Feedback to last night's UFC show

Thumbs Up
Best Fight: Carlos Condit vs. Martin Kampman
Worst Fight: None (only watched the main card)
Having this card sandwiched between the UFC FS1 debut and UFC 164 PPV,  I nearly forgot about this show.  All day at work I was thinking I had something to watch tonight, but I forgot what.  9/4 show is for the lead in of the TUF season opener, but this show felt thrown together.  Luckily, I remembered in time and had my wife set my DVR.   Glad I was able to catch this show.  It was very good with a lot of good fights. 
Brad Tavarez looked solid against Bubba McDaniel, but lost steam in the third round.    Tavarez has tons of potential.  Really needs to work on his cardio to have something left in the third round.  Takeya Mizugaki versus Erik Perez was a lot of fun.  Perez was the one the UFC wanted to win, but Mizugaki is just a tough assignment for any bantamweight.  This was a test to see if Perez can defeat a top 10 guy in the division, but looks like he is not up to that level just yet.   I found it funny when he was wearing his lucha mask in the cage and then my wife said "What is this idiot doing" hahaha. 
Court McGee versus Robert Whittaker was a very close fight. Funny that two judges gave each guy 30-27.   It was close, but the obvious score was 29-28 for McGee.  This was one of those fights that nobody really loses.  Whittaker still showed why he is one of the top young fighters in the UFC today.  Kelvin Gastelum looked fantastic at 170 against Brian Melancon.  Gastelum has something and the crowd was really into him.  Looking forward to his next fight at 170.  
Rafael Dos Anjos versus Donald Cerrone again was another good fight.  RDA improvement over the last year has been great.  His striking is getting crisp with his grappling.  Defeating Cerrone was a big win for him and will move him up the card.  This loss hurt Cerrone big time.  His title hopes are now gone and I see him basically just a gatekeeper to the division. 
Carlos Condit versus Martin Kampman was Condit showing the world that he is still relevant at 170.   Kampman's plan of trying out wrestle Condit backfired on him.  In doing that, he made himself tired and Condit just picked him apart.  Kampman is always tough, so stayed in it even though his face was cut badly and blood was everywhere.  His face looked liked something out of a horror movie.  Interesting to see what is next for Condit.  At least he had the sense to call out for Hendricks or GSP.   Would be ineresting to see him fight Ben Askren.
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