
the right guy won this fight.

Leon Stancil

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