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***This week, it’s the 300th episode of Inside MMA!  To celebrate this event, Randy Couture talks his new reality show, fighter rights, and a grandstand challenge for Ronda Rousey!  Another Olympic wrestler moves up another level in competition and Dana White talks about Boston politicians.  Also, Michael Bisping discusses Mark Munoz and getting knocked out in training.  All this and much more, this week on Inside MMA LIVE!***


Inside MMA Live on AXS.TV report by Steve Te Tai

Originally aired LIVE Friday, August 23 at 9pm EST on AXS.TV

With your host Kenny Rice and co-host Bas Rutten.


The 300th episode of Inside MMA


Kenny points out that IMMA is the first and only show of its nature to make it to 300 episodes.  (Unlike those WWE fun facts, this is a very legitimate truth.  IMMA came along before MMA became as “mainstream” as it is.) Bas remembers the first season was only a 13 episode run, and was renewed once, and then was just put in indefinitely on HDNET which became AXS.TV.


They show highlights of some of the more significant events in MMA as covered by IMMA including Randy Couture’s quest to leave UFC to fight Fedor, Gina Carano’s historic fight with Cyborg, the end of Affliction, Fedor’s first loss to Fabricio Werdum, the UFC expansion into bantamweight with the absorption of WEC, the death of Evan Tanner, Charles Lewis, and Shawn Tompkins.  Also the UFC signing with FOX, the saga of MMA in New York, the first ever cancelled UFC show, the various steroid test failures and fallouts, the mainstream coverage of Ronda Rousey, and Chris Weidman’s win over Anderson Silva.


Throughout the show they run clips of various MMA figures congratulating Inside MMA on its 300th episode.


IMMA by the Numbers


--7 UFC heavyweight champions since IMMA debuted

--4 new divisions added to the UFC (women, featherweight, bantamweight, and flyweight)

--146 UFC events, with 71 of those featuring title fights

--197 HDNET/AXS.TV MMA events shown

--19 on location tapings, 385 guests have appeared live on the show

--0 number of sanctioned fights in New York

--21 states still banned MMA (there is only 1 state now)

--1 UFC champion to still hold his title the entire duration of Inside MMA (Georges St. Pierre)


UFC Fight Night


They run down the Indianapolis show on Wednesday, August 28 featuring Carlos Condit vs. Martin Kampmann and Donald Cerrone vs. Rafael Dos Anjos.  Bas says the keys to Condit winning is to add more attack combinations since his backward fighting style sometimes is misinterpreted by judges.  Kampmann needs to press hard forward, and not steady which would actually help Condit.  Move to the side and counter.  Bas can sees this as a very even fight.


Randy Couture LIVE


Kenny talks about one of the big things to stand out over time is the retirement of several pioneer MMA legends like Randy Couture as a sign of the times.  He joins us live on the big screen from a secret location where he is filming a new reality show called “Gym Rescue”.


Kenny remembers one of his first interviews of Couture was his dispute with the UFC to be free to fight Fedor at Affliction.  Randy acknowledges he didn’t get as much headway for fighter rights as he hoped, but will continue to fight for fighter rights including proper health insurance (not just accident insurance), restrictive contracts, and fair fighter pay.


A company called “Looking Glass” approached him about his GI foundation, and they are a company working on Cyber Warfare.


The Gym Rescue is along the lines of the Bar Rescue model, but helping and fixing gyms across the country.


Bellator’s Fightmaster excites him seeing young fighters looking for their shots.  He compares the format to the Voice with judges and allows them to pick their opponents and so far the show has been doing well.


He has three movies coming out this year before going off to Bulgaria to shoot Expendables 3 along with Ronda Rousey.  He would be happy to work with Ronda on the acting or fighting front, and hopes to get on the mat with her one day and see if she can armbar her!


Couture talks about working with THE Harrison Ford for E3 and is very excited to meet him.


MMA News


--The youngest Olympian Gold medal winning wrestler, Henry Cejudo (4-0), signed with Legacy, with a clause that would break the contract if he can sign with the UFC (they should call that the Eddie Alvarez clause!).  He fights Ryan Hollis on October 11 on AXS.TV.  He likes to challenge himself with the UFC or somewhere else and feels he’ll be World champion pretty soon. (seems like Legacy and WSOF are fast becoming the established 2nd tier MMA groups)


--Legacy champ, Will Campazano announced the flyweight champ vacated the belt, but Will denied that and claimed they weren’t supplying him with quality opponent.


--Resurrection Fighting Alliance takes place October 25 from Des Moines, IO featuring male model Alan Jobain vs. Biggie Rhodes.


--Minors have been officially banned from MMA shows unless accompanied by minors.  Dana White calls the city council that passed his law as “dirty” like gnats since they are a nuisance and don’t do any real damage.


Best of AXS Fights


They show highlights of the many great fights shown on AXS.TV since IMMA began including unknown and name fighters from all across the world.


MMA Stars, then and now


They run highlights of the fighters that moved from anonymity to superstardom whose first early exposure was covered by IMMA including …

--Ronda Rousey.  Ronda remembers her opponent back in 2011, Taylor Stratford, was the best opponent she ever faced.  She points out that other than the loss to her, she’s 9-0 and thinks she could be the future of the women’s division.

--Demetrious Johnson.  KOTC Aug, 2009.  The UFC Flyweight champ remembers being thrown down and he turned that into a cartwheel and won shortly after.

--Johny Hendricks.  XFL March 2008.  He remembers everything about his figth with Richard Gamble and getting into the MMA spotlight for the first time with that win.

--Jon Jones.  WCF, Jun 2008.  Jones remembers the awarm up and the beating he gave at the time, and remembers that was what created the buzz about being a UFC caliber fighter, and was one of the first times he felt he could make it in the UFC.


They showed highlights of other fighters’ early IMMA coverage as well, including Ben Askren, Ben Henderson, Cat Zingano, Glover Teixeira, Chad Mendes, Chris Weidman (he beat TUF KO master Urijah Hall in this clip), Daniel Cormier, and Michael McDonald.


Inside MMA Celebrities


Kenny points out that the consistent theme among all the visiting celebrities is that they all want to meet Bas.  They show highlights including Shaquille O’Neal, channing Tatum, Ed O’Neil, Sugar Ray Leonard, Ray Romano, Mickey Rourke, Kevin James, Rob Schneider, and Dolph Lundgren.


Best IMMA funny moments


They show highlights of the best comedy moments from IMMA including Ronda armbarring Bas, Pettis kicking a bottle off of Kruck’s head, lots of dancing, funny knockouts, comedy bits, Tank Abbott, Akiyama singing Pat Barry, Barnett wrestling Bas, Kruck getting crotch-shots, Sonnen great interviews, Jose Conseco, James Toney and Ray Mercer, broken arms, Matt Mitrione pissing off Kenny Rice, disgusting injuries, Kimbo Slice, awesome submissions, Mayhem ring brawls on CBS, and great promos.


Michael Bisping LIVE


They show a highlight reel of Michael Bispings’ various humorous appearances on IMMA to set up him joining us on the big screen from his English décor-home in Orange County, and he immediately gets mockingly mad that they showed too many clips of the “spitting incident” discussion. 


Bas starts out asking if Bisping was knocked out training.  Bisping says that was another nasty internet rumor that wasn’t true and he’s never been knocked out training.


He’s about to start training for his Oct 26 fight with Mark Munoz.  He knows Mark is a tough opponent and isn’t underestimating him but he can win this fight.  Bisping mocks Munoz’ “depression” and says he will be more depressed after he fights him.


They show a graphic of his lack of success against top wrestlers like Chael Sonnen, Dan Henderson, Rashad Evans, and Matt Hammill (he took the decision against Hammill in one of the first major judging controversies in UFC history.)  Bisping says that will factor and will prepare for in training since Munoz is a skilled wrestler, so he will work on defending the takedown.


Best Moment Ever


They held a contest for viewers to submit their favorite moment from the first 299 episodes of IMMA.  The winner, Paige Clark’s favorite moment was when Ronda Rousey’s mom climbed on top of Bas and armbarred him while Ronda cackled in the background.  They show the clip, which was pretty funny.


Upcoming MMA shows

--Aug 23, Legacy 22

--Aug 30, Titan Fighting 26 (Hallman-Hornbuckle)

--Sep 6, XFC 25

--Sep 13, Legacy FC 23

--Oct 18, XFC 26 (Hot Sauce Holtzman © vs. Roger Carroll)


So like Bas always says, Godspeed and party on!

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