UFC Fight Night Boston Cageside Results & Recap: Chael Supreme, End Of The Reem

UFC Fight Night Boston

By Josh Nason

It's 4:30 PM local time and we're kicking off our UFC Fight Night Boston live coverage. The arena is very lightly filled with expected attendance between 12k-13k. Like any live coverage we do, we'll go chronological from top to bottom. Click my name above for in-between notes.

Let's go!

James Vick submitted Ramsey Nijem (:58 - 1st round)

Like a WWE show, the crowd is into this first bout but sparse enough where you hear leg kicks quite loudly and fans coaching from the stands. How lucky these fighters are. This one was over quick as following some grappling, Vick came up from the bottom and got a top guillotine on Nijem for the tap. Not a bad start to the night.

Ovince Saint Preux def. Cody Donovan by KO (2:07 - 1st round)

Donovan came out to some Irish music, while OSP came out to something with more more bass and repeating lyrics. Donovan wants to take this to the ground, but OSP isn't having it. When Donovan finally does, OSP quickly reversed in Donovan's guard and unleashed a barrage of left hands with the 3rd and 4th knocking him out. This has been a quick two fights. In his post-fight interview, OSP sounds just like Mike Tyson.

Manny Gamburyan def. Cole Miller by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)

R1: To say there's a big height difference here is an understatement. The two are doing a lot of circling and feeling each other out early on with Miller using his reach to slip in some jabs. Manny is throwing Liddell style bombs to the delight of the audience, but he can't connect. The crowd starts chanting 'Man-ny' and pops big for a takedown. They may just be lovers of the ground game, but my guess is undersize sympathy. Manny is sneaking in a few elbows on the ground, but when the right gets standing, Miller sneaks in a knee and an elbow that Manny is slow to get up from. He's claiming back of the head, but from the replay, that looks like they were right on the ear. 10-9 Manny despite all that.

R2: After that odd delay between the round, the crowd pops for our hero to valiantly keep fighting. More jockeying toward the middle of the round with Miller temporarily getting Manny's back but Manny quickly reversed. Manny wants this on the ground despite Miller's BJJ creds. He gets his wish and goes to work with his wrestling, sneaking in a punch or elbow. Miller isn't taking a ton of damage, but the positioning hurts if we're talking points. Miller keeps sneaking in elbows and the occasional knee, but can't stop Manny's takedowns. Tough round to score, but I'd go Manny 10-9. Miller looks off his game.

R3: Crowd is appreciative of the effort as we open the round. Manny gets the better of an exchange with a wild right that finds a home. The two are focused on keeping standing, but Miller is letting Manny get in range. Miller lands a massive knee and Manny decides to go back to the mat which Miller can't defend. Manny continues to, well, wrestlef*ck as Dana White would describe it, getting a small slam with 30 seconds remaining to seal it. Decent fight, but neither one of these guys is getting off Facebook anytime soon. Manny 10-9.

People are booing the decision and Miller shakes his head like he can't believe it. Meh.

The official prelims on FS 1 start now.

Diego Brandao def. Daniel Pineda by unanimous decision (29-28 x 3)

R1: Pineda has double neon ankle wraps and a ton of tape on his right ankle that they are cutting off during intros. Brandao lands one of his flying knees and is charging for the kill. He lands another one and Pinedea is hurt. People pop huge for the exchanges as Pineda isn't backing down. Pineda is flat footed and Brandao is walking him down with power pounces. Brandao is connecting clean with everything, but Pineda is taking it. You can tell Brandao is conserving his energy like he hasn't done in pbast fights. Great first round. Brandao 10-9.

R2: Brandao gets a takedown 30 seconds in the round? Boooo! Pineda works for an armbar/triangle form the bottom, but Brandao escapes. Back to the feet and Brandao is still landing everything, but Pineda hits a back elbow at a weird angle that even the target laughs at. We hit the mat against and Pineda works his BJJ, turing an armbar attempt into a sweep and ground and pound. What a turn of events. Ground and pound on a flattened Brandao with two minutes to go. Pineda is going into domination mode as Brandao has nothing for defense on the ground. Just as I type that, he clamps on a heel hook and the place goes nuts. I'd give that 10-9 to Pineda. Hell of a round again.

R3: Brandao starts out the 3rd like he does the 2nd with a takedown. He then backs off after a few seconds and wants it standing. Huh? Now we're back to the mat and then back up and back down. Both guys are tired as the war of attrition has claimed them both. People are booing that have never worked out in their lives. However, until Brandao gets his conditioning better, he'll never get past the level he's at. Both guys land shots to close out the round and a great fight, your FON leader in the clubhouse at this point. Brandao 10-9.

Steven Siler def. Mike Brown by KO (:50 - 1st round)

Huge pop for Brown coming out to 'Simple Man' and for his intro. He's a Maine native, so that makes sense. It's still pretty amazing that Siler has evolved into a pretty good prospect after his TUF run. There's a good reason: Siler lands a counter right that drops Brown and he goes on the attack with hammer fists for the quick stoppage. Wow, that was fast. Siler is fired up beyond belief.  Brown was defending, but Silver landed two power rights that flattened him. Good stoppage. You wonder if this it for Brown. Siler has won five of six in the UFC.

The man of the hour - Conor McGregor - is up next. (By the way, Max Holloway is his opponent.)

Conor McGregor defeats Max Holloway by unanimous decision (30-27 x 2, 30-26)

Near deafening cheers for McGregor during intros. He got the full star treatment with the lights down intro. Unbelievable hype.

R1: He opens up with kicks and we're getting 'Ole, Ole, Ole' less than a minute in. C.M. is using his kicks to open up his punches. Holloway is looking calm despite the massive amount of attention McGregor is garnering from the crowd. CM lands a nice head kick and is using his left leg a lot already. McGregor is taunting Holloway for a fight, but the young guy isn't going for it. CM lands a flurry, but Holloway fires right back. CM is super fast with that left leg and does a somersault to get closer to Holloway. 10-9 McGregor.

R2: CM lands an uppercut. Crowd is chanting again. They want a McGregor finish so bad you can taste it, but Holloway has fought a ton in the UfC so he's so slouch. Nice exchange by the two at the three minute mark as this is a lot more even than you'd believe going in. McGregor catches a Holloway leg kick and we go to the ground with two minutes to go. Holloway is doing a good job defending on the ground as CM can't advance. CM 10-9 in the 2nd.

Anything less than a finish in the 3rd is going to feel disappointing considering the hype this week.

R3: McGregor has Holloway on the mat and is working for full mount, but Holloway slips out the back door. McGregor is definitely physically stronger, but they aren't that far off skill-wise all things considered. We get back to the mat around the three minute mark and McGregor gets his full mount. His BJJ needs work as all he did was hold Holloway down. CM lands some elbows as Holloway is looking for a stand up. Holloway escapes and eats a knee. With under a minute left, Holloway catches CM with a head kick that stuns him. Within a few seconds, we're back down where CM rides out the round. 10-9 CM.

Crowd erupts at the end, but Mr. McGregor has a long way to go before he gets into the title picture.

Michael McDonald vs. Brad Pickett in one of my three fights to watch is up next.

Michael McDonald submitted Brad Pickett (3:43 - 2nd round)

R1: McDonald rocks Pickett with punches and swarms. People are going nuts. McDonald is unloading but Pickett iis holding on and swinging wildly. Huge welt over Pickett's right eye. Wow, what a rush of action! The ref was about one unanswered punch away from ending it. McDonald lands a flush head kick and we're on the mat. His shots are hurting Pickett badly. Wwe're back up and McDonald lands a straight knee up the gut. If this kid doesn't have the title in less than two years, I'll be shocked. McDonald closes out the round with another flurry of punches. Great round for Double M 10-9.

R2: Pickett lands a few shots to open that gets the crowd stirring. The pace has slowed considerably and Pickett gets a takedown early, exactly where he wants it. Crowd is getting restless with two minutes to go as they want a justified standup. Well, good thing that didn't happen. McDonald ensures Pickett in a tight triangle/armbar combo and gets Pickett to tap in about 10 seconds. Couldn't look better if he tried.

Main card is up next with Joe Lauzon vs. Michael Johnson kicking us off. The place is around 80-85% capacity. Lots of empty boxes, but most of lower section is filled. Very loud crowd live.

The last time Lauzon fought in Boston (August 2010), he ripped through Gabe Reudiger in less than two minutes in one of the best UFC hometown squash matches ever. The crowd is standing for the intros and going ballistic. A finish here would be incredible.

Michael Johnson def. Joe Lauzon by u/d (30-27 x 2, 30-25)

R1: The crowd is at a championship pace with a defeating 'Let's Go Lauzon' chant to start. Johnson quiets them down with a hard right hand with just over two minutes to go and is starting to connect with everything. Lauzon finally responds with a  right, but he's hurt. MJ hits another nice combo with a minute to go and the 'Let's Go Lauzon' chant starts again. MJ is not backing down from this environment and closes the round with another floury that puts Lauzon down. He closes with another flurry and a knee that puts Lauzon on his butt at the end. Didn't see that coming. 10-9 Johnson

R2: Lauzon looks completely drained here and Johnson is battering up his face. Every time Lauzon sneaks a punch through, Johnson has a combo of punches that stunts him. Johnson adds insult to, well, insult by getting a takedown to close the round. 10-9 Johnson

R3: Johnson completely and utterly dominated Lauzon, picking him apart on the feet with punches, kicks, steel chairs and everything else you could imagine. Johnson couldn't have looked better and Lauzon couldn't have looked worse, dropping two straight for the first time in his career. People are frustrated at Lauzon and Johnson adds to it by closing the round with a huge takedown. I'd score that 10-8. What a one-sided ass kicking that was.

Uriah Hall vs. John Howard -- another fight I picked as vastly underhyped -- is up next.

John Howard def. Uriah Hall by unanimous decision (30-27 Howard, 29-28 Hall, 29-28 Howard)

R1: It takes Hall about five seconds to record a takedown to the crowd's….tepidness. Hall misses a spin kick that would have made highlight reels all over the country. Hall still looks tentative and as I type that, throws another spinning kick that glances off Howard. I guess you give that 10-9 to Hall for the takedown, but I think Howard hurt him more with the strikes. 10-9 Howard

R2: Both guys are way more tentative than I expected. With less than two minutes to go, Hall gets a nifty reversal to get Howard's back but doesn't really do much with it. Howard is trying to connect and gets some glancing shots, but Howard gets a takedown and works some light ground and pound. 10-9 Howard

If Hall loses, I would assume he's getting cut. This fight is not good.

R3: The sense of urgency isn't there for either guy. Hall is defending Howard's attacks with counter strikes and throwing a few kicks on his own, but he's too content to body control against the fence instead. Hall lands a nice knee but Howard gets a takedown with two minutes to go. No surprise that nothing happens with it and we're back to grappling against the fence. Hall got a takedown with one minute to go. Howard plays to the crowd and calls for the finish with 20 seconds to go. Do they think this a great fight. Hall goes for a spin kick and Howard drops a huge bomb that just missed. What a weird ending. 10-9 Hall…I think.

Mike Brown vs. Mike Pyle up next. For the sake of the world at large, this has to go better than the last fight, right? Right?

Mike Brown def. Mike Pyle by KO (:29 - 1st round)

Brown hits a big knee to Pyle and he flatbacks, followed up by some ground and pound. That was about as quick and easy as it comes. Brown is ready for a big opponent now, either Rory MacDonald or Robbie Lawler. Brown said in the post-fight interview that Pyle was better than GSP. Huh?

Urijah Faber def. "Izzy" Alcantara by u/d (30-26 x 2, 30-27)

R1: Faber has never lost a non-title fight. ever. He immediately goes for a takedown and Alcantara reverses easily. Izzy locks on an armbar and the crowd is stunned. Izzy goes for ground and pound and has Faber's back. Loud Brazilian contingent and the Faber fans roar back in force. Faber is 3000 miles away from home, but this feels like Sacramento in the WEC days. Faber is getting in some strikes from the back and Izzy is holding on patiently eating them. Big slam by Faber with two minutes to go and the crowd erupts. Faber is landing some elbows and they're finding a home. Huge USA chant goes up as Faber lands more elbows. Faber ends the round on top. I have it 10-9 Faber as he did more damage with the elbows.

R2: After failing badly with a kick, Faber gets it to the ground and Alcantara quickly is realizing he's the toughest guy he's ever faced. The issue is that Faber isn't really hurting him with much but dominating from the top with positioning and elbows. Izzy nearly escapes late, but Faber quickly smothers him. Dominant round. 10-9 Faber.

R3: More of the same in the 3rd. Alcantara isn't throwing anything on the feet and can't stop Faber's takedowns, nor can he do anything while grounded. That's a bad equation. With a minute to go, Alcantara nearly locks in a miracle armbar but it's not enough as Faber survives an early scare for an easy win. 10-9 Faber

Faber said he may have broken/dislocated his jaw in the first round. What's the guy he has in mind for this 'superfight' anyway?

Travis Browne def. Alistair Overeem by KO (4:08 - 1st round)

Like him or not, Overeem has a presence when he comes out even with his slow saunter. A big victory here virtually erases the Bigfoot Silva KO.

Holy shit…what a comeback. Travis Brown hit an Anderson Silva-style left front kick that put Overeem on his back and then finished with two right hands to knock out The Reem. What a round! Early on, Overeem looked to be on his game and nearly had Browne out halfway through the round. Overeem landed a massive illegal knee as Browne was kneeling which Mario Yamasaki completely missed. Browne was scoring with his kicks, especially a front kick straight to the gut. That was a precursor for what was to come.

For Browne, this is a huge victory and one that puts him in line for another big name next. For the high-priced Overeem, the end is likely near.

Chael Sonnen def. Shogun Rua by submission (4:47 - 1st round)

Not surprisingly, Sonnen went for a takedown immediately. Shogun then went for a takedown and Sonnen immediately reversed. Fans got restless with two minutes to go as it was typical Chael offense: hold down, throw a few strikes to be active and wait. The fight went to the feet, Chael jumped for a guillotine submission with 20 seconds to go and got the tap. Crowd went nuts and ended a really, really fun night.

I don't know if the finish speaks more to Shogun these days or Sonnen, but you can't dispute how that ended. What a dominant round. Sonnen did a promo on Wanderlei Silva challenging him to a fight in three months. You gotta see this. Classic Chael.

Presser and scrum coming up next.

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