UFC 164 live coverage from Milwaukee

Welcome to our live coverage of UFC 164 from the Bradley Center in Milwaukee.  We're looking for your thoughts on this show, so you can leave a thumbs up, thumbs down or thumbs in the middle along with a best and worst match to  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


First round: Hamman went for a takedown and Cedenblad grabbed a guillotine choke and Hamman had to tap. :57


First round: How long can they announce this match without mentioning the name Randy Couture? Big right by Iaquinta. Low kick by Couture. Iaquinta landed a right. Couture working for a takedown and can’t get it. Hard low kick by Couture. However, Both throwing big shots and Iaquinta getting the better of it. Iaquinta with a high kick by Couture blocked it. Flying knee by Couture. Good trade. . Iaquinta landing hard shots. Iaquinta has too much power in his hands. Couture landed a nice right hand. Body kick by Couture.  Iaquinta with a takedown with ten seconds left and a hard punch. Good round. 10-9 Iaquinta. Crowd gave both a big hand.

Second round: Couture pinned Iaquinta against the fence. Knees by Couture from close range. Very responsive crowd. Couture went for a single leg and didn’t get it. Iaquinta landing punches. Hard right by Iaquinta. Hard body shot by Iaquinta. Hard right by Iaquinta. Couture again trying for a single leg and can’t get the takedown. Body kick by Iaquinta. Body kick by Couture. Body shot by Iaquinta. Iquainta landing a lot of punches and a high kick. Couture bleeding. Iaquinta got a takedown. Iaquinta’s round again 20-18.

Third round: Spin kick to the body by Couture. Couture got the takedown but Iaquinta right back Iaquinta with hard body shots as Couture tried o work a takedown. Iaquinta landed a right. Flying knee by Couture. Body kick by Iaquinta. Hard right by Iaquinta. Body kick by Couture. Couture again went for a takedown but Iaquinta blocked and hitting uppercuts and body shots. Iaquinta hurting him with punches now. . Couture is in trouble. Hard body shots and a big shot to the head by Iaquinta. Hard right by Iaquinta and an uppercut. Couture bleeding badly. Iaquinta on top firing hard pucnhes. Couture can take a hell of a punch. Really good fight. Crowd loved it. 30-27 Iaquinta.

Scores: All three have it 30-27 for Iaquinta

For the record, they went three rounds without mentioning Randy Couture's name.  This was like watching WWE announcers in the old days.


First round: Paleli picked him up and slammed him down. Krylov tried to block it by holding onto the fence. Krylov working for a guillotine but doesn’t have it. Paleli throwing punches. Krylov punched hard from the bottom enough that Peleli backed off. Paleli throwing punches from the top. He nailed several shots from the top. Paleli moved in to punch and and he’s throwing punches. Krylov gave up his back. Krylov working to back door out and did so. Krylov with body shots and nailing him with punches. Krylov with a knee. Paleli took him down and Paleli throwing punches. Krylov back up. Krylov trying to work for a Kimura. Paleli is exhausted now. Paleli got another takedown. Krylov working for a triangle but Paleli cleared it. Cradle by Paleli and Krylov nearly got a triangle from that spot. Fun round. 10-9 Paleli.

Second round: Paleli complaining about his ribs and his corner said, "Don’t worry about your fucking ribs." Paleli trying for a takedown and got Krylov down again. Paleli got full mount. Paleli with another takedown. The ref ordered a standup because nothing was happening. Paleli is gassed. Krylov with a knee to the body. Both swinging away. Knees by Krylov and a lot of punches. Paleli is getting killed by knees and punches standing. Uppercut and more punches and Paleli back swinging wild. Krylov with knees and punches. Paleli is just hanging on. Krylov nailed a ton of punches. Paleli is gassed but he can take a punch . Another knee by Krylov. Uppercuts by Krylov. Krylov’s round so we’re even 19-19.

Third round: Well, the live stream went down. Apparently Krylov was exhausted and Paleli, also exhausted won with punches from the mount.


First round: Camus is from Milwaukee and a Duke Roufus pupil, got a huge reaction at weigh-ins. Nice body kick by Kang. Front kick by Kang. Kang nicknamed Mr. Perfect, not because of Curt Hennig but because of Erneosto Hoost. Right by Kang and front kick by Kang. Nice takedown by Kang. Kang moved to side control. Kang landed two elbows from the top. Camus with elbows from the bottom. Camus escaped at the end of the round. Kang 10-9.

Second round: Kang with a takedown to start the round. Kang stayed on top. Kang moved to side control. Camus backdoored out to the top with 2:00 left in the round. Camus trying to hold him down. Camus working for a choke. Camus spun to the top and throwing punches. He jumped on his back and throwing more punches. Camus landing a lot of good punches as the round ended. Camus’ round, we’re even 19-19 going into the third.

Third round: Kang landed a body kick. Camus went for a takedown but Kang right back up. Hard right by Camus. Kang with a right. Flying kick by Kang. Very entertaining start of the round. Camus bleeding from the left eye. Hard right by Camus. Kang shot in but Camus sprawled. Kang got him down anyway. Camus back up with 1:45 left. Camus landed a left and took him down and then Kang scrambled to the top. Both throwing short punches, Kang from the top and Camus from the bottom. Camus needs to get up from here. Awesome kick and Camus has Kang in trouble. Camus is throwing punches and elbows from the top. Kang was nearly finished when the fight ended. In my mind, Camus won the fight with ten seconds left. Awesome third round. I’ve got 29-28 Camus.

Scores: 29-28, 29-28 and 30-27 for Camus. How can any judge give Camus round one, but the right guy won.

Nice home town promo of changing your life through training MMA by Camus.


First round: Trading hard shots. Lim is really big for a welterweight. Lim decked him and dropped a big punch but let him back up. Krauss landed a left. Krauss landed a right. Kraus landed another right and left. Lim landed shots. Both landed at the same time and Krauss went down. Krauss fired some punches on the ground. Krauss is hurt. Lim with a knee. Knee to the body by Lim. Trading punches. Both landed big shots. Hard right by Lim and anohter . Great knee by Lim and punches on the ground and it’s over. Lim via first round TKO.  Another all action fight. This early part of this show is really good.


First round: Gaudinot is the green haired guy who was on Ultimate Fighter the season that John Dodson and T.J. Dillashaw went to the finals in. These guys are both ranked in UFC’s top ten in the flyweight division. Gaudinot got fingers in the eye and a time out was called. Elliott with a takedown. He’s moved to side control. Gaudinot regained guard. Elliott pounding the body. Flying knee by Elliott and Gaudinot with a punch. Front kick by Elliott. Good right by Gaudinot. Elliott tried this drop to his back ankle pick that was enteraining but accomplished nothing. Elliot with punches, knees and a takedown. He’s firing elbows. Elliott landing a lot of shots from the top. Elliott taking him apart with knees and took him down again. Elliott pounding on him until the round ended 10-9.

Second round: Spinning backfist by Gaudinot. Body kick by Gaudinot. Elliott took him down again. Elliott dropping elbows. He’s staying on top and throwing punches and elbows. Elliott went for a heel hook as time ran out. Elliott’s round, up 20-18.

Third round: Elliott took him down immediately. He’s throwing elbows. Gaudinot landed a nice front kick after getting up. Punch by Gaudinot but Elliott took him down again. Elliott got full mount and punching. Elbows by Elliott. Elliott throwing elbows. He’s killing him with elbows. Elliott at this point has landed more than 160 strikes on the ground. He continued to pound on him until the round ended. A 10-8 round so 30-26 for Elliott.

Scores: 30-27, 30-26 and 30-26 for Elliott


First round: Low kick by Varner. Varner landed a right. Varner landed left. Varner landed a good left. Body shot by Varner. Crowd getting restless. Not bad, but an okay fight looks bad compared to everything so far. Tibau with a right hook. Hard kick by Vaner. Tibau with a takedown. Tibau behind him and Varner throwing elbows. Varner 10-9..

Second round: Body kick by Tibau. Knee by Varner and grabbed guillotine. Tibau got the takedown and pulled out of the guillotine so Tibau on top. Tibau got his back and throwing punches. Varner rolled over to face Tibau but is still on the bottom. Tibau got his back again. Tibau moved to mount.. Tibau got his back again. Varner turned again. Tibau’s round, but not quite a 10-8. So 19-19 going into the third although this is where you’d want halfs because Tibau should be ahead at this point.

Third round: Varner in with punches. Right by Varner. Body shot by Varner. Tibau got the takedown. He’s just so strong. Varner back to his feet. Varner escaped. Varner landed a right. Trading shots and Varner went for a takedown but didn’t get it. Another body shot by Varner. Body shot by Varner. Varner looks like he hurt his right hand. He’s still throwing it. Traded and Tibau landed a good left. Trading again. Varner wants a takedown but Tibau too strong. Uppercut by Varner hurt Tibau. Varner took him down and pounding him with punches and elbows. Varner with elbows from the top. Varner landing lots of punches. Varner clearly won round three, so this comes down to who won round one, so anybody’s guess. I’ve got Varner 29-28.

Scores: 29-28 Tibau 29-27 Varner 29-28 Tibau. It’s not outrageous, I had it the the other way but round one was close.


First round: Koch is a Milwaukee fighter. Big reaction of course to him. Trading low kicks. Left by Poirier. Poirier hurt him and Koch trying a triangle from the bottom as Poirier went down. Poirier is in a lot of trouble. Poirier escaped. That was really close. . Koch trying to set up another triangle. He tried the triangle again but Poirier escaped. I think both are tired right now from all that action. Knee to the body by Poirier. Knee by Koch. Left by Poirier. Knee by Koch. Poirier with a knee back. Big left by Poirier. Koch dropped him with a right and pounding him on the ground. Elbow by Poirier. Poirier landing punches. Koch bleeding from the mouth. Good right by Poirier. Koch back to his feet but Poirier took him down again into side control. Poirier working for a D’arce choke. Now Koch is in a lot of trouble with 17 seconds left. Koch survived the round. 10-9 Poirier. Great round.

Second round: Now trading. Big left by Poirier. Koch landed a few back. Koch with a right. Poirier with a left. Body shot by Poirier. Left by Poirier. Hip toss by Poirier when Koch initiated the takedown. Koch bleeding from under the right eye. Poirier has his back. Poirier bleeding from under the left eye. Poirier in full mount. Koch back to his feet. Poirier with a knee to the body. Body shot by Poirier. Koch bleeding from the nose now as well. Poirier with an elbow. Trading knees. Hard elbow by Poirier. Poirier 20-18.

Third round: Poirier working for a takedown. Body shot by Poirier and elbow to the head. Elbow by Poirier. Koch got the takedown and on top now, but he needs a finish. Koch riding him and has his back. He’s trying for a choke but doesn’t have it. Poirier just has to defend for the last minute and he’ll win the decision. Koch is trying to get the choke. He’s got the body triangle. Only 15 seconds left. . He doesn’t have the choke. Koch won the round but lost the fight 29-28.

Scores: 29-28, 29-27 and 29-27 Poirier. So Poirier got two 10-8s.

Poirier siad the first round triangle was really close, he said he was gargling but he was going to have to be put to sleep. He said he had the D’Arce at the end of the first round.


First round: Vera with a low kick. Rothwell slipped. Vera landed a series of punches. Rothwell landed a big right. Rothwell landed another punch. Great body kick by Vera. Another low kick by Vera. Rothwell trying to catch him but Vera landed a punch. Vera clearly quicker. Rothwell landed. Another body kick by Vera. Rothwell landed a left to the jaw. Body kick by Vera but Rothwell back with a punch. Rothwell kicked him in the groin really hard. It was accidental but it was nasty. 10-9 Vera.

Second round: Vera throwing low kicks. Vera landed punches. Good high kick by Rothwell. Rothwell landed punches. Both in a clinch against the cage. Rothwell landed some punches. Vera with an elbow. Rothwell in with some punches. Rothwell landed a right. Vera back. Body kick by Rothwell. Vera with a body shot and high kick. Vera with a left. Close round, Vera 20-18.

Third round: Body kick by Rothwell. Rothwell has him in a clinch. Body kick by Rothwell. Rothwell trying to entertain the crowd by dancing around. Hard right by Rothwell. Rothwell now landing punches and elbows. A series of punches and a knee and tons of punches, lefts nd rights, another knee and an uppercut and Vera went down and a few punches on the ground and it was over. 1:54

Rothwell said if you want to see an epic fight, a fight with replays, then let me fight Travis Browne.  That is what you do in a post-match promo.


First round: Guida dancing around. Mendes threw a left. Right by Mendes. Really not much action. Now a trade. Guida went for a takedown and Mendes went for a guillotine but Guida escaped. Looks like Guida’s left eye is a mess from a Mendes punch. High kick by Guida. Trading rights. Mendes got the takedown. Mendes dropped a punch. 10-9 Mendes.

Second round: Greg Jackson told Guida that Mendes was getting tired. We’ll see about that. Left by Mendes. Low kick by Guida. Low kick by Mendes. Guida throwing and missing wild punches. Mendes is slowing down. Guida moved forward and accidentally kicked Mendes in the groin. Ref Yves Lavigne told Guida if he does it again he’ll start deducting points. Guida shot for a takedown but Mendes sprawled and got his back. Mendes is a lot better wrestler. Knee by Mendes. Guida shot in for a takedown which Mendes sprawled and stopped. Knee by Guida. Uppercut by Mendes. Mendes got the takedown and spun to get Guida’s back. Knee by Mendes to the body. Guida broke free and up. Guida moving forward. Mendes with punches. Mendes with a left uppercut. Mendes’ round up 20-18.

Third round: Guida out quckly. Mendes dropped him with a punch. Mendes with a left on the ground and two hard rights and a few punches on the ground and it was stopped. Mendes and Shane Carwin are the only guys to finish four straight fights via knockout. This is the first time anyone has knocked Guida out in UFC. The guy has some wicked power. :30


First round: They didn’t touch gloves. Both came out swinging and Mir landed a good shot. Barnett with knees. Mir is landing the better shots inside. Barnett with uppercuts. Barnett with knees. This is a fast pace which may work against both of them, but more Mir. Barnett knees and uppercuts. More uppercuts and body shots by Barnett and a knee by Barnett and another knee. Now an elbow by Barnett. Hard elbow and knee by Barnett. Knee and punches by Barnett. Barnet has him hurt now. Hard elbow by Barnett. A hard knee put Mir down and referee Rob Hinds stopped it. Mir is furious it was stopped. Honestly, it was too early. 1:56. Fans are really mad about the early stoppage.

Barnett teased giving Joe Rogan a suplex after the match. Fans were booing because of the stoppage but felt like they were booing Barnett. Barnett said that he didn’t want to stop. Barnett said he’s fine if Mir wants to come back out after the main event and finish it. "I was thinking kill." He really didn’t do much of an interview.


First round: Obviously the crowd is here to see Pettis take the title. They are booing Henderson like crazy but that’s to be expected. Henderson wouldn’t touch gloves. Pettis landed punches. Henderson working for a takedown so his strategy looks to turn it into a wrestling math. Let’s Go Pettis chant. Knee by Henderson. Henderson moved in working for a takedown again. Now in a clinch. Henderson throwing kicks and an uppercut. Pettis landed a punch but Hendeson back to smotheirng him against the cage. Henderson kicking the calf over and over while going for the takedown. Pettis broke free. Body kick by Pettis. Another body kick by Pettis. Pettis high kicked blocked. Body kick by Pettis. And another. And another. And another. He tried another and Henderson took him down. Pettis working for an armbar. Henderson verbally submitted to the armbar. Pettis won the title. This place is going bananas.. 4:31

Pettis talked about losing his father (he was shot when Pettis was 16). He said you can’t write a better story and how it played it, said he hoped T.J. Grant would get better. Everyone is standing. Pettis said he heard Henderson’s elbow pop. He said Benson made the face that Cowboy (Cerrone) made from the body kicks.

Rogan interviewed Henderson. He thanked Christ, said he would be back. Said Anthony was a tough dude, he proved himself to be the champion, got my arm and did a good job turning, said it was a high level armbar. Said his arm was killing him. The strategy was to put pressure on him because he’s not as good going backwards so the idea was to keep him from going forward.

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