UFC live coverage from Indianapolis - Condit vs. Kampmann, Cerrone vs. Dos Anjos

Welcome to our live coverage of the UFC show from Indianapolis.


First round: Both swinging. Bowling picked him up on his shoulder and slammed him down. Trujillo to his feet and landed a knee. Trujillo landed a knee in an exchange. Jab by Trujillo. Trujillo with a takedown. Truijllo got behind him and took him down again. Trujillo in side control. Bowling back up but taken back down again. Trujllo with knees to the thigh. Bowling worked for a guillotine. Bowling going for a second guillotine. Trujillo out thowing punches as the round ended. Hot round, crowd liked it. Very close round. 10-9 Trujillo.

Second round: Bowling took him down. Trujllo back up. Trujillo with a left. Bowling starting to land. Trujillo in with a knee. Bowling started to land with a nice uppercut. Nice body shot by Bowling. Both trading but Bowling landing the better shots. Takedown by Bowling. Knee by Bowing as Trujillo got up. Trujillo now starting to land. Bowling with another takedown. Bowling working for a choke. Trujillo escaped and threw two knees and I think both were illegal. Trujillo turned heel here to the crowd not just in doing it but in acting like he did nothing wrong. That was vicious and should be a DQ right there. The first knee was to the chest and the second was to the nose and a follow-up punch laid out Bowling. The ref deducted a point from Trujillo. Bowling was down for a long time. Bowling’s round so he should be up 19-18 at this point.

Third round: The doctor told the ref that Bowling was knocked out and would not allow him to continue. Bowling is not happy. The ref called it a no contest. Trujillo is mad about not getting a win and I think it’s a joke he’s not getting a DQ because that knee was flagrant. They shook hands after.


First round: Alloway with a takedown but let him back up. Cummings trying to get a takedown now. Knee by Alloway. Cummings with a few punches and got the takedown. Cummings is in side control. Alloway back up. Cummings moved in going for a takedown but Alloway defending well. Cummings got another takdown. . He’s back in side control. Cummings got a D’arce choke for the submission. Cool set up, nice submission. 4:19


First round: High got the takedown.  A couple of punches by High and he went for a guillotine. He used it to get to mount. He kept the guillotine on and Head had to tap.


First round: Elkins more aggressive but Hioki caught him with a counter. Hioki bleeding. Hioki landing punches and kicks to the body. Hioki continuing to work the body. Hioki landed to the head. Elkins came in. Elkins is hurt and Hioki working he body. Hioki took him down and is working the body. Elkins tried a leglock but Hioki escaped. Elkins to his feet trying for a takedown. Elkins tried he takedown but Hioki working for back position. They are stalemated right now. Hioki landing a lot of lefts. Elkins bleeding. 10-9 Hioki.

Second round: Elkins aggressvie but Hioki got the takedown. Nice escape by Elkins and to his feet. Elkins landed a nice left land. Elkins landed a right. Elkins tried a kick but it was blocked. Hioki again trying to work the body. Elkins with a takedown. Hioki to his feet. Hioki got Elkins back and went for the choke but Hioki ended up on top. Elkins back on top as Hioki went for a triangle. Close round, goes to Elkins so 19-19.

Third round: Elkins landed a left. Elkins landed a right. Elkins moved in and landed. Elkins got the takedown. Elkins on top throwing punches, some of which are landing solidly. Elkins landing punches from the top. Hioki tried an armbar but Elkins pulled out and was never in danger. Elkins landing more punches. Elkins should win this round and win 29-28.’

Scores: All three have it 29-28 for Elkins.


First round: Thatch put him down but he’s back up. Hard knee by Thatch. High kick by Thatch. Knee to the body by Thatch and then he threw him down. Another knee by Thatch and then another. Thatch is looking great. More knees and Edwards is down again and it was stopped. Very impressive debut for Thatch.


First round: Abedi with a body kick. Abedi wth a kick to the body. Abedi connected to the chin and moved in. Abedi picked him up overhead and slammed him down. He moved into side control. Andrews up and took Abedi down but Abedi back up. Abedi took him back down with an inside trip. Abedi with a judo throw for another takedown. Andrews up and went for takedown. Abedi tried a guillotinebut Andrews blocked it. Andrews got a takedown. Abedi 10-9

Second round: Abedi throwing body kicks. Hard body kick by Abedi. Andrews with a takedown but Abedi right back up. Abedi landed a right hook and took Andrews down. Knee to the body by Abedi and two hard lefts. Abedi again working for a guillotine but gave it up. Now Abedi with punches. Andrews back up. Andrews with an accidental groin strike as the round ended. Abedi’s round up 20-18.

Thrid round: Andrews with a punch but Abedi tied him up. Andrews hurt him with uppercuts, put Abedi down and landed punches on the ground and Herb Dean stopped it. Andrews with a right, a nice uppercut and Abedi went down. Abedi couldn’t move and Andrews finished him with punches on the ground.

Andrews said that when he took the judo throw in the first round that his left shoulder cracked and apologized for his performance. He said the uppercut is his money shot.


First round: McDaniel landed a left. McDaniel trying to get a takedown but Tavares blocked it and got free from the clinch. Tavares with a nice right. Hard left by McDaniel. Tavares threw a punch and threw down McDaniel but let himback up. Both are throwing body kicks. Tavares with a series of punches. McDaniel working for a takedown but not getting it. McDaniel threw a knee to the groin. Tavares nailed his right leg which is all rasberried already. 10-9 Tavares.

Second round: Tavares landing punches. Body kick by Tavares. Tavares landed a punch and McDaniel stumbled down but Tavares didn’t go to the ground with him. Body kick. McDaniel got a takedown as Tavares threw a punch. Body kick by Tavares. McDaniel got a clinch and Tavares got the takedown but then got up. Tavares is avoiding going to the ground wth McDaniel. Tavares 20-18.

Third round: McDaniel landed a good left. High kick by McDaniel but blocked. Tavares with a kick to the groin and McDaniel went down hard. McDaniel had complained seconds earlier on a knee to the groin in a clinch. Trading body kicks. McDaniel got the takedown. McDaniel didn’t go for anything on the ground as Tavares didn’t open up. He remained on top of Tavares for the rest of the round but didn’t do major damage or attempt any submissions. McDaniel won the round but should lose the fight 29-28.

Scores: All three have it 29-28 for Tavares


First round: Both traded early. Mizugaki landed a hard left. Preez landed a hard left as well. Both continuing to land hard shots. Perez with a knee and Mizugaki back with a punch. Perez landed a nice right. Big right by Mizugaki. Perez with a takedown. Perez bleeding from the nose. Mizugaki back up. Perez looking for another takedown and got it. Perez with another takedown. Knee by Perez as Mizugaki got up. Mizugaki got the takedown and has his back. Perez back up and landed a knee to the body. Perez trying for another takedown and got it. Mizugaki back up. Good first round 10-9 Perez.

Second round: Both are trading punches. Mizugaki getting the better of it. Knee by Mizugaki. Perez moved in and working for a takedown but didn’t get it. Mizugaki landing good shots. Mizugaki went for a takedown but didn’t get it. Perez with a right. Mizugaki landing several good shots. Perez trying for a takedown. Mizugaki blocking the takedown this time. Good knee by Perez. Hard right by Mizugaki. Knee by Perez. Front kick by Perez. Perez tried for a takedown but couldn’t get it. Mizugaki’s round so 19-19 after two.

Third round: Both trading punches Mizugaki landing the better shots. Front kick by Perez and Mizugaki back with punches. Front kick by Perez. Again both trading punches and Mizugaki got the takedown. Perez back up. Perez got the takedown but Mizugaki back up. Mizugaki got the takedown and is on top. Mizugaki got his back. Mizugaki got the choke Perez escaped and they’re trading punches. That was something. Perez getting out because that choke was in. Perez trying for a takedown. Perez got him down but Mizugaki back up. Both throwing late. Mizugaki’s round. Very good fight, 29-28 Mizugaki.

Scores: 29-28 Perez, 29-28 Mizugaki 29-28 Mizugaki

C.M. Punk noticeable in the front row right next to Dana White.


First round: McGee aggressively going for a takedown but can’t get it. McGee landed some punches. High kick by McGee. Whittaker snuck in a left. Low kick by McGee. Right by Whittaker. Whittaker dropped him with a left. Anther left by Whittaker connected. McGee got the takedown but Whittaker back up. McGee keeping a fast pace. McGee bleeding from the left side of the head. 10-9 Whittaker

Second round: Body kick by McGee. McGee hurt him with a punch. Whittaker went down. McGee just keeping the pressure on. He landed an elbow. Now body shots. McGee’s conditioning is making the difference. McGee got the takedown. Body kick by McGee. Elbow snuck in by Whittaker. Left by Whittaker. McGee shot for a takedown. Whittaker with an uppercut and a left. McGee went for a takedown but it was blocked. Whittaker landed left and a high kick. McGee’s round so 19-19 going into the third. Good fight.

Third round: Whittaker landed a few. McGee with a left. Spin kick by to the body by McGee. Hard left by Whittaker. Left by Whittaker. Whittaker landed a left hook. Elbow by Whittaker. McGee went for a takedown but Whittaker blocked it. Both men bleeding. McGee moving forward and is the aggressor. McGee taking over late. Whittaker landed a left. Very close fight, I think McGee won this late in the third.

Scores: 30-27, Whittaker 30-27 McGee 29-28 McGee. That was weird scoring. Either guy could have won here.


First round: Gastelum took him right down. Melancon right up. Another takedown by Gastluem and pnches. Gastelum landed hard shots and grabbed a choke for the tap out. It was a left, a right, a left uppercut that put Melancon down and he immediately grabbed the choke.


First round: Both trading body kicks right now. Knee by Cerrone to the body. Dos Anjos still landing more. Dos Anjos with another body kick. Body kick by Cerrone, Dos Anjos decked him with a right. Dos Anjos took him down. Cerone working for a triangle but Dos Anjos defending well. Dos Anjos with punches and an elbow . Dos Anjos working from the top. Dos Anjos with more elbows and punches from the top. Big elbow by Dos Anjos. Dos Anjos 10-9.

Second round: Body kick by Dos Anjos. Another body kick by Dos Anjos. Dos Anjos with punches and a body kick. Dos Anjos landed a good left and a knee and a body kick. Dos Anjos with a body shot and a left high kick. Body kick by Cerrone but Dos Anjos back. Takedown by Cerrone. Cerrone working for a guillotine but had to give it up. Dos Anjos back up. Dos Anjos working for a takedown. Cerrone blocke it. Trading body kicks. Left by Dos Anjos. Dos Anjos working for a takedown and this time got it. Dos Anjos won this round as well so should be up 20-18.

Third round: Dos Anjos missed a high kick. Hard low kick by Cerrone. Dos Anjos with a high kick. Body kick by Cerrone. Body kick by Cerrone. Dos Anjos working for a takedown. Cerrone blocking. Right by Dos Anjos an a left. Knee by Cerrone. Body kick by Dos Anjos. Body kick and a right by Cerrone. Dos Anjos trying for a takedown but Cerrone blocked it. Knee by Cerrone and front kick. Body shot by Cerrone. Good right by Dos Anjos. Dos Anjos stalling, dancing backwards at the end. Cerrone’s round but he should lose 29-28 Dos Anjos.

Scores: All three have it 29-28 for Dos Anjos


First round: Kampmann immediatley shot for a takedown. Condit defending well. But he got Condit down. Kampmann throwing some punches on the ground. Kampamnn now has his back and is working for a choke. Condit is in toruble now. Condit escaped and got on top. Kampmann up. Kampmann got another takedown. Condit up and landed elbows. Condit came in with punches. Kampamnn took him down again. 10-9 Kampmann.

Second round: Left by Kampmann. Kampmann landed a left and going for a takedown. Condit with puches. Kampmann trying for a takedown but didn’t get it. Condit got his back standing. Elbow by Condit. Condit landing punches. Trading rights. Kampmann in with punches. Condit landed two rights. Condit with a body kick. Both landing punches but Condit was getting the better of it. Kampmann with a solid right. Spinning backfist by Condit. Kampmann working for a takedown. Kampmann tried a takedown but slipped off and Condit tried to control him but Kampmann out. Left kick landed by Condit. Kampmann going for a a takedown but Condit with a kick and an elbow. Condit’s round 19-19

Third round: Spinning backfist by Condit. Kampmann in with punches and Condit with an elbow. Kampmann got the takedown. Condit landing punches. High kick by Condit. Condit with solid punches and Kampmann now bleeding. Kampmann tried for a takedown and didn’t get it. Kampmann with punches. Condit now landing punches. Kampmann with a left. Condit with a right. Condit landing several punches. Condit continuing to land and Kampmann dancing backwards. High kick and punches by Condit and Kampmann dancing away. Knee by Condit. Condit tried a choke, got him down and Condit working for choke. Kampmann is out. Condit got his back. Condit again working for a choke. Condit landing more punches. 10-9 Condit, would be 10-8.5 with halfs. 29-28 Condit after three.

Fourth round: Kampamnn got the takedown. Now both going for a takedown but Condit broke free. Trading punches and Condit has him in trouble.  Knees by Condit and Kampmann went down. Ref Herb Dean stopped it. :54

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