Ultimate Fighter TV report

By Andre Allen

Show opened up with different fighters talking about how big of an opportunity this is and how bad they want it. Usual stuff they show every season.
They then show Ronda walking into the gym and she started talking about how she used to watch TUF and wished woman were allowed on it. As Ronda is by herself in the gym, Miesha Tate walks in. They shake hands and Ronda asked why she was there. Miesha said she was there to coach and that set Ronda off. She stormed out of the gym looking for Dana. When Ronda came back to the gym, Dana was there waiting with Tate. Dana informed Ronda that Cat Zingano blew her knee out and Miesha was replacing Zingano. To say Ronda was relieved would be an understatement. Ronda said she thought Tate was there to replace her?!?! That drew a somewhat stunned look from Tate. I don't get it. I know they kept Ronda in the dark about Tate coaching because they wanted to capture her initial reaction on film but come on, how could Ronda think she was being replaced?? Doesn't make any sense to me.
They then brought in the fighters and Dana gave them a pep talk. He is so good at this. If you are a fighter, and you've made it on to the set of the ultimate fighter and Dana is giving you an inspiring pep talk, I don't know how every fighter doesn't go in there and throw down like Wanderlei Silva. This is a life changing moment and these guys and girls should swing for the fences.
After the pep talk they get right into the fights. There were a lot of fights and pretty much all of them were just highlights of the actual fight. So with that in mind, I'm just going to list the fighters who fought and then who won.
Jessamyn Duke vs Laura Howarth
Winner: Duke by submission
Danny Martinez vs David Grant
Winner: Grant by submission
Revelina Berto vs Jessica Rakoczy
Winner: Rakoczy by submission
Michael Wootten vs Emil Hartsner
Winner: Wootten by decision
Peggy Morgan vs Bethany Marshall
Morgan is MASSIVE! She looked so much bigger than Marshall it looked like Anderson Silva vs Urijah Faber
Winner: Morgan by tko
Roxanne Modafferi vs Valerie Letourneau
Winner: Modafferi by submission
Tim Gorman vs Lee Sandmeier
Winner: Gorman by tko
Gorman looks like he's going to be a character
Raquel Pennington vs Tonya Evinger
Winner: Pennington by submission
Chris Beal  vs Sirwan Kakai
Winner: Beal by decision. Looked like a great fight, wish they had shown it.
Josh Hill vs Patrick Holohan
Winner: Hill by decision. Both Dana and Miesha were not impressed with Hill. Felt he played it safe.
Colleen Schneider vs Shayna Baszler
They showed Baszler spending time with her dad before the fight. Baszler has natural charisma.
Schneider pretty much acknowledged that Baszler was the favourite to win the show but since they're fighting now, Baszler won't even get in the house.
Winner: Baszler by submission.
I'm looking forward to seeing more of her throughout the season. I think she could come out of this show, win or lose, as a big star.
Louis Fisette vs Chris Holdsworth
Fisette says he's naturally gifted. Doesn't fight for honor or respect. Fights to kick ass and cash cheques
Winner:  Holdsworth by submission
Both Dana and Miesha liked Fisette and I get the feeling if there's an injury, Fisette will be brought back.
Gina Mazany vs Julianna Pena
Winner: Pena by decision
Matt Munsey vs Anthony Gutierrez
Winner: Gutierrez by decision
Tara LaRosa vs Sarah Moras
Winner: Moras by decision
Rafael De Freitas vs Cody Bollinger
Winner: Bollinger by tko
Great fight! De Freitas was working, and almost getting, submissions in the first round but Bollinger would work through it. The second round De Freitas was gassed and Bollinger was teeing off on him and won via tko.
That was the final fight to get into the house.
Now its time to pick teams. Ronda wins the coin flip and wants first fight so Miesha got first pick.
Miesha picked Julianna Pena
Miesha said her first choice came down to Pena and Baszler. Miesha trains with Pena and knows her well so she went with her gut and picked her first.
Ronda picked Shayna Baszler.
Tate- Sarah moras
Rousey- Jessamyn Duke
Tate- Rauel Pennington
Rousey- Peggy Morgan
Tate- Roxanne Modafferi
Rousey- Jessica Rakoczy
Tate- Cody Bollinger
Rousey-Chris beal
Tate-Chris holdsworth
Rousey- David Grant
Tate-Josh hill
Rousey- Anthony Gutierrez
Tate- Tim Gorman (last guy picked by tate)
Rousey- Michael Wootman
Gorman later said he didn't care about being picked last because he didn't even know the coaches name (Tate) who picked him.
After the picks, Dana tells Ronda to pick the first fight. Ronda decides to go with Baszler vs Pena.
Overall the show was easy to watch and it didn't drag. To be honest, I'm never a fan of the first TUF episode of the season. I find its too many fights with people you don't know and for most ,if not all, its just highlights. This show was no different than every other season premier. I do however think this will be a very entertaining season. Next weeks episode will be headlined by Baszler and Pena.

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