Notes from Indianapolis on the UFC show

Steve Juon (@angrymarks) reporting for Wrestling Observer

Biggest reactions: Carlos Condit (by a wide margin over everybody else - HUGE reactions every time he was on the verge of winning), Donald Cerrone (the crowd also booed when he didn't get the decision), Darren Elkins (more on that in a second), and Kelvin Gastelum. The last two minutes of McGee vs. Whittaker got a good reaction and a standing ovation at the finish. Dylan Andrews also got a pop for the finish - but only because the crowd hated that fight passionately throughout.

The first two fights of the main card got little to no reaction, which is why I want to make a point out of the reaction Darren Elkins got - this was a crowd that came very early. I'd say other than the first Facebook prelim, over half the building was full, add by the time Elkins fought it was 85% or more. Given he's a local fighter from Portage, Indiana if they had put him on the main portion it would have would looked much better for Fox Sports 1 - and given the amount of wins he's had in his weight class it's not like he hasn't proven himself to be main card worthy. I find the decision curious in hindsight but it's theirs to make.

Biggest heat was for Papy Abedi - the crowd simply couldn't stand the man. As noted they were not thrilled for the decision of Cerrone, but they didn't really hate RDA - they just loved the Cowboy. Anybody who came out to a country music song got a pop of some size or amount, win or lose, known or unknown. The crowd seemed a little worn out for the first couple of main card fights but from Gastelum vs. Melancon on they were up for anything and as loud as any main event I've ever heard at a UFC show for R3 and R4 of Condit vs. Kampmann, save perhaps for Rampage vs. Rashad R3 and the first round of GSP vs. Koscheck 2 in Montreal. Crowds love a rematch. If there was an empty seat in the house I don't remember where it was. I'm told CM Punk was shown on camera but I don't think they ever showed it on the big screen here because I never heard a crowd pop for him or saw his face. A very good show and UFC should be pleased on the whole with the response. Post-fight press conference to follow on shortly.

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