UFC 165 live coverage from Toronto - Jones vs. Gustafsson, Barao vs. Wineland

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First round: Both making their UFC debuts. Trading kicks. Dan landing kicks to the body. Guelmino landed a right and missed a second. Dan kicked the body. Guelmino with a body kick. Dan already slowing down. They were in a clinch and Dan Miragliotta broke them up. Miragliotta broke another clinch. Guelmino landed a left. Front kick by Guelmino. Body kick by Guelmino. Takedown by Dan but Guelmino back up. Close round, Guelmino 10-9.

Second round: Dan landed a few hard punches. Another takedown by Dan. Dan landed an elbow and working for a Kimura. Dan gave up position to go for the Kimura. Guelmino out and now on top in side control. Guelmino landing punches. Guelmino with an elbow. Guelmino’s round again 20-18. Neither of these guys have looked very impressive.

Third round: These guys are both tired but they are throwing slow kicks. Dan cracked Guelmino with a left and that was it. Dan hurt him with a left to the side of the ear and a right to the jaw and he dropped like a tree. Dan Miragliotta called it after the first punch on the ground, his eyes rolled back on impact of the right to the jaw.


First round: Caceres with jabs and a kick to the body. Caceres is landing more. Caceres is quicker and landing. Delorme is already bleeding from the nose. Delorme nailed him with a left and landed in side control. Caceres escaped and got his back. That was great. He tried a body triangle but Delmore scrambled and got Caceres’ back. Delmore with a body triangle, now moved to the top. Delorme working for a choke but doesn’t have it. Delorme now landing hard shots. Caceres moved to the top and both are on their feet. Good round. 10-9 Delorme.

Second round: Knee by Caceres. Delorme landed a good left. , Caceres got Delorme’s back on the ground but Delorme back up. Nice uppercut by Caceres. Uppercut by Caceres. Takedown by Delomre and both scrambled back and forth. They ended up back on their feet. Hard knee by Caceres from the clinch. Delorme tried to take him down with it but didn’t get it. Caceres landing more standing. Good right by Delorme. Knee and punches by Caceres. Body kick by Caceres. Low kick by Caceres. Caceres’ round so 19-19 after two.

Third round: Caceres landed to the body and then a few shots to the head. Caceres landing shots, Delorme tried a takedown but Caceres back up. Delorme got the takedown but Caceres right back up. Delore tried another takedown, but Caceres sprawled and got his back. Caceres with a few punches. Delorme back up. Delorme tired. Spin kick by Caceres. Caceres’ round, should win 29-28.

Scores: 29-28 Caceres 29-28 Delorme 29-28 Caceres. No way Delorme could have won any round but the first, but I guess at this point if the right guy wins the fight, it’s the best we can hope for.


The stream went down. Missed the first two rounds.

Third round: Prazeres is tired. Nice uppercut by Ronson. Right by Prazeres. High kick by Ronson. Prazeres threw a hard right. Body kick by Ronson. Ronson bleeding from the nose. Prazeres tried a takedown but didn’t get it. He’s lying on his back and Ronson is kicking the leg which is a good way for Prazeres to lose this round. Crowd booing. Prazeres back up. Based on commentary, Prazeras won the first round easily with a takedown and and top control and probably the second. Prazeras got the takedown with 47 seconds left. He’s had seven takedown so far this fight. Ronson got up and slammed him down and pounding him as time ran out. Ronson won the third round is all I can say.

Scores: 29-28 Ronson 29-28 Prazeras 29-28 Prazeras. Fans booing the decision but Ronson is from London, Ontario so they were going to boo it. Joe Rogan said it was the right decision.


First round: Nice spin kick by Makdessi. Makdessi has him in trouble and it’s over. Forte moved in and Makdessi dropped him with a right and tons of punches on the ground. The actual blow was an elbow or punch that hit the ear and Forte went down, maybe six punches on the ground landed hard to the head and another few hit the chest.

It'll be about 20 minutes before the next fight starts on FS 1.


First round: Gagnon landing hard punches. Kimura bleeding. Body kick by Kimura. Gagnon now landing hard punches to the body and head. Nice body shot by Kimura. Left by Kimura. Body kick by Gagnon. Hard body shot by Kimura. Gagnon was hurt bad, but Gagnon took him right down. Kimura working for a heel hook. Gagnon escaped and landed punches from the top. Gagnon really strong at bantamweight. He’s thickly muscled. Body shot by Gagnon. Kimura tried for a takedown and Gagnon grabbed a guillotine. Kimura passed out in the guillotine without tapping. Yves Lavigne was right there, saw it, stopped it. Good ref job.  Very entertaining fight.


First round: Clements landing low kicks. Clements kicked him to the leg that took Thompson off his feet but Thompson back up. Thompson took him down. Thompson landed a right. Clements missed a kick, and slipped. Thompson jumped on him on the ground. Clements escaped and back up. Thompson landed a good left. Takedown by Thompson again. He moved to the mount. Thompson 10-9.

Second round: Side kick and hook kick by Thompson. Thompson knocked him down with a series of punches. Thompson let him back up. Low kick by Thompson. Big right by Thompson and knocked him down a second time. Ref John McCarthy stopped it. Clements not happy it was stopped. Right behind the ear, left to the neck was the first knockdown. A right to the jaw, a second right and a left led to the knockout. McCarthy stopped it as Clements went down.


First round: Menjivar with a body kick. Low kicks by Menjivar. Body kick by Menjivar and low kick. Menjivar with knees. Menjivar with more low kicks. Another body kick by Menjivar. Reis moved in with punches. Reis swinging wildly and not landing. Taekdown by Reis. 10-9 Menjivar.

Second round: Menjivar with more low kicks. Reis working for another takedown and got it. Another takedown by Reis. Some body punches by Reis. Reis’ round 19-19.

Third round: Menjivar moving forward. Reis working for a takedown. Reis finally got him down. That may win him the fight since he’s in full mount with 2:50 left in the round. Fans booing because it’s been a disappointing fight. Reis landing some punches. Menjivar needs to get out of this position or he’s going to lose the fight. Fans booing as Reis mostly holding him down. A few elbows by Reis. 29-28 Reis. Has to be.

All three judges have it 29-28 for Reis.  Only score possible.


First round: Jury throwing kicks. Crowd quiet. Jury with a right. Ricci with body kick. Hard kick by Jury. Left by Jury. Jury slammed him down with 2:00 left in the round. Ricci throwing elbows and Jury pressuring him on the ground. Boring round. Ricci up. Jury 10-9.

Second round: Body kick by Ricci. Hard kick and body kick by Ricci. Right by Jury. Fans are booing. Jury missed a big right. Body kick by Jury. Fans booing again. Spinning punch by Jury missed badly. Body punch by Ricci. Jury looking for a takedown. Ricci’s round 19-19. Fans booing both guys when it was over.

Third round: Nice left by Ricci. Ricci with another left. Jury took him down. This fight is really sucking. Ricci reversed somewhat but Jury spun around and is back in control. Jury has his back. Jury is just wrestling him. Crowd booing a lot. Jury with a few weak punches. Ricci spun to the top with 52 seconds left. Ricci with two elbows. Crowd booing both a ton. 29-28 Jury. It could go the other way. Nobody won this fight in reality no matter what the scores say.

Scores: 29-28 Jury 29-28 Ricci 29-28 Jury. Crowd booing since Ricci is the Canadian, but not booing a lot because they probably don’t care that much at this point.


First round: Healy looks around 180, he’s huge for this weight class. Uppercut by Khabib. Healy moving forward. Healy tried a takedown but didn’t get it. Healy landed hard. Healy landed a right. Uppercut by Khabib. Both missing. Low kick by Khabib. Knee by Khabib. Another knee. Uppercut by Khabib. Healy bleeding from the left eye. Uppercut by Khabib. Another uppercut by Khabib. The ref stopped it becuase Khabib lost his mouthpiece. Healy landed to the body. Uppercut by Khabib. Both missing. Right by Khabib. Healy with a right, Khabib with a knee and a left. Another left by Khabib. Khabb got the takedown. Healy back up. Khabib with a second takedown. He rode him out. Khabib with two hard rights as the round ended. 10-9 Khabib.

Second round: Healy out fast, swinging hard. Takedown by Khabib. Hard lefts on the ground by Khabib. Healy bleeding badly now. Left by Khabib and a head kick. Healy hurt him with a left. Khabib tired. Khabib with a takedown. Khabib took him down again. Healy back up. Good left by Khabib. Good right by Healy Body kick by Khabib and Healy with a low kick. Knee by Healy. Several good punches by Khabib. Another uppercut by Khabib. Takedown by Khabib as Healy moved in looking for a big punch. Khabib’s round should be up 20-18.

Third round: Both throwing punches. Body kick by Khabib. Takedown by Khabib. Lefts on the ground by Khabib. Healy back up. Running Russian Stampede by Khabib. That got a big reaction. It’s really impressive Khabib has been able to do this with such a big, strong guy. Khabib throwing a lot of punches on the ground. Khabib moved into side control. Khabib rode him out of the round. Crowd recognized what a great performance Khabib put on and cheered him heavily when it was over. Has to win 30-27.

Scores: All three have it 30-27 for Khabib.

Khabib begged for a title shot saying he’s 21-0 and 5-0 in UFC.


First round: Costa looks more jacked than Carmont. Which would be significant if this was a bodybuilding contest. Carmont throwing kicks. Another low kick by Carmont. Carmont with a takedown. Carmont throwing hard punches from the back. He’s working for a choke and it looks dangerous. Philippou out of trouble but on the bottom. Carmont staying on top with punches. Carmont working for a choke agian. Philippou working for an armbar as the round ended. 10-9 Carmont.

Second round: Another takedown by Carmont. Crowd booing as Carmont just holding him down. Ref John McCarthy stood them up with 2:08 left. Carmont going for a takedown again and got it. Carmont with elbows abn punches on the ground. Crowd really booing now. Carmont throwing lefts from the top. Carmont dominated, almost a 10-8. 20-18 Carmont.

Third round: Carmont took him right down. Philippou hasn’t been able to do a thing. Knee by Carmont. Another takedown by Carmont. Carmont with some elbows and punches. Carmont in mount and now has his back. 10-8 Carmont, so I’ve got 30-26. Philippou did nothing in this fight.

Scores:  30-27, 30-27 and 30-26 Carmont.


First round: Both trading big punches and missing. Low kick by Mitrione. Hard right by Schaub. Hard right by Schaub. Schaub bleeding from the forehead. Schaub tried for the takedown and couldn’t get it. Mitrione bleeding from the left eye. Low kick by Mitrione. Left by Schaub. Schaub landed a lot of punches and took Mitrione down. Mitrione was kind of laughing at him when the punches didn’t hurt him, but then got taken down. Schaub got the D’arce choke. Mitrione didn’t tap and Schaub choked him out.


First round: Wineland looks so intense. Eddie chants. Hard right by Wineland. Barao wanted a takedown. Wineland blocking him. Ref Yves Lavigne broke the clinch up. High kick by Barao and Wineland threw him down. Front kick by Barao. Barao missd a spin kick. Low kick by Barao. Body shot by Wineland. Left and right by Barao. Barao tried a takedown and Wineland stuffed him again. Barao landed a low kick. Right by Barao. Both trading big punches. Good low kick by Barao. Barao in with punches. 10-9 Barao.

Second round: Great spin kick to the side of the head by Barao hurt Winland and knocked him down. Barao with a few punches on the ground and ref Yves Lavigne stopped it. Spectacular finish. :35


First round: Nice spin kick by Jones. Jones went for the takedown and didn’t get it. Body kick by Jones and a spin kick. Jones with four kicks to the leg. Both trading low kicks. Left by Jones. Both trading low kicks. Good left by Gustafsson. Jones with a body kick. Hard right by Gustafsson. Gustafsson landed a right. Gustafsson with a left. Jones is cut over the right eye. Gustafson in with punches. Spin kick by Jones to the body. Gustafsson landed more punches and a right. Low kicks by Jones. Superman punch by Jones and spin kick by Gustafsson. Jones with a spin kick to the body. Gustafsson with a takedown. Awesome. Jones up. The crowd is all behind Gustafsson now. Joens poked him in the eye. It was a nasty poke. Ref John McCarthy warned both guys about sticking their fingers out. Spinning elbow by Jones. Jones going for a teakdown. Elbow by Jones. Gustafsson 10-9.

Second round: Jones tried a low kick and Gustafsson took him down. Jones went for a takedown and Gustafsson escaped from the attempt. Left by Gustafsson. Low kick by Jones. Clinch and Gustaffson backed off. Hard punches by Jones. Right by Gustafsson and another right. Nice kick by Jones. Low kick by Jones. Spin kick by Jones. Spin kick by Jones. Great high kick by Jones. Gustafson shot and didn’t get the takedown. Good right by Gustafsson. Spin kick by Jones. Low kick by Gustafsson. Kick, blocked and Jones going for a takedown and can’t get it again. Right by Gustafsson. This fight is great. Body kick by Gustafsson. Low kick by Jones. Great high kick by Jones. Uppercut by Gustafsson. Good right by Gustafsson. Very close 10-9 Jones so we’re even 19-19.

Third round: Low kick by Jones. Jones keeps landing the low kicks. Spin kick by Jones. Jones tried a takedown and didn’t get it. Left jab to the body and head by Gustafson . Good right by Gustafsson and right to the body. Another kick to the knee and head by Jones. Gustafsson landed a few punches. Hard right by Gustafsson. Body kick by Jones. Gustafsson back with a body kick. Uppercut and a few punches by Gustafsson. Jones with a body kick. Jones with a right. Head kick by Jones. Another kick to the knee by Jones. Left jab by Jones and a body kick. Body kick by Jones. Another kick to the body by Jones and a kick to the knee. Gustafsson went for a takedown and didn’t get it. Jones with a kick but Gustafsson couldn’t take him down. Gustafsson with a body kick. Elbow by Jones. Gustafsson tried a takedown and couldn’t get it. Jones landed a left. 10-9 Jones, Jones up 29-28.

Fourth round: Left by Jones. Right by Gustafsson. Low kick by Gustafsson. Body kick by Jones. Body kick by Jones. Good right by Jones. Gustafsson got his leg but couldn’t take him down. Right by Gustafsson. Good right by Gustafsson. Left by Jones. Another left by Jones. Right and left by Gustafsson. Low kick by Jones. Big left by Gustafsson and a right and a body punch. Body kick by Gustaffson. Gustafsson landing good punches now. Jones grabbed a clinch. Jones wants a takedown. Gustaffson blocked the takedown again. Jones bleeding badly from the right eye. Traded punches. Right by Gustafsson. Jones tried a takedown and didn’t get it. Low kick and a head kick by Jones. Left by Jones. Jones bleedng badly from the right eye. Jones looked at the clock. Great elbow and and knee by Jones as soon as he saw the time. Gustafsson is now in trouble. Gusafsson stuffed the takedown. Jones elbowed him. Gustafsson had the round until the last minute when Jones hurt him. It is conceivable Gustafsson won two or three and we’re even going into five, possibly Gustafsson ahead but most likely even or Jones up 39-37.

Fifth round: Right by Gustafsson. Body kick by Jones. Low kick and punches by Gustafsson. Uppercut by Gustafsson. Left by Jones. Elbow by Jones. Several uppercuts by Gustafsson. Gustafsson went for a takedown but couldn’t get it. Right by Gustafsson. Jones bleeding frfom the mouth. Jones finally got the takedown on his tenth attempt. Gustaffson back up immediately. Jones is exhausted but so is Gustafsson. This is a fight of the year candidate. Head kick by Jones. Gustafsson now looks dead. Another head kick by Jones. Another head kick by Jones. Gustaffson is in trouble, bleeding from the left eye now. Jones blocked Gustafsson’s attempt at a takedown. Elbow by Gustafsson. Jones with a kick to the chin. Several punches by Gustafsson. Another head kick by Jones. Jones looked at the clock with 40 seconds left. Another head kick by Jones blocked. Another head kick and elbow. Flying knee by Jones. Jones definitely won the round, I’ve got 49-46 for Jones.

Scores were 48-47, 48-47 and 49-46 for Jones keeping the title. Gustafsson made himself a superstar in this fight and this fight was the greatest thing for Jones when it comes to popularity.

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