Feedback to last night's UFC

Thumbs up. Undercard was kinda bleh except for Martins-Hernandez but the top card delivered.
Best fight: Natal-Treong
Worst fight: the TV undercard except for Martins-Hernandez
KO: gotta call a 3 way tie---Glover, Jacare and Baugotinov

Sub: Hallman, HM to Martins

Sean Spencer took the weblim with an overly close SD over Yuri Villefort. Yuri was overanxious and telegraphing and Spencer was just letting his shots go and that was the difference. Honest effort from both.

Keith Wisziewski seemed to be handling the much smaller Ivan Jorge easily to open the TV portion, but inexplicably shut down over the course of the fight and lost a draggy UD. One judge gave Jorge the 1st which Keith won by about a light year.

Elais Silverio took the UD over Joao Zeferino in another snoozer, mostly notable for Jonny Pipik and Florian repeatedly referring to ref Leon Roberts as 'Leon Hall'. Kenny's only known his name for 10 years or so. One of the other refs on the card is named Hall. Kenny is also already in triple digits for 'beautifuls'.

Lucas Martins drops TWO divisions and is now a 6' bantamweight, and he and Junior Hernandez provide more action in 70 seconds than the rest of the card up to now. Martins rocks Hernandez, Hernandez blasts back, Martins drops him, locks in the RNC, Junior fights it punching backwards but goes to sleep. Pipik also calls Martins 'Ramiro' on the postfight interview---HERNANDEZ' actual first name.

Lanky boxer 'Kevin' Souza mostly jabs his way to a 29-28 SD over Felipe Arantes, also less than thrilling. I thought Souza won all 3 rounds but they were close enough that  could see the 28-29.

Opening the PPV tiny Russian flyweight Ali Baugotinov drops and nearly finishes the far bigger Marcos Vinicuis in the opening moments, then maintains the edge as the fight gets draggier and draggier, but suddenly saves it in the 3rd dropping Vinicius with a big right and finishing him with 3 more. Looks about the size of Lord Littlebrook, but he can fight.

Rafael Natal and Tor Troeng rip it up for 3. Natal scores early KDs in the first 2, the one in the 2nd about as clean and hard as you can get hit, and the rest of the fight is back and forth high tech, high speed JJ on the mat. Natal clearly dominates the 3rd on the ground. By far the best sustained action of the night. Natal takes the UD, Troeng inexplicably getting one round on one card but gets major points for heart.

Polish newcomer Pyotr Hallman survives getting dropped by vicious body kicks in the 1st and takes over on an exhausted Massaranduba in the 2nd, finishing the BJJ champion with Kimura. Super impressive, considering, and garners grudging applause.

As does Joey Benavides after dropping Jussier Formiga with right hook-body knee-right hook and finishing with G&P a couple of minutes in. Yamazaki late on the stop. I don't know what the deal is but his reffing gets as bad as Lavigne or Tall Skinny Broad when he's working at home in Brazil.

Jacare inserts himself into the MW title picture with great force, blowing away Yushin Okami with strikes early in the 1st. Only Anderson and Chael had ever beaten Okami cleanly and even Anderson didn't get rid of him this easily. Jacare has developed into a very hard hitter with both hands and feet to complement his top-of-food-chain grappling and seems to be peaking in his career, and if Weidman retains that's looking like a very interesting proposition. I'm not sure Jacare and Anderson would fight as they're training partners but at this point in time that's looking pretty interesting too.

Glover Teixeira cements his title shot KOing Ryan Bader after a short but entertaining back and forth war. Glover impressively outwrestled Bader but ate a good punch and was a little rocky, but Bader got a little wild trying to capitalize and Glover knocked him out with a 2-3. Been a big Glover supporter for a long time but... not sure I see how beating four non-top-10 guys, no matter how impressively, merits a title shot.

Oh and TUF 20 ep 1
Kinda fun, but we had already seen the big drama moments on the teasers. Interesting how serious Ronda was taking the qualifying fights, making notes like the final was tomorrow, compared to how casual Miesha was. Bunch of the Invicta girls involved. Also interesting to see once-number-one Tara LaRosa not make it into the house, and fellow (that can't be the right word) back in the day ringer Roxanne Modafferi snap a 5 fight losing streak. Shayna Baszler looks like the odds on favorite for the women. None of the guys stood out to the same degree. Ronda may have pulled a slight coup by winning the toss, picking first fight, and then Miesha picking training partner Julianna Pena instead of Shayna. We'll find out next week as Ronda immediately matches up Shayna and Julianna, looking to knock off Miesha's top gun right away.

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