Ultimate Fighter TV report - Ronda & Miesha, boyfrend and coach have a scene at the bar

By Andre Allen

Show opened up with Miesha Tate and her coaching staff visiting her team at the house. She brought Julianna Pena a victory milk shake and also brought Shayna Baszler a piece of chocolate cake. Tate told Baszler that she wasn't "smiling at her pain" like Rousey claimed. Baszler said its tough for her in the house because she has friends on both teams. Baszler did say that she really felt like Ronda was in her corner due to the way she supported her after the loss. the next day at team Rouseys practice, she gave Chris Beal a pep talk and said the only reason Team Tate picked him to fight was because of his sore hand. She said regardless of his hand, he's gonna win.
After the commercial break, Cody Bollinger informs Tate and her coaches that Jessamyn let Raquel of team Rousey know all the matchups they were planning on making. Bollinger said he thought it was Julianna Pena because she had already fought and was up late the previous night talking with fighters on team Rousey. Bryan Caraway (Tates assistant coach/boyfriend) agreed that Pena made sense. In the shuttle van, Bollinger called out Pena and Pena denied it and tried to pin it on Roxanne because Roxanne is roomates with fighters on Rouseys team. Roxanne denied it and most people on team Tate were in agreement with Bollinger though Bollinger was the most vocal. Chris Holdsworth told a story about how he looked up to his older brother and how he was shot to death when Holdsworth was 8 years old. He said his brother was a brown belt when he got murdered and his sensai presented him with a black belt at his memorial service.
Out by the pool, Holdsworth and Pena were tanning and flirting with each other. Holdsworth told her he's all about friends with benefits.
Julianna apologized to Roxanne for pointing the finger at her. Roxanne accepted and said it was fine. Jessamyn told Raquel that she was just messing around with her and nobody told her team Tates gameplan. Jessamyn said she told Bollinger she was messing around and Bollinger said he didn't care aand was just going to use it as an excuse to go off on Julianna.
Chris Beal also had a sad story about his brother. He said his brother was involved with gangs and was shot 13 times and didn't survive.
So all the fighters and coaches went to the Red Rock Casino and resort to watch the UFC Brazil event. So Caraway and Tate were at the bar and Ronda kinda steps in between them to order a drink. Tate and Ronda start insulting each other and Tate tells Ronda that she doesn't even know how to throw a punch. Ronda calls over her trainer Edmond who HATES Caraway because of a tweet Caraway made over a year ago. Basically Caraway tweeted that he would knock Rondas teeth down her throat. It was such a stupid thing for him to tweet but he's since apologized many times and Edmond came kinda came off as a bully here as he threatened him and Caraway really didn't say much. I gotta say, its tough enough to bite your tongue when somebody threatens you but it is entirely different kind of tough to bite your tongue when someone threatens you in front of your girlfriend, but Caraway did and in my opinion he came off looking a lot better than Edmund and Ronda. Ronda did not look good here.
Back to some more flirting with Holdsworth and Pena. Pena wrote Holdsworth a letter basically telling him he's gonna with his fight with Beal and she believes in him. Of course Holdsworth shows a few of the guys and they have a good laugh about it and Holdsworth says he'd give Pena the best two minutes of her life.
Chris Beal vs Chris Holdsworth
Round 1- Thirty seconds into the round Beal got nailed with a kick to the groin. He took a few moments to regroup and the fight resumed. Both guys kept it standing and both were landing but it looked as though Beals strikes were harder. Holdsworth got the double leg and Beal immediately popped back up. Holdsworth went got another takedown but Beal reversed it and ended up on top. Both guys got back to their feet. Holdsworth clipped Beal with a right hook that knocked Beal down. Holdsworth charged him, threw a few short elbows, and then sunk in the arm in guillotine and Beal was forced to tap with :41 left in the round.
Winner Chris Holdsworth
Fight announcement for next week had Tate picking Roxanne Modafferi vs Jessica Rakoczy.
I thought this was another good episode and I'm a big fan of the men/women dynamic and I love Tate and Rousey as coaches. There's genuine heat between them and it makes for good tv. Once again, I feel like Tate comes across as very likable while Rousey comes across poorly. I'm so curious to see how this season plays out and if it will translate to Rousey being booed at her fight with Tate at UFC 168.
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