UFC 165 & Bellator feedback


Soap opera is getting outta hand here. Julianna starts sporting a British accent and beginning to strike me more as a typical aspiring model/actress than Yuli-from-the-block, but whatever. The fight is short but good while it lasts, with Chris Beal showing better wrestling defense than expected but Chris Holdsworth unexpectedly (maybe wrongly as he's a Alpha Male Duane Bang guy) outstriking him and finishing with a KD and Guillotine. Miesha up 2-0.
Thumbs up.
Best fight: no one standout but most of the fights were good
Worst fight: Kesler-Junior
KO: McGeary on a night of KOs
Sub: much as I hate to say it 'War Machine'
Local yokel ref calls an imaginary illegal knee on McDonough but he gets the 1stR stoppage over Buck anyway off a knee to the liver. Mighty Mo, 42 years old and way trimmed down, puts a horrible beating on Dan Charles, making him scream from body shots before finishing him in the 3rd, uncharacteristically bad late stop from Herzog who lets it go even after a faceplant KD. 6'6" LHW Liam McGeary quickly drops Tribolet with a huge right hand and just walks away. Clifford Starks decisions Joe Yager.  Jenkins wipes the mat with Burley in the 1st but then gasses. Another local yokel ref illegal knee miscall robs Burley of a stoppage in the 2nd, but he gets it in the 3rd after willingly giving up back control. strange fight. In a BW tourney quarterfinal, very long limbed Brandon Bender goes for subs all 1st round but can't finish. Veteran Travis Marx keeps it standing in the 2nd and Bender despite his reach appears to have absolutely zero striking ability or defense and Marx finishes him with a knee to the liver late in the round.

New WW tourney kicks off the top card with tourney vet Brent Weedman getting an early tap with a stubborn arm bar over newcomer Justin Baesman; Ron Kesler shows no finishing ability or instinct in taking a very poor SD over veteran Brazilian journeyman Sergio Junior; heavy handed former WW runnerup and LW winner and Judo Olympian Rick Hawn comes back up to WW and takes a one sided decision over the much younger and heavier Herman Terrano, and Vaughan Anderson, some Canadian who lives in China and is apparently even stupider than that idiot 'War Machine', starts jawing when caught in back mount and gets put to sleep. In the main, Douglas Lima repeats his victory from the WW final two years ago in this years', again knocking friend and former teammate Ben Saunders cold, this time with a 2ndR HK after turning Saunders' face into something from a splatter flick, to win the tourney and the right to get humped by Askren again. 


Thumbs up. Kinda cool one-off outdoor venue on Fremont St. in Vegas, too. Cyborga takes a MT fight to keep busy.

Best fight: Yamato-Ross

Worst fight: Alexandre-Nampon and it wasn't that horrible

KO: call it a tie between Cyborga and Maiapet

All fights are 5R x 3m, but with 1m rest, not 2 as in trad Muay Thai. Otherwise it's the same except the stupid 12-6 elbow rule still applies. Scotty Leffler in his retirement fight gets a dubious UD (hmm) in a good fight over Jose Palacios. Angela Hill takes a spirited if crude UD over Monique Travis in mutual pro debut. Maiapet blows away Caio Urugai via 3-KD TKO in under 2m, After Cris Cyborg's opponent had second thoughts, the only sub they could get who would take the fight was tall but undersized 10-0 Jennifer Colomb from France, who had to eat her way up to the minimum weight the commission would sanction the fight at. Cris just wrecked her, finishing with body shots early in the 3rd. Say what you want, but the most all around female fighter is not named Ronda. In a great fight, former K1 champ Yamato takes a very close SD over Kevin Ross. I had it a draw. In the co-main, Cosmo Alexandre returns from MMA to take a one sided decision over fellow multiple world and Thai titlist Nampon.

UFC 165

Thumbs way up. Decent card up to the main, which puts it over the top.

Best fight: duh. Jones-Gustafsson goes on the all time short list, by far FotY so far. HM to Bruce Leroy and Delorme though.

Worst fight: Jury-Ricci

KO: Barao

Sub: call it a tie between Gagnon and Schaub

The first weblim with the two HWs whose names I can't even copy is horrible until Polish Guy KOs Austrian Guy in the 3rd (note to Rogan: I don't know why they were speaking broken English in the corner either, but there is no such language as 'Austrian'). Bruce Leroy takes the more than deserved SD (shoulda been U) over local (sigh) Roland Delorme  in a terrific fight which would have been FotN most nights, tremendous pace and technique on both sides. Alex' boxing was the edge. Michel Prazeres down to LW but still too bulky and short for the division outlasts local late sub Jesse Ronson to take a draw-worthy SD. John Makdessi drops Renee Forte with a short counter right to the temple a couple minutes in and finishes with G&P. I think. They look so much alike it might have been the other way around. Rogan bizarrely confused about why a temple shot causes a KD.

Midcard: Mitch Gagnon hurts Dustin Kimura early, survives a body shot that almost doubles him and catches him shooting and puts him out with Guillotine. Heads up reffing for once from Lavigne. Cool early moment as Chris Clements counters a Stephen Thompson HK with a Dragon Sweep before Thompson takes him down several times then rocks and drops him with a 1-2-check3 in the 2nd and then finishes him with the same combo in a battle of karate strikers, very impressive, Clements needs to drop a division or two.  Ex Bellator champ Wilson Reis debuts as a late sub with a tactical 29-28 UD over Ivan Menjivar, TDs being the margin in every round, don't see how Menjivar won one but he's the local guy. Jury and local Ricci stink out the joint, mostly due to Farah Salami fighter Ricci, at least the judges correctly give the fight to Jury.

PPV: Khabib Nurmagomedov puts a 3 round whipping on much bigger grinder Pat Healy, actually gassing him out which is what Healy usually does to the other guy, and taking an unarguable 30-27 UD, hitting a full-on Oklahoma Stampede slam in the process. Tremendous performance and puts himself strongly into title contention.

Francis Carmont takes an upset and unexpectedly onesided 30-27 Farah Salami Snoozer over frontrunner Costa Phillipou, who just seems to quit when things don't go his way. Pathetic performance and they really should withhold at least part of his money. Imagine what Jacare would have done to him if he hadn't backed out of the fight. No real surprise as Phillipou has shown himself to be a dirty fighter in the past and they usually go hand in hand.

Schaub may be a jerk but props, he quickly put Mitrione to sleep with a pretty, perfectly executed D'Arce choke. 

How good is Renan Barao? Early 2ndR KO over Eddie Wineland with a SBK (note to Rogan: not every SBK is a 'turning side kick' . This was a BACK kick.) If I was Cruz I'd hurt my knee again before this guy took my head off.

The main... OFF THE CHARTS. Did Jones break his foot in the 1st? Whatever the case, he DOES have HUGE problems with a guy his own size and build, and Gustafsson shows the superior boxing and completely unexpected TD ability AND defense. BUT... all that said, end of the day Gustafsson clearly won the 1st. Jones came on late and clearly won the 4th (which he was losing till nearly dropping and finishing Gustafsson at the end of the round) and 5th. The 2nd and 3rd could have gone either way OR even, so if you do the math, anything from 49-46 Jones to 48-47 Gustaffson is a reasonable score, including a draw. I had Jones 48-47, but what an amazing fight.     

Crimson Mask

Best Match: Jones vs. Gustafsson
Worst Match: Jury vs. Ricci
Thumbs up!
Dave, I have been to all of the UFCs in Toronto, plus the first four in
Montreal and besides perhaps the GSP vs. Serra fight, this is the
craziest I have ever seen the crowd get (for the main event). Whatever
backlash Jones had last year (and there was some live for sure) is long
gone. There were plenty of bad fights but the two top fights, the Schaub
sub and a few good KOs makes it one of the best shows I've been to live.
The crowd was pretty sparse early on, but they filled out when the PPV
started. Long gone are the days when they first started coming here and
we had it packed right off the bat.
I was surprised when you noted that Raw two weeks ago didn't sell out,
because it sure looked like a sellout to me. This wasn't quite that
crowd (actually, there may have been more people, but there were
definitely more empty seats).
Brandon Williams

Hey guys,

Just got back from the show. It was amazing live. The building wasn't too packed.

The show ended just in time for everyone to sprint back and catch the last subway.


Not sure how Daniel in the opener didn't get the kotn.

Crowd hate the Jury-Ricci fight with a passion.

Lots of Swedish fans in the house.

Not a single person was sitting for the main event. This has to be the best fight and show I've ever been to live.

I was at Raw last week and a totally different crowd. Much older crowd. More into the night life scene.

Sadly, no random chants for announcers.

I've attached some pictures. These were taken during the ppv. Lots of empties.

Martin Dasko

Thumbs up
Main Event Best Match
Consantine philapo match.
Main event saved the show... great fight... warrants a rematch... I had it 3-2 Gustavson... round 1,2,3  4th for jones, and 5 could of went either way... but the 49-46 score just screams of BS.   That judge should be out of a job... Jones looked like a mess after the fight... Either way, what an awesome main event.
Mike Kulyk

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