UFC on FS 1 live coverage from Boston - Shogun vs. Chael, Overeem vs. Browne, Faber vs. Alcantara

Welcome to our live coverage of the debut of UFC on FS 1 from the TD Garden in Boston.  We're not doing a poll, but we are looking to post feedback after the show tonight to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


First round: Nijem took Vick down and when he worked to do it a second time, Vick grabbed a Cody McKenzie type guillotine. :58


First round: Donovan got the takedown with a slam, but St. Preux immeidately flipped to the top and knocked him out with a series of left hand punches from the guard.  Figure both of these two fights will wind up on TV unless there are a ton of decisions in the TV bouts.

How do you like that UFC used my line as Rousey's tag line on this season's TUF commercial?


First round: Rousey in Gamburyan’s corner. Huge height difference, 5-4 vs. 6-1 for Miller. That puzzle is difficult for Gamburyan. Miller landing more, staying out of Gamburyan’s range. Miller not hurting him but Gamburyan having difficulty. Finally Gamburyan got inside and slammed him down. Gamburyan landed an elbow. Gamburyan landed a nice elbow. Miller back up. Gamburyan with a knee and Miller with a knee. Close round. 10-9 Gamburyan.

Miller hit Gamburyan with elbows and Gamburyan looks out. In slow-mo you can’t tell if it hit the back of hte head but Gamburyan is holding the back of his head. Gamburyan wants to continue.

Second round: Gamburyan with low kicks and Miller kicked him in the face. Gamburyan’s left eye looks bad. Miller landed a weak kick to the head. Knee by Miller, Gambruayn shot in. Miller up and Gamburyan bleeding from an elbow. Knees by Miller. Miller has Gamburyan’s back and Gamburyan out of trouble. Another takedown by Gamburyan. Gamburyan landing body shots. Miller pushed him off with his legs. Gamburyan fighting for a takedown against the fence but not getting it. Gamburyan got the takedown again. Miller pushed him off but Gamburyan with two hard punches. Miller with jabs and Gamburyan with a low kick. Gamburyan’s round 20-18.

Third round: Gamburyan with low kicks and Miller with punches. Gamburyan landed a hard right. Knee by Miller and punches and Gamburyan took him down again. Gamburyan with body punches. Miller with a body triangle from the bottom but gave it up. Miller looking for a switch but Gamburyan slammed him back down. Gamburyan landing punches to the body and Miller punching back from the bottom. This was the only round I could strongly go with someone, Gamburyan 30-27. First two rounds could go to Miller, wouldn’t be bad call in either round.

Scores: 30-27, 29-28 and 29-28 Gamburyan


First round: Body kick by Brnadao. Trading punches and flying knee by Brandao. Kick to the head by Brandao and flying knee by Brandao. Pineda landed a big right. Great fight in the first 90 seconds. Hard right by Brandao. Left and right by Brandao. Left by Pineda. Both are tired. Hard rights by Brandao. Series of punches by Brandao and a big punch on the ground. Brandao let Pineda up. Flying knee by Brandao. Brandao took him down. Knee to the body on the ground by Brandao. Pineda with kicks but Brandao with an overhand right. Elbow by Pineda. Left uppercut by Pineda. 10-9 Brandao

Second round: Takedown by Brandao. Pineeda tried a triangle from the bottom but Brandao out of trouble. Brandao landed punches and Pineda acted hurt and punched Brandao as he came in. He was faking being hurt like he was Bret Hart to get a sucker shot in. Brandao with a takedown. Pineda used a Kimura to sweet into mount. Pineda with an elbow. Pineda throwing lots of elbows. Lots of punches by Pineda from the top. Brandao is in trouble. Lots more punches by Pineda. Brandao trying an ankle lock but didn’t have it. Pineda remained on top. Pineda with more punches from the top. Almost a 10-8, but it would b e10-8.5 in half points but with this scoring it’s 19-19 after two.

Third round: Brandao landed a high kick. Brandao got the takedown. Brandao landing punches on the ground. Then he backed off and wanted Pineda to get up. Brandao took him down again. I’m not sure why he let him up if he was just going to take him down again. Brandao has his back standing. Pineda out of trouble. Right by Brandao. Brandao now looks tired. Pineda tried a takedown but Brandao stuffed it. Body kick by Pineda but another takedown by Brandao. Pineda up and three elbows. Brandao with another takedown. Pineda used a Kimura to get to his feet. Big right by Pineda. Another takedown by Brandao. Ref Mario Yamasaki stood them up. Brandao wasn’t doing anything from the top. Spinning heel kick by Pineda. Brandao clocked him with a punch as Pineda tried another slow spinning wheel kick. Pineda working for a takedown and didn’t get it. Pineda with a big right and Brandaowith a head kick as time ran out. Brandao’s round, should win 29-28.

Scores: All three have it 29-28 for Brandao.


First round: Brown, who grew up in Maine, got a big reaction. Siler with a low kick. Siler stunned Brown with an uppercut and put him down. Siler threw a ton of punches, several missed but two had solid, the second of which put Brown out and it was stopped. Brown had no idea what hit him and I don’t think he even knew he was out, as he woke up and couldn’t understand why it had been stopped.


First round: McGregor got an incredible superstar reaction. We’ll see what happens but this guy has a natural charisma like almost nobody else, they were comparing this to Brock Lesnar’s debut except Lesnar already had a huge U.S. name and is gigantic so it’s not remotely the same thing. Trading kicks. Hard left by McGregor. McGregor landed several quick punches. McGregor landed more stuff. Kick and a punch by McGregor. Another kick landed. McGregor landing kicks. Another cool jumping kick. Spin kick by McGregor. High kick and uppercut but Holloway back with a right. Spin kick by Holloway but McGregor out of the way. Holloway landed another punch. Another kick landed. Cartwheel into clinch by McGregor. McGregor 10-9.

Second round: Both landing punches early in the round. Good right uppercut by McGregor. Holloway landed a good left. McGregor is slowing down. McGregor landed a left and took Holloway down. McGregor on top but not doing much damage. He moved to side control as the round was ending. McGregor 20-18.

Third round: Holloway landed a right. McGregor took him down. That tells me he’s tired. McGregor has been a quick finisher and now we’re in round three. McGregor moved to side control. McGregor got full mount. Nothing much happening. McGregor landing some lefts. Elbows by McGregor. Holloway up with 55 seconds left. Holloway landed a head kick that knocked McGregor down. McGregor took him down again. McGregor dominated. The place is standing. But he really didn’t live up to the hype even though the announcers are saying otherwise. But easy 30-27 win by McGregor

Scores: 30-27, 30-27 and 30-26 for McGregor.

McGregor seemed embarrassed by the crowd response. He said his knee went out in the second round and that’s why he started taking him down in the second and third round. He said he had no plan, midway through the second he got an injury so he had to improvise.


First round: Pickett landed a few punches. McDonald going wild on him and he knocked Pickett down. Picket back up and McDonald is all over him. McDonald knocked him down a second time. Pickett is ridiculously tough. The crowd went wild. Pickett’s face is a mess already. McDonald dropped him again. Pickett tied him up on the ground. McDonald letting him up. McDonald landed a right. Body kick by McDonald. Both swinging and landing back and forth. Uppercut and left by McDonald. 10-8 McDonald, we’ll see if judges go that way since Pickett was in the fight and you need near death in some judges eyes to get a 10-8.

Second round: Both out swinging. Pickett got the takedown. Pickett working the body and an elbow to the head. Pickett pounding the body. Elbow by Pickett from the top. McDonald got a triangle from the bottom. Pickett is in trouble here. Pickett tapped out. That was a great job by McDonald. Good fight. 3:43

McDonald said he wasn’t going to let an Englishman beat him in Boston, where the American Revolution started. I used to think Heenan was dated when he’d talk about Al Kaline, but this was John Hancock, Paul Revere (not the musician) and Ben Franklin era.


First round: Lauzon got a really big reaction since he’s from Edgewater, MA. Johnson landed a left and low kick. Big chants for Lauzon. Johnson landing several punches. Johnson landed a body shot. Johnson quicker and landing. Johnson dropped him with a straight left and let Lauzon up. Johnson landing more shots. Johnson continuing to land solid uppercuts and a kick to the body. Lauzon is in trouble. Johnson continues to land. Johnson landing hard shots. Luzon seems like he’s not even in this fight. Johnson knocked him down with two lefts. Johnson knocked him down a third time at the end of the round.. 10-8 Johnson.

Second round: Lauzon pushed forward and working for a takedown. Johnson moved out of the clinch. Lauzon hurt him with a left but Johnson back with three uppercuts. Lauzon moved in but Johnson landing punches. Lauzon with a knee and punches. Lauzon moved into a clinch again. Johnson landing more shots. Takedown by Johnson with 13 seconds left. He landed a few shots on the ground. Closer round but still Johnson so I’ve got 20-17.

Third round: Johnson landed a few. Johnson landing a lot of punches and a knee to the body, tons of punches, kicks and elbows. Lauzon went for a takedown but didn’t get it. Johnson continuing to land punches and a couple of knees. Johnson with all kinds of shots. Johnson with lots of punches. Good right by Lauzon. Johnson continuing to land. Takedown by Johnson in the final seconds. Johnson 30-26, he’ll win easily.

Scores: 30-27, 30-27 and 30-25 for Johnson.


First round: With Hall from New York and Howard from the Boston area, you know how the crowd reacted. Hall took him right down. Big left by Howard. Howard with an elbow. Howard with a low kick and Hall back with a knee. Howard blocked a takedown attempt. Howard now working for a takedown. Knee by Hall. Hall missed a spin kick. 10-9 Hall.

Second round: Howard’s corner told him the round was close and could have gone either way so he has to win the second round. That was good cornering. Hall went for a takedown, Howard went for a guillotine. Howard with punches and Hall back with punches. Howard landing body punches and Hall with aknee to the body. The ref separated them. Hall went for a knee but Howard caught it. Hall with good movement, spun to Howard’s back. Low kick and a right by Howard. Howard going for a takedown. Howard got him down. Hall landed from the bottom and Howard from the top. Howard’s round so we’re even 19-19 going into the third.

Third round: Hall went for a takedown but Howard blocking it. Howard throwing uppercuts from the clinch. Ref Mario Yamasaki separated them. Howard took him down. Hall up and took Howard down. Koppo kick by Hall and then Howard did a jumping fist drop that hit him in the back of the head and wound up in full mount. Extremely close round so this fight should be 29-28, just either could win by that score. I’d pick Howard 29-28.

Scores: 30-27 Howard bad score because of round one, 29-28 Hall, 29-28 Howard


First round: Brown aggressive and put him down with a knee right away and knocked him out with punches on the ground. That’s a quick win over a real guy. That’s six wins in a row and against some quality guys. Pyle mad about the stoppage.  :29

Matt Brown said that Mike Pyle was good enough to be champion and that he's better than GSP, and then challenged GSP for the title.  The crowd wasn't buying the idea that Pyle was better than GSP.  Yeah, that's more than a stretch.

Oscar De La Hoya interview.  He was promoting Danny Jacobs fighting Monday night live on FS 1.  Monday night is boxing night and they are doing 24 Monday night live shows over the next year.  Oscar was wide eyed, to say the least.


First round: Alcantara threw Faber down and is full mount. Alcantara going for an armbar. Faber out and attacking the leg. Alcantara has his back and pounding on Faber. Alcantara landing a lot of punches. Alcantara landing hammer fists to the head. Faber back throwing punches backwards while Alcantara has his back. Alcantara punching, mostly blocked. Faber escaped and slammed Alcantara down. Alcantara working for a triangle. Faber blocking and landed a hard elbow. Faber with big elbows. Faber landing more hard elbows. Now. Faber now working him over. Faber with big shots. Crowd going crazy withUSA chants. Faber landing solid elbows. Faber continues to land elbows. Excellent round. Faber 10-9.

Second round: Faber missed a head kick and lost balance. Alcantara grabbed a Kimura but Faber threw him down and is back on top. Faber looking for a guillotine but doesn’t have it. Alcantara is bleeding. More elbows by Faber. Faber continues to land elbows. Now punches by Faber. Faber moved in a working for a guillotine. Faber gave it up and trying to keep position throwing elbows. Elbow after elbow . Faber landing tons of punches. He’s trying to set up the guillotone. Alcantara back to his feet. Alcantara tried a Greco Roman throw but Faber landed on top and throwing more elbows. 10-8 Faber so 20-17 at this point. I don’t think two of these judges will give a 10-8 short of a second degree homicide.

Third round: Faber landed a right. Big left by Alcantara. Faber went for a takedown but Alcantara this time stuffed him. Faber took him down. Faber with more elbows. Faber throwing tons of lefts. The ref told them to work. Jeez, Faber hasn’t stopped for a second throwing elbows. Faber continues to land elbows from the top. Alcantara tried for an amrbar but Faber was never in trouble. Faber spun out of trouble. Alcantara tried to get up but Faber rode him until the round ended. Faber’s round, should win 30-26.

Scores: 30-26, 30-26 and 30-27. Well, two judges gave 10-8 second rounds.


First round: Browne does look to be three inches taller than Overeem. Overeem landing punches and knees. Knee by Browne. Browne with a flying knee. Overeem is looking for a guillotine. Browne is out of trouble. Overeem landing tons of punches on the ground, knees and lots more punches by Overeem and knee after knee. One of the knees was questionable as Browne was down. Brutal knees to the body by Overeem. Browne back with punches. Overeem with more knees. Elbow standing by Overeem. Overeem with a takedown byt Browne back up. Overeem may be tired now. Kick to body and another by Browne. Browne continued to land kicks. Overeem is a lot slower now. Browne is tired as well but a kick to the body and head by Browne. Left by Overeem. Another body kick and another by Browne. Kick to the chin by Browne knocked Overeem out. Browne is tough as hell, and Overeem doesn’t have the conditioning to deal with anyone who is tough enough to last. 4:08


First round: Sonnen took him right down. Rua right back up. Rua took Sonnen down. Rua is clearly the physically bigger guy. Sonnen working for a guillotine and got Rua’s back as he got up. Rua tried a takedown and Sonnen reversed on the way down and landed on the top. Sonnen landing punches but they aren’t that hard. Sonnen landing a lot of punches. Sonnen landing more punches. Up kick by Rua but Sonnen still on top. Sonnen with body punches and elbows. Sonnen continues to land punches. Sonnen going for the guillotine again. Rua tapped out. That was the biggest win of Sonnen’s career.

Sonnen dedicated the win his grandmother, Natalie, and friend Elaina battling cancer and to everyone who has had to go through cancer. He was back doing Superstar Billy Graham lines, and challenged Wanderlei Silva to a fight in three months. I know he wants on the Dec. 28 show and quite frankly adding that match to that show and that will be among the biggest in history.

Who is the strongest of these Hall of Fame candidates?


What do you believe is the second most popular promotion right now in the U.S?