Ultimate Fighter week two: Queen of Spades vs. Juliana Pena

By Andre Allen

Show opens up with the fighters moving into the house. The house they have for the fighters this season is a major upgrade. Not to say the house they used in past seasons was a dump (cause it wasn't), its just this house is much nicer. There's a scene where Tim Gorman is outside talking with Sarah Moras and he told her he would never go 100 percent when rolling with a girl. This seemed to irritate Moras and she said she was gonna tap Gorman who just laughed it off and said there was no way a girl could tap him.
On the first day of training, Gorman revealed to Tate and her coaching staff that he tore his hamstring. He showed her the bruising and the swelling of his ankle and she advised him to go get it looked at. Right at 6:00 Ronda stormed into the gym and booted Tate and her team out. Rousey was pretty rude about it and didn't come off good. I have a feeling I'll be saying that a lot this season.
Back at the house, a few of the fighters were sitting outside when Chris Beal revealed he had a hurt hand. He said the smart move would be for the other team to pick him to fight next but he said no matter how sore his hand was, he'd still crack anybody in the face as hard as he could.
Leading up to the Baszler/Pena fight, Baszler seems completely confident and relaxed while Pena seems really nervous. It almost seems like Pena has lost the fight before it even started.
Tate is talking about how she really believes Pena can beat Baszler, well at least someone believes it, you would just hope that someone would be Pena.
Dana comes into the locker room and asks Gorman and Tate to come to his office. So Dana, Gorman, Tate, and the UFC doctor are all in Danas office when the doctor informs Gorman that he tore off a significant part of his hamstring muscle ( I'm not even going to try and spell the actual muscle) and he can't clear him to fight. Gorman pleads with the doctor and Dana to let him stay but unfortunately they can't. Its really too bad he got injured, he had a lot of charisma and could fight. Hopefully he makes a speedy recovery and can get back on track. Dana informs Tate that he's bringing back Louis Fissette and Miesha is fine with that. She said he showed a lot in his fight with Chris Holdsworth and just got caught in a submission.
At the weigh-ins Baszler put a queen of spades playing card down Penas top as they squared off. Pena absolutely looks defeated and I can't see how she's gonna do anything to Baszler but we'll see.
Leading up to the fight Sarah Moras concedes that Baszler is most likely gonna win but she hopes Pena softens her up for her next fight.
Shayna Baszler vs Julianna Pena
Round 1- Pena threw and connected with a few punches right away before Baszler took her down. Baszler controlled Pena for pretty much the entire fight, however Pena reversed her and got in a bit of ground and pound with about a minute left but Baslzer ended the round on top of Pena. Pena hung in the whole round and even had moments where she looked really good but I still gave the round to Baszler. 10-9 Baszler.
Round 2- Both fighters started the round standing and trading and Pena was clearly getting the best of it. Pena took down Baszler and was dominating her. Pena got Baszlers back and sunk in a rear naked choke and Baszler tapped!! Did not see that coming. Both teams looked stunned.
Winner- Julianna Pena
Afterwards Ronda was crying and said she felt like she failed Baszler as a coach. Then she says that Tate was smiling at Baszler while Baszler cried after the loss. That was complete bs, Tate was smiling because her number 1 pick and good friend, just won the fight.
Next was the fight announcement where Dana told Tate she must pick the guys to fight so I guess they will alternate between men and women fights each week. Tate announced Chris Holdsworth and Chris Beal would fight next week. Ronda was pissed that Tate would pick Beal to fight because of his hand.
As they walked off Ronda told Tate she was going to destroy her for smiling at Baszlers pain. Tate just kinda brushed it off and said that her and Baszler are friends.
I thought this was a good show with a good fight that ended with a big upset. We're only two weeks in and Ronda is annoying me. I was a big Ronda fan before this show started and I still am (her abilities are undeniable) but she really comes across bad and Tate comes off as looking good. We'll see how the season goes, but for now I gotta believe most people view Ronda as the heel and Tate as the face.

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